Please Go Away, Mr Smith! -Chapter 104: What does director White do? Laugh at me?

Did she really think he was stupid?

The old man is getting on in years. So it was normal that the old man couldn’t figure out something. If the things developed as their willings, the one who would suffer was only him in the future!

He was right and didn’t tell any lies, Cindy White was indeed not his child!

His father was so angry at his excessive remarks!

If he did abuse his wife, was his father really planning to kill him?

That’s weird. Was Amber White really so good?

Tomas was so upset by Sean Smith that he slammed open the study door and walked out to the second floor.

When Mrs. Smith sees Tomas coming out, she subconsciously wants to go to the study to check on Sean Smith.

She doesn’t know what’s going on with Sean now. As soon as Mrs. Smith made a move, Amber White stopped her, “mom, let me in.”

Mrs. Smith hesitated and looked suspiciously at Amber White.

Tomas hit Sean Smith because he abused his wife. Apparently, the people who knew what happened were Amber White and Sean Smith.

That guy was too stubborn, and he insisted that he had indeed abused his wife.

Every word that came out of his mouth could kill her!

She heard Tomas’ words before he left his study. She could only hope that Amber White could persuade him.

Otherwise, when he gets downstairs, Sean will keep getting beaten up!

She pulled her legs back, lookd at Amber White and nodded. “okay! Tell Sean to compromise to your father!”

Her lips quivered, she took a deep breath, and then she said, “you give him good advice. If he listens to you, I can let go of everything that happened before.”

Amber White froze.

Knowing what Mrs. Smith meant, she reached out, picked Cindy up and pushed her into Mrs. Smith’s hand. “please help me look after Cindy.”

Mrs. Smith unconsciously reached out to support Cindy’s chubby body and nodded to Amber White.

She was eager for Amber White to hurry in. She listens to everything Amber White says!

Amber White took a deep breath!

What her mother-in-law said was terrible and sharp sometimes, but it was all because that she loved her son!

Amber White was also a mother. If this happens to her, Amber White would do more than Mrs. Smith.

And Mrs. Smith never did anything out of line!

Amber White was relieved to give Candy to Mrs. Smith.

She was worried about her three sister-in-law, especially jiang xue and shen ruyun.

Not only do they say bad words, but they are also evil!

Although she was not familiar with them, she knew that shen ruyun and jiang xue would not hold back a lot of resentment because Cindy is young.

Slowly she looked at shen ruyun and jiang xue and walked towards the study.

As soon as Amber White’s figure disappears, shen ru yun sneered, “what’s that look? Does she really think her daughter is a treasure?”

Mrs. Smith glared at shen ru yun.

“Mother, if you indulge her in this way, she would bully you when she comes to power?”

Shen ruyun felt very wronged, she was trying to speak but was stopped by Fang weiwei, “Now mother’s heart is messy, can you say less to let mother quiet?”

“You can talk about it after the Sean’s problem is solved.”

Shen ruyun looked at Mrs. Smith and then looked at Fang weiwei!

Now that this had happened, she did not believe Fang Weiwei was not anxious. She pretended to be good, but she must secretly curse Amber White in her heart.

Bah! Did she have the right to teach her a lesson!

If not because that Amber White had her secret, plus Sean Smith got beaten up by his dad, and her mom is in a bad mood, she’s sure to get her mom to let Amber White suffer a lot!


Shen ruyun shook off fang weiwei’s hand and angrily sat down on the sofa.

Amber White opened the study door and saw Sean Smith’s bloody back.

Amber White’s heart leapped. She closed her eyes and opened them again.

In the study, the smell of blood is heavy and the light is bright. Amber White’s eyes are interlaced with Sean Smith’s wound, which made the wounds look more terrible.

Sean Smith was kneeling in his study with his back to Amber White. His white shirt was stained with blood, and sweat was streaming down his temples

She rubbed her arms. The air conditioner in the study was on, but not so hot as to make him sweat so much. It only proved that he was in pain!

But Amber White did not hear his pain except for a muffled snort and a sharp retort when she was outside the study.

She thought it was Mrs. Smith who loved Sean Smith. That’s why she said it hardly. She even thought that Sean Smith was Tomas’s son. He would not really beat Sean Smith to death.

The corners of her mouth moved and the words failed to come out.

Sean Smith noticed a shadow overhead. He thought it was Tomas, but he didn’t see him walk on. Sean Smith was surprised and looked sideways.

His body froze when he saw her. She had seen his misery, and now she must be proud of it?

Sean Smith’s face was dark. After his father left the study, he did not get up from the floor for fear that his father would come back and ask him to continue kneeling.

His movement would tear a wound. It was he who would suffer when the time comes!

If he had known she would come in, he would have gotten up in pain!

“What does director White do? Laugh at me?”

The corners of Sean Smith’s mouth were a little stiff, and his eyes were covered with shadow.

Amber White moved her eyebrows.

At this point, Sean Smith’s attitude showed no sign of softening.

She bit the tip of her tongue and looked at him,”you don’t have to taunt me like that. At the company, I’m the White director, but at home, I’m the rightful Mrs. Smith.”

His eyes moved and he sneered: “Mrs. Smith, oh… “

Did she mean that he would call her Mrs. Smith later?

The news of abuse grabbed the headlines as soon as it came out!

She knew all about it!

She was wounded and beaten that night by the taxi driver!

She only needed to make it clear to Tomas, so that he would not be beaten today.

Didn’t she like him very much? Now she was willing to see him beaten?

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