Please Go Away, Mr Smith! -Chapter 105: I just want a promise

He took the taxi driver to the police station to avenge for her.

But the first thing she did when she woke up was scold him. She went to the Smith’s house with him, but she didn’t help him.

He would not have tried to save her if he had known she would do this to him.

Sean Smith was very angry. Although he was badly injured, she felt nervous.

She took a deep breath, and the smell of blood went into her nostrils, which make her sick!

She said after a while, “Sean, I know what you’re thinking. But I’m not going to explain it to dad today.”

Sean Smith paused.

Even if she did not say it, he had knew it.

He dimly heard his father talk about Lu Yi on the phone. It must have been told him by this woman.

She’s really amazing. Not only could she make his angry father leave, but she could get approval from his mother!

His mother and sister-in-law must be looking after Amber White’s daughter, so it’s very quiet outside.

Amber White is the perfect person who make everyone obey her.

And did he need to hand over the company to her if she wants it.

Sean Smith’s lips turned pale. He looked away and asked, ” Are you here to make a deal?”

He thought about it for while and then added, “you are Mrs. Smith, and Cindy White became my daughter. My dad will give you the money if you need it. What else do you want from me?”

In fact, he had no idea what else she could expect from him.

Does Amber White want his feelings?

She wants him to love her with all his heart?

That’s impossible.

He only loved Man man.

Amber White forced Man man to leave tong city three years ago and became Mrs. Smith!

That wasn’t enough. She also wanted to erase the trace of Man man.

How insatiable she is!

Amber White had no idea what Sean Smith was thinking. She lowered her eyelashes and said slowly after listening his words, “Sean, I called you the day before yesterday.”

She had thought about that she could not explain since he had decided that Cindy was not his child before she came to the study.

He even hates Cindy White!

Sean Smith could ignore Cindy White, but she couldn’t.

Mrs. Yue wanted Sean Smith to apologize.

But he didn’t want to. This is her only chance to make a deal with Sean Smith.

Sean Smith still couldn’t change his attitude towards Candy after he had suffered so much, so she wouldn’t hesitate any more.

“The day before yesterday?” Sean Smith frowned.

The day before yesterday, Amber White called him to apologize she wrongfully accused him of beating Cindy White after she left the Han Wan Xiang Xie .

Then she said nothing.

Did he not understand what she meant?

Sean Smith sneered. He wiped the sweat from his face with his hand, which made his wound ache.

He froze and looked at Amber White.

She said, ” Xiao pang’s parents refused to negotiate, so I want you to apologize.”

“You should know better than I do. it is a little troublesome, I don’t want Cindy to be unable to attend kindergarten in Tong city because of this thing.”

Sean Smith licked his lip, and suddenly wanted to laugh.

He got whipped by his father for such a stupid thing?

It was easy to cope with to let Cindy go back school. Why did Amber make it so complicated?

He licked his lip and said, “for the bastard?”

Amber White was stimulated by Sean Smith’s words. She didn’t like Sean Smith calling Cindy ‘The bastard’. No mother wants her child to be called bastard.

Amber White tidied her hair behind her ear, walked over to Sean Smith, and said,

“Sean, I have told you many times that Cindy is only a child. You can call me whatever you want, but don’t insult her with “bastard.” Because I’m afraid one day… “

You’ll regret it.

Amber White couldn’t finish the sentence when she was interrupted by Sean Smith’s sneer.

He must have pulled his wounds while sneering, so he gasped, “Are you afraid to teach Cindy White to be like you?”

“Trying every mean to achieve your destination!”

Sean Smith said it word by word with resentment.

Amber White felt sad, so she took a deep breath.

He had been married to her for three years, but he had always loved Man Man. She didn’t even appear in front of him. After such a long time, his bad feelings towards her did not diminish with time.

However, it kept going up.

Sean had getten along with Cindy for a long time, he must know Cindy well!

Amber White had no expression. She closed her eyes and opened them again, and she looked very cool.

Sean Smith hated the way she behaved like she was wronged.

He kept thinking that if there was a victim between Amber White and him, it was him!

“Am I wrong? “Sean Smith asked.

“Have I wronged you?”

Amber White just looked at him without saying a word.

It was only that thing that Sean Smith couldn’t put down three years ago.

She smiled and said slowly, “I just want a promise.”

Golden sunshine kindergarten is the only kindergarten selected by Amber White after Cindy White got lost, which has a good environment for her to take care of.

She wouldn’t let Cindy drop out!

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