Please Go Away, Mr Smith! -Chapter 106: Even If I May Be Killed,I Will Not Do As You Wish

Finishing speaking,Amber licked the red lip and looked at Sean again.

Sean had been staring at Amber hatefully.It was originally an ordinary action that one stuck the tip of tongue out of mouth.But Amber was a beautiful girl with rosy lips and pretty white teeth so when she did it,she looked more charming!

Sean stunned for a while,eyes fixed on Amber’s red lips.Suddenly he regained consciousness!

Not knowing why,Sean remembered that on that Friday night,Amber was lying on his bed with her white waist naked in the air.

The pain on his back seemed to have been halved by his transferred thoughts.After realizing that his thoughts had been affected by Amber,Sean was very upset.So he didn’t hesitate to reply with resentment when hearing her words:

“What promise?To go to Cindy’s school and apologize disgracefully?”

“Amber,all is your daydream!Even if I am killed by my dad,I will never do as you wish!”

Wasn’t it ridiculous to apologize to Yue couple?

They were nothing but good-for-nothing.Did they deserve his apology?There must be something wrong with Amber’s brain.

Her behavior and thoughts were really at variance with her identity—The Director of Marketing Department in Smith Company.

Even to his father he had never said the three words”I am sorry”.

Why did Amber think that Cindy was so important to him that he would even be willing to grovel to an ordinary person in order to let Cindy go to school?

It was impossible that Amber could get what she wanted without any effort easily!

Neither Amber nor Cindy could be benefited in this case.

Thinking of this,Sean’s fingertip slightly wiped the sweat on the forehead,no smile on his face.

“I will still say so.It has nothing to do with me if such a bastard can’t go to school.It’s your duty,Amber!”

“A young girl as she is beat her classmate and made him fractured!Well,Amber,it is you who gave birth to her and brought up her.You should have thought of such a day!Director White,you are always good at getting around others?How come you have no ideas when faced with Yue couple?”

Amer felt that Sean really hated her.After such a hard time,he was still reluctant to admit defeat.Instead,he just said such a thing!

Was it really meaningful?

Seeing that Amber was silent,Sean felt slightly better in his heart and smiled happily and bitterly,”If you want,you can call my dad.You may be happier if you see he kill me!”

“Well,of course you won’t be killed by your father,”Amber looked at him and whispered,”before I came in,your mother discussed with her several sisters in law that if your father continues to hit you,she will stop taking medicine…”

As soon as Amber said these words,Sean’s expression became more complex.

The three older brothers of Sean have passed away in succession.In just a few years,and his mother had experienced three times of bereavement.

After such a heavy blow,Sean’s mother had already suffered from a serious heart disease!

The doctor had explained more than once that his mother must take the medicine on time,or she might die suddenly at any time!

It was not a secret in Tong City!

When Johnson passed away,his mother couldn’t stand the heavy blow and went to the ICU.After being rescued for nearly 2 months,she survived.

Amber knew that since she had said such a thing,It was no longer negotiations but a threat to Sean.

She also understood Sean’s mother.It was the biggest tragedy in the world that offspring died before its eldership.

Since usually Sean was deeply loved by his mother,Amber didn’t believe that after she said that,Sean would be indifferent!

As she had expected,in the middle of the conversation,the blue tendons on Sean’s eyebrows twitched,and his back suddenly straightened.This action accelerated the bleeding speed of blood from the wound on back.

Sean’s lips were whiter and even fainter.

“She’s making a fool of herself!”

His eyes were dim and all the light in his eyes was broken which were covered with heavy shadows!

Before entering the door,Amber was asked by Sean’s mother to persuade Sean not to be stubborn.

Tomas went upstairs.Sean’s mother was worried about Sean’s physical condition and had to take care of Cathy.She was very nervous and her heart would not be able to bear it.

She would need to take medicine later!

But before Sean’s problem was resolved,his mother might not want to take it!

The more Sean thought,the more irritable he was manic.His eyebrows twitched suddenly and he felt uncomfortable in his heart.He didn’t want to see Amber complacent,but he also worried about his mother.

He moved a little,wanting to stand up from the ground.But the range of action was too large which made his back in great pain immediately!His face was suddenly twisted and his thick and long lashes were shaking.

Sean took a deep breath.His dark pupils were covered with a layer of heavy fire.His look at Amber was like a sharp hook which shaved her face and made it paler.

She had been suffering from Sean’s hurt for three years,but it seemed that she didn’t have enough lessons.She was still affected by one of his eyes.

Amber pursed her lips and said,”I don’t know if your mother is being naughty.But I know you’re now the only son of your mother.Every mother,in order to save her children,will forget her fear of death.”

“Sean,the matter of mistreating your wife was not true to say the least.If you hurt your mother because of this matter,you will lose more than you gain,right?”


Sean sneered and thought that whether Amber was indicating that she would even sacrifice herself for Cindy if necessary.

Hearing what Amber said,Sean just thought that she was really a hypocritical woman who always pretended to be a warmhearted one.

There were a great number of anger in his heart which even made his each blow get hot.

Amber squated down slowly as if she had not seen it.Because of her action,the distance between them was getting closer.And Amber’s nose thus smelled the strong bloody smell!

It was highly possible that Tomas was really angry.This time,he didn’t show any mercy!

Amber’s eyes fixed on the back of Sean’s skin that was badly hurt.Her eyes flashed,fingertips striking the blood mark on his back.When her fingertips touched the wound on his back,Amber instinctively felt that Sean’s body slightly shuddered.

They were close together.With Amber’s action and Sean could even smell the smell of Amber’s body.The detergent on her clothes smelled light and natural,and the fragrance of jasmine from the hair tips when her body shook was also charming.

It seemed that their distance was shortened by the fragrance.

At this juncture,was Amber determined to seduce him by getting this close?

He sneered in his heart again.

Amber noticed the disdain on his face,and her eyes couldn’t help moving,”Sean,you’re a smart man.You should know that I asked Lu Yi to send your father away with the excuse of calling him.There isn’t much time for you to think about it.”


She was threatening him again!

As Sean’s voice just fell,Sean felt like a shock went through his body,and his eyes were full of disgust!

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