Please Go Away, Mr Smith! -Chapter 107: I Should Have Watched You Die in That Driver’s Hands

He unconsciously pushed Amber, but because of the wound, he failed to push her away. Instead, he made Amber’s fingers rub on his back!

Sean cursed in pain: “Damn it. Amber, I should have watched you being killed by that driver! “

Amber, this mean woman, wanted him to suffer more?

Didn’t she say she loved him desperately?

How come she didn’t forget to threaten him and remind him at current situation!

He took two heavy breaths, ignored the injury and pushed Amber away from his side.

Amber was unprepared. Suddenly, she fell down and hit her forehead on the desk in the study. It hurt deeply.

She stood up awkwardly from the ground, holding the stool in her hands.

Sean’s mouth was drawn and his face was unnatural.

When Amber fell, she didn’t make a sound. Sean heard a muffled voice. He licked the corner of his lips. He didn’t mean to. It was all her fault to lean so close and scratch his wound!

Maybe she meaned to do it and play the battered-body trick for the old man?

Amber turned her head and looked at Sean. The light made the man’s face blurred and scornful.

Sean thought Amber would leave angrily, but she just reached out and rubbed her head that was hit just now, and asked him in a low voice:

“Sean, have you decided yet?”

“You know mother’s condition better than I do. As long as you agree to my request, I’ll explain it to dad right away!”

“Amber, you know my mother’s physical condition but you still dare to threaten me with her. Are you insane?” He was biting his lips and teeth, and his tone was loud to the extreme: “Do you really think that I dare not hurt you! Your bone marrow is valuable, but I don’t care! “

Amber shook her head. “Sean, you can’t ask me to put myself in your family’s shoes if you don’t care about Cindy!”

“I have only one daughter, Cindy!”

Sean’s breathing was heavy!

He felt terrible!

He had always hated being threatened, and even more hated being threatened with people he cared about!

Amber did the both, but the old man defend her well, which made him feel helpless for her!

Sean’s mouth moved. Before he could speak, Shen Ruyun’s exclamation came through the door that was not fully closed.

“Mom, what’s wrong? Don’t scare me. How do you feel? “

After listening to a sentence, Sean’s face suddenly turned dark!

After three years of marriage, he and Amber never offended each other. It was the first time that they were in such a situation!

Amber made such a big fuss just for such a small thing. What about later?

This time if he compromised, who knows what condition she would bring up next time?!

He frowned and clenched his teeth. It was impossible for Amber to bully and control him with this incident!

Sean turned sideways, peering through the half closed study door to see what was going on outside.

He didn’t see very clearly.

As soon as Shen Ruyun’s words came to an end, Fang Weiwei opened her mouth again: “Mom, you’ve been worrying about the fourth brother all night. Did you forget to take the medicine?”

“Mom, you should be clear about your health. How can you be so careless?”

The door of the study wasn’t closed. Mother Smith didn’t make a sound.

No one in this room was talking. It was very quiet around. Sean could hear the voices of the three sister in laws of the Smith family clearly.

Their voices were different, clear and easy to recognize. As soon as Fang Weiwei finished, Jiang Xue eagerly followed: “Mom, where is your medicine? I’ll get it for you.”

Three people rushed to Mother Smith and surrounded her.

“What kind of medicine?”

Mother Smith interrupted Jiang Xue’s words with a sneer. Her voice was not as usual, and it was full of strength. After saying these four words, Mother Smith was obviously panting, and her voice was lower and lighter. She seemed to be suffering from pain, saying some angry words!

“Your father is so cruel that he has to hit Sean to death! I only have Sean. Why not kill me as well! Why not let me die of illness! “

“Even if I take medicine well, even if I recover, I’ll be angered to death by your father! It’s better to save the medicine for his Smith family!”

Mother Smith’s words were very direct, which made Sean’s eyebrows jump!

When Tomas started to hit Sean, Mother Smith followed him into the study, and she begged him, advised him, cried and even made trouble!

But Tomas wasn’t affected. His parents loved each other deeply. In the early years, Mother Smith had four sons.

Everyone in the family obeyed Mother Smith and her temper was spoiled to be wayward!

Sean knew that. If Amber didn’t explain, Mother Smith would have to use her trump card sooner or later to protect him!

At present, this was mostly the case!

If the old man didn’t stop! His mother would go to the hospital surely!

Mother Smith said that and she reached out and pushed Jiang Xue’s hand away. It seemed that she was going to fight Tomas to the end.

The sweat on Sean’s sideburns shook, and Amber leaned over again.

When speaking, it may be because she was close. He could even feel the breath of Amber.

“Sean, you should have heard. Mom’s not in a good situation. I know that you are a filial child and you are not able to bear… “

Sean’s face was blue at once, and he suddenly turned his head to face Amber’s near face.

Amber used to crouch behind Sean. She didn’t expect Sean to turn around suddenly. It was not a long distance, but because Sean’s action, it suddenly got closer.

Amber moved back a little uneasily.

“You know her physical condition and dare to use her health to threaten me!”

“Amber, that’s enough!”

He took a deep breath. Amber was such a cold hearted woman!

Didn’t she just say that a mother would do anything to save her child?

what he said was like she understood his mother very well. But his mother refused to take any medicine at this time. Why wasn’t Amber soft hearted?

He was going to be pissed off by Amber!

Amber didn’t answer Sean, as soon as the air was quiet, the movement outside began to become clear.

Fang Weiwei’s voice was full of disapproval: “Mom, what are you talking about? The fourth brother has been hurt by father. You don’t want him to worry about you, right? Take the medicine first! Okay?”

“Yes, Mom! What the elder sister-in-law said is reasonable. If something happens to you, who will take care of the fourth brother? The cold hearted fourth sister would never do this!”

Mother Smith’s words were intermittent, and he seemed to suppress some pain: “I won’t take…”

Sean heard this. His five fingers tightly clenched together. The blue veins on the back of his hands raised, looking vigorous and ferocious.

“I won’t take the medicine. If Tomas hit my…son later again, who knows if I have…the chance to take care of him! “

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