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Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 108: Grandma, Are You Very Uncomfortable

Mother Smith was struggling to finish these words.

He couldn’t see her face, so he enriched his imagination. The picture of his third brother, Johnson, was pronounced dead that day emerged in front of his eyes.

At that time, he and his mother were waiting for news outside the emergency room. As soon as the doctor announced the news of Johnson’s death, she covered her chest and her face was blue. Then she cried for a long time. At last, Mother Smith didn’t say a word, and fell straight to the ground!

Outside, three sister in laws persuaded Mother Smith to take medicine. Sean even heard Cindy’s voice.

“Grandma, are you very uncomfortable? Mom said that you should take medicine if you are uncomfortable. You should take medicine obediently.”

Cindy could see that Mother Smith’s face was bad, then her situation must be very serious!

Sean’s frozen face suddenly melted. He bit his teeth and said, “I promise you! I promise you what you want! You go out now! In front of my mother, you’ll explain it to my father! “

Wasn’t Amber trying to make him apologize to Mr. and Mrs. Yue?

He’ll go!

Men can take temporary setbacks. How can a man’s face compare with his mother’s health?

He would admit he lost. Anyway, it was not the first time he was threatened and calculated by her successfully!

Sean had a blue face. Even when he was whipped by Tomas, he didn’t find it was so rough to spend time!

He thought that after he promised, Amber would go out to explain to Tomas, but she was still standing still.

If it wasn’t for Amber’s occasionally blinking eyes, Sean would have doubted whether the woman in front of her was just a lifeless sculpture.

It was his mother who was not taking medicine and in danger. Amber didn’t worry about her. Sean couldn’t do the same thing.

He suddenly reached out, grabbed Amber’s collar, pulled her to him, and his thin breath fell on Amber’s face. Amber could even see his distinct eyelashes shaking.

“What else do you want?”

Sean had a wound on his back. As soon as this action was done, Amber instinctively noticed that the smell of blood around her was a little stronger. However, there was nothing different with Sean. Instead, he had a pair of eyes with a faint cold light!

“I have promised you, what? Not satisfied yet!”

Being insatiable, wasn’t Amber afraid of falling short of success?

Amber reached out to pull Sean’s hand holding her collar. It was extremely hot outside. Sean’s hand was cold and chilly. Amber exhausted her strength and failed to break free from Sean’s shackles. She simply wrote herself off as hopeless and acted recklessly.

“Sean, I can’t trust you.”

Sean thought he misheard. His empty hands picked his one ear and he smiled wryly, saying, “Amber, what did you say?”

She couldn’t trust him?

It was weird. Couldn’t Amber trust him?

If she couldn’t believe him, why did she want him to promise her?

Playing with him? Or was she kidding him with his mother’s life here?

Sean’s heart thumped twice, but not because of he was moved, but because of he hated her. He wanted to strangle Amber to death at this time!

“What do you mean?”

As soon as he finished, Amber looked down and her eyes fell on the hand that was holding her collar.

Sean was beautiful and charming. He was like a darling created by God. Even his hands were flawless, like a pine tree with distinct bones!

Amber tightly stared at Sean’s wrist. On his wrist, he wore a Patek Philippe limited edition watch with a dark gray watch band, which set off the man’s wrists more vigorous and powerful!

The emotion in her eyes didn’t hide. Sean realized Amber’s intention at once!

His lips were stretched in a line. His eyes were sharpened and cast on Amber’s face.

Amber who was fearless, looked down on Sean and said softly, “I need some chips.”

Sean suddenly released his hand, even strongly pushed Amber out of his eyes, and his voice instantly coagulated, just like winter snow, fluttering on Amber’s heart.

After melting, it was all cold.

“Anything but this watch.”

With that, he lowered his head and reached for his wristwatch.

This watch was sent by Manman as a birthday gift on his twentieth birthday. It was also a token of affection between them!

When he was twenty years old, he had a car accident. He had traumatic sequelae and forgot many things.

Fortunately, after he woke up, the watch was still there. He didn’t forget Manman!

For so many years, many things around him have been changed. Only this watch, which has been following him and has never been changed! Sean hardly ever took it off, except when he had to take a bath!

As time went by, Sean took care of this watch and made it as a new one!

Even his movements of touching became the lightest.

The man immersed in his memories, and he did not notice the pain in Amber’s eyes at all.

Her eyes flashed and she was pushed away by Sean. She held against the ground with one hand, and her body was tight into a line.

The lamp shadow fell from her head, projected her forehead hair into fragments, which were immersed in her eyes!

Amber paused and said, “Sean, I know this watch is a token of love between Lin Man and you. I don’t want anything but this watch.”

She knew the importance of this watch to Sean. If she could take it away, she would not be afraid of Sean going back to his words!

As soon as Amber’s words were finished, Sean suddenly looked up, his eyes suddenly bumped into the bottom of her eyes, and clearly saw the sadness and tears at the bottom of her eyes!

Sean paused.

What was Amber crying for?

Wasn’t he the one who should cry?!

Or was she jealous when she saw the watch that Manman gave him?

So…She wanted to take this watch away?!

Yes! It must be like this!

Sean figured out the cause and effect, and his eyes were cold again.

“Amber, don’t go too far in bullying me!”

Sean licked his dry lips. His eyes seemed to be covered with all the shades outside the window. They were so thick that they could not be driven away.

He had such deep feelings with Manman. But Amber was not satisfied even though she has driven Manman away from his side!

Now she even thought about this watch!

His mind was in a mess, and the thoughts in his heart were gathered together, rejected, entangled and turned into one.

Amber said she didn’t want Cindy to quit school. It was just a cover! Her real goal was actually this watch!

His guess was right!

Amber wanted to erase everything, the trace that Manman left beside him!

He would never let Amber succeed!

“My tolerance is limited, change to another condition!”

With that, Sean reached out from his tailored trousers, took out his wallet and cell phone, and threw them on the ground: “Cell phone, bank card, anything!”

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