Please Go Away, Mr Smith! -Chapter 109: I Can Afford to Procrastinate with You. Mom Can’t.

When Sean threw his wallet, he couldn’t control his anger. It flew out and hit Amber’s arm with the metal ring. Then her arm turned red.

Amber shrunk her arm in pain and stood up from the ground. Without saying a word, she went to Sean and squatted down, clasped his firm wrist, trying to take off the watch!

In the conflict, a storm was set off in Sean’s eyes. He subconsciously shrunk his hand. Amber used a lot of force. The two people pulled each other, and the wound on Sean’s back was lugged.

He suddenly took a breath, his big body shook. He could not care about the pain and said: “Amber, Like I said, anything but this watch!”

Sean’s wealth was countless. The bank cards in his wallet were all offered by the bank. The unlimited worldwide limited black cards!

Any one was worth more than this watch!

After he took them out, Amber didn’t change her mind a bit!

He could only clasp Amber’s wrist tightly with his hand. His strength was so powerful that he seemed to crush Amber’s bones!

Amber only felt that kind of pain, which stretched all the way to her heart!

“I only want this watch!”

“Sean, you care too little. But this watch is one of them! Only when I get it, I won’t worry about you going back on your words! “


What Amber said was decent and nice!

Who knows what she was thinking?

He didn’t care much? It was because others were destroyed by her!

Sean tightly clasped the watch strap on his wrist. A red mark was appeared on his wrist because his strong wrist was pulled by the two of them!

Sean didn’t seem to feel the pain. His pale face was covered with a thin layer of red because of anger. He noticed that Amber continued to untie his watch. He scolded in a low voice, “Amber, how dare you!”

Amber was biting her lips. He clasped the watch too tightly. She used only two fingers to firmly held the strap. The two people refused to give in. Sean’s eyes were like a heavy sword pointed against her heart and made her heart full of wounds!

Amber took a deep breath, lowered her head and looked at the wristwatch. Her heart was stabbed again. She suddenly laughed and said, “Sean, I know that you care for this watch everyday. And I’m a woman who is careless in using strength…”

“If any marks leave on the strap, don’t blame me!”

Amber’s words made Sean sick!

This watch was sent to him by Manman. What was it if Amber’s mark left on it?

She was sure that he hated her. In order to force him to comply, she even used herself!?

What else did she dare not do?

Sean gnawed at the root of his teeth and said, “let, go!”

She knew that Sean didn’t dare to step back forcefully. Amber’s eyes glanced coldly towards her.

Her eyes were covered with a mist of water, which made her deceptive eyes look particularly attractive!

Sean’s attitude towards Lin Man made her feel a little sad inevitably!

She was holding the watch strap tightly. Her wrist was covered with Sean’s big palm. His rough fingertips made Amber’s skin on her wrists ache!

The thin temperature rose from where the two people’s skin touched, and finally a little sweat came out.

The atmosphere between the two was quiet again, and the sound in the living room was more and more mixed.

“Mom, where is your medicine? You take the medicine first, don’t get angry with Dad, OK? “

It was Fang Weiwei’s voice. As soon as she finished, Cindy’s words were tightly followed: “Grandma, I know you are worried about my Dad, but my mom said that dad is a big hero, he will be okay!”

Hero, that was ironic!

What kind of hero would be clasped by a woman and forced to do what he didn’t want to do and say what he didn’t want to say?

Sean’s eyes turned to Amber’s face. Her ability to tell lies was as good as ever!

“Sean, you heard that. I can afford to procrastinate with you. Mom can’t. Dad is coming back soon. If you don’t agree, when Dad comes in, it will be too late!”

Sean stared at Amber, and his lips curled tightly into an arc. He pressed his inner anger.

“I’ll give you my watch if you apologize to Mr. and Mrs. Yue!”

Amber looked at Sean sharply. They were close together, breathing together. But there was no ambiguity!

The force on Amber’s hand was loose. Although he didn’t take it away, Amber felt Sean’s attitude was softened.

Amber’s hand moved and waved Sean’s hand away. She clasped his wrist, and took the watch off Sean’s hand.

She carefully held the watch in her palm, with a funny expression on her face. Many emotions spread in her heart, and Amber could hardly control her tears.

Sean felt disgusted. He turned his head away and looked at the rest of the study.

He knew that the so-called friendship between Amber and Manman had been broken long ago. She didn’t like Manman. She took his love token with Manman, and she must hate it so much!

Why did she pretend to look like this in front of him?

Did she really think of him as a fool?

Sean was irritated and reached for his hair impatiently.

With his movements, the soft and tidy black hair became messy. It didn’t reduce Sean’s charm but made the man look more sexy.

When Amber put the watch away, she got up from the ground, bent over and patted clothes’ wrinkles, as well as the dust she got when arguing with Sean.

After a series of actions, Amber took a look at the injured Sean and said:

“Don’t worry, I’ll give it back to you when it’s done.”

This was the second time Amber repeated this sentence, which sounded solemn, but it had no credibility for Sean!

Instead of looking at Amber’s face, he reached out and pointed to the door of the study, spitting out two words rather coldly:

“Get out!”

Amber’s eyes were red for a while, and it was pressed down quickly. The goal was achieved, and she had no nostalgia. She went out of the study without hesitation.

Amber closed the door, Mother Smith stood up from the sofa suddenly, her face and lips were very pale…But after seeing her, Mother Smith still held Shen Ruyun’s hand and hurriedly came over.

Mother Smith was not young. Her eyes were slightly red at the moment. It was touching to look at her look.

“How’s Sean? Have you made the deal? “

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