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Please Go Away, Mr. Smith! – Chapter 11: You know clearly who is the babe’s dad

That man can be so doubtful and emotional sometime, though she has been staying with him for so long, his thoughts has never laid on her, not even a day! How dare she asks him that?
Amber ignores Tang Tian, she has seen so many kinds of people since she works at Smith company, she also knows clearly that people like Tang Tian is soft tigar, if she cannot hold the arrogant air on her this time, then she will be more superficious.
She then closes her eyes with a casual smile, which makes Tang Tian retreat back.
Amber then says to her:”you had so many prerecords before, you are clear who’s the real father of your kid, i still stick on my words before. You still have to lose 20 pounds, if you stay this way still, the market department won’t sell you out, since you said the babe’s dad is Sean Smith, then you’d better let him to make you famous.”
Hearing this, Tang Tian’s face suddenly gets pale, she then stares at Amber with malicious look, she hates Amber so much now, how come she never leave any space for her? She’s now pregnant, but she still wants her to lose weight!
At the thought of this, she then says to Amber:”Amber White, how can you be so arrogant? Everyone knows that Sean Smith only loves Lin Man, the big difference between you and i is that you have that piece of marriage paper.”
Hearing this, Amber then clenches her fingers, her bones turns to be a bit white.
Tang Tian then wears the mask and leaves outside the hospital after finishing her words.
Amber then has a thought, Tang Tian said not all right, the relation between her and Sean is less than they two, at least Sean hold no grudges on Tang Tian.
Suddenly she hears the scream from Tang Tian and the voice of Cindy.
She then holds Cindy and looks up, seeing Lu Xiangxiang bumpes into Tang Tian.
She’s kind pretty, today she wears a long, floor-length dress with green lantern sleeves, the dress is not that beautiful, but she always likes the colour which makes people feeling oppressing.
Not everyone suits with green dress, but it works well on her, her skin turns to be more white in that colour, her hair is shoulder-length, the skirt is the bare shoulder design, the butterfly bone is standing perfectly to show her special air, she looks so stunning in the corridor at the hospital.
Lu Xiangxiang bumped Tang Tian on purpose, Tang Tian was angry by Amber before, so she’s now in the bad mood, but Lu Xiangxiang then says firstly before she’s about to swear.
“You don’t know how to walk? Are you blind?”
Lu Xiangxiang looks so gentle and soft on the outside, but when she speaks, all of her good images vanishes.
Amber knows Lu Xiangxiang must have heard of the conversation between her and Tang Tian before, she also guesses she bumped Tang Tian on purpose.
“I should ask you the same, and how can you speak to me like this? Don’t you know who i am?” Tang Tian says with a gloomy face.
Lu Xiangxiang takes a scornfully glance at her and says:”isn’t that the secret lover of Sean Smith? The starlet from 18 lines? What else do you have to show for yourself?”
Tang Tian is the hot potato of Smith company, but Lu Xiangxiang mocks at her identity and she even grabs the pregnancy report from Tang Tian.
After taking a look, she then says with furious:”hum, you are pregnant, should i inform Sean Smith? There’s so heavy traffic on the outside now, you are not safe to walk outside!”
Hearing this, Tang Tian gets stunned there, she then stares at Lu Xiangxiang and then walks outside of the hospital without asking back the report.
After Tang Tian left, Lu Xiangxiang then walks to Amber with eyes narrowed, she takes a look at Cindy and then waves the report on her hands.
“Five weeks? Sean Smith’s?”
Amber stares at Lu Xiangxiang and says to her:”what are you doing here?”
“Shi Muzhou said you was hit by a car and stayed along in the hospital, Cindy just off school, so i bring her here to see you.”
She then again adds:”Sean Smith is pretty impressive, he has a lover now, shame on him, you should soon get the divorce with him, or he will stop you from finding another nice man.”
“Aunt Xiangxiang!” Cindy says with a bit unsatisfaction.
Lu Xiangxiang sees Amber is unhappy now, she then answers to Cindy:”well, i zip my mouth now.”
Before Amber takes the relief, Cindy blinks her big eyes and looks at Amber cautiously, she then says to Amber with a shivering tone:”mommy, i know that woman, she’s Tang Tian, dadd’s lover.”
Hearing this, Amber feels a bit coldness on body, Cindy then again continues before she make any explainations:”mommy, you haven’t told me last night what is lover?”
Lu Xiangxiang then turns to look at Amber, she wants to listen how will she explains to Cindy.
Actually Amber feels lost now too, she cannot tell her daughter that lover is the kind of woman who specially to destroy the relation between her and her dad.
“Mommy?” Cindy pulls Amber’s clothes and asks again:”our teacher told us that lover will take away daddy, if daddy really has lovers, does it mean he won’t want me and mommy?”
Hearing this, Amber kind stops breathing for a moment, since Cindy remember things, she has been always longing for the love from her dad, but she don’t know that her dad never admited her identity, he even said so cruelly that she’s a bastard!
She wanted to take Cindy and kept distance with him at first, but the man keep showing before them like a ghost, his appearance disturbs the peaceful life of them.
Amber looks at Cindy and explains to her:”of course it’s not ture!”
Her words kind makes Cindy cry, tears suddenly fills in her big eyes, she then says with a low voice:”then why dad don’t send me to school, mommy? Other kids all have their daddy to send them school quite often, but why it’s always you sending me to school?”
“Was it true that daddy don’t like me and mommy? He don’t want us?”
Seeing Cindy is crying now, Lu Xiangxiang finally gets panic, she wipes the tears on her face and says hurriedly:”Amber, say something!”
Amber now feels her heart pricks by something, she then squats down and holds her:” Cindy, didn’t mommy tell you before that daddy really likes you? Daddy likes you so much!”
Cindy then blinks her eyes and asks in a low pitch:” but i heard Tang Tian is now pregnant, i know what pregnant means, that means she’s about to have a babe, is her babe is daddy’s?”
Amber don’t know what to say all of a sudden, she feels a bit fatigue in the heart now.
“I’ve read lots of newspapers before, it says that daddy spent most of the time with her, but he never came here to see me just once.”

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