Please Go Away, Mr Smith! -Chapter 110: Dad, Sean didn’t abuse me.

Amber White’s fingertip moved and said, “Mom, after Dad comes downstairs, I will explain it to him! Sean…”

Speaking about Sean Smith, Amber White suddenly remembered his bloody back!

“He did suffer a bit, but you can rest assured that he will not be yelling with his father again. Would you like to take the medicine first?”

Old Mrs. Smith heard and took a sigh of relief. Because her emotions fluctuated and her health was not good, she felt so tired. She frowned and slowly said:

“You don’t persuade me. I will take medicine when things are done!”

Amber White wanted to persuade her again, but she heard the footstep come from the stairs.

They subconsciously turned back and looked at the direction of the stairway. Tomas Smith walked down with anger.

She didn’t know if Tomas Smith heard their conversations. He glanced at them and stalked to the study room.

Old Mrs. Smith saw he leave, and she eagerly reached out and pushed Amber White! Because she hoped that Amber White would go up and explain!

Amber White wore high heels. When she got off the car from the hospital to Smith Group in the morning, she twisted her ankle. Because old Mrs. Smith pushed her, she jerked forward one step and pained her ankle.

Amber White felt painful!

Hearing the sound, Tomas Smith stopped, and he looked back.

Amber White took the opportunity to step forward and stopped Tomas Smith. She said: “Dad, Sean didn’t abuse me!”

After she said, Tomas Smith was so surprised and he didn’t expect that Amber With would say this. Amber White did not give him a chance to talk. “My injury was caused by a taxi driver. And it was Sean who sent me to the hospital, but we were photographed! He was misunderstood by others!”

Tomas Smith did not believe, and asked: “Why are you hungry for a long time? The hospital posted a certificate in the newspaper! Amber, you are an adult. And don’t tell me that you forgot to eat!”

Amber White frowned slightly, and she didn’t mention Tang Tian deliberately. And she continued to explain: “On the night of Thursday, the company celebrated at Ye Se. I have been uncomfortable for a few days. I went to the bathroom on the way and found an empty room to take a break.”

“But I accidentally fell asleep. When I woke up, Ye Se closed. I was missed a day. Everyone in the company knows that! Dad can ask Lu Yi if you don’t believe it!”

“Ye Se is not open on Friday, and I didn’t take my mobile phone, so I can’t ask for help. If it isn’t Sean find me in time, maybe I will suffer more!”

After Amber White said, she knelt down to the ground and said: “Dad, I am sorry. I did not explain it clear at first, and let Sean suffer this.”

Although the door of the study was closed, Sean Smith could still hear what Amber White said!

He smiled sarcastically.

Amber White was so good at lying, and in a few words, she easily bypassed Tang Tian.

Lying may be about to become her only instinct!

So did she plan to let him praise her later?

Through the study door, the indoor lights were all in the eyes of Sean Smith, but his eyes looked like with a sense of darkness and gloom!

Outside, Tomas Smith was shocked by the action of Amber White. He subconsciously reached out to help her to stand up: “Amber, what are you doing? You stand up first and we can talk.”

“Amber, this is your fault. You can say out the truth easily. Now Sean was whipped, and the stock of Smith Group has shrunk! This is how much loss!”

Old Mrs. Smith’s heart was also ups and downs. So the truth was that her son not only did not abuse Amber White, but also saved her?

Old Mrs. Smith was so angry that she wanted to enter the study to slap Sean Smith. It was obviously that he did a good thing. In order to be against Tomas Smith, he admitted the crime. He didn’t get a compliment, but he was whipped!

How did she give birth to such a fool? !

Thinking of Sean Smith’s hurt, old Mrs. Smith felt sorry for him!

Amber White was a bad woman. Sean saved her, but she not only did not thank him, but also looked at Tomas Smith to beat her son!

The blood pressure of old Mrs. Smith was so high and she took a few breaths and then calmed down!

However, Tomas Smith didn’t wait to she complained him, and Tomas Smith glanced at Shen Ruyun who said, “Amber, you don’t have to grieve yourself for that stinky boy. It is our family who are sorry for you…”

Old Mrs. Smith didn’t wait that Tomas Smith finished his words, and she was angry instantly. She got rid of Jiang Xue who supported her and she raised her voice. “What ridiculous words do you say? Why are we sorry for her?”

Instead, she felt that Smith family should be sorry for Sean Smith, because Smith family did not let him get married with Man Man he liked, and let him marry Amber-a bad woman!

However, Tomas Smith still felt that Amber White was wronged. How can she not be wronged?

Old Mrs. Smith’s eyes were red because of anger, and Tomas Smith stopped when he saw her. But he was still angry. And he looked at old Mrs. Smith, and said: “A Ru! The child is spoiled by you!”

There was a warm light in the room. After old Mrs. Smith heard Tomas Smith, she was angrier than him: “He is my child. And I have to spoil him. I just have a son left, and he is whipped by you every day. Of course, I am sad, and I am sorry for him.”

Tomas Smith heard and he was angrier than before. Sean Smith was also wrong. And it was inevitable that he was angry!

Mr. Smith and Mrs. Smith were so angry, and no one in the living room dared to say something. Amber White saw them and hurriedly stood up from the ground and stopped Tomas Smith and said, “Dad, it is my fault. You shouldn’t be angry with Mom.”

“Mom hasn’t taken medicine yet, and she was angina just now. You shouldn’t be angry with her.”

Tomas Smith wanted to say something but he say nothing and angered: “Enough!”

Old Mrs. Smith ignored him. Although the room was warm, but the atmosphere was very stiff.

Sean Smith let the servants in the old house go to take the medicine, and then said to Amber White: “Amber, you come with me on the second floor.”

Amber White looked at old Mrs. Smith and looked at Tomas Smith. They were not very good-tempered. She really didn’t know how they solved the problem after they quarreled?

She said, “Okay.”

Before going upstairs, Amber White said to Cindy White: “Cindy, there is a sister who will take the medicine of your grandmother later, and remember to remind your grandmother to take medicine, do you know?”

Cindy White nodded and said: “I know. Mom, don’t worry!”

After receiving a response, Amber White stood up straight and followed Tomas to the second floor.

The footsteps gradually drifted away. Jiang Xue could not help but sarcasm: “If Amber is really worried about mother, she shouldn’t let daddy whip Sean! I really can’t stand her hypocrisy!”

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