Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 111: Don’t need to apply the medicine for me. I won’t die.

At the moment, old Mrs. Smith paid her all attention on Sean Smith. After she heard what Jiang Xue said, although she felt what Jiang Xue said was not good, she didn’t take it seriously.

All her attention was on the second floor, and when she heard the sound of the closed door on the upper floor, old Mrs. Smith hid her unpleasant and hurriedly walked to the study.

Sean Smith still knelt down on the ground. When old Mrs. Smith pushed the door open, she saw his bloody back which was the same as what Amber White had seen.

Old Mrs. Smith frowned, and she only felt that heart was caught by others, and she felt so painful that her eyes were watering.


Old Mrs. Smith strode forward but she was so weak. She knelt beside Sean Smith and wanted to see the wounds of Sean, but she was afraid of hurting him.

Her blood pressure rose and she was dazzled: “Fang Weiwei, you are going to ask two servants to help me to let Sean stand up! Let servants take the medicine box and apply medicine for Sean Smith!”

“Oh, okay.”

Fang Weiwei responded and she hurriedly went out of the study door and called the servants to come over.

“Mom, Don’t need to apply the medicine for me. I won’t die.”

Sean Smith said with reckless!

Old Mrs. Smith saw his impenitence manner. She raised her hand and wanted to beat the head of Sean Smith, but she was worried about the injury of Sean Smith, so she didn’t slap him!

When a servant came in with the medicine box, Cindy White also followed in. She had a glass of water in her hand. When she saw the bloody back of Sean Smith, she stopped and slowly moved in front of Sean Smith.

Her black grape-like eyes were covered with tears, and she was full of distress. She pouted her small mouth and blew twice on Sean Smith’s back. Sean Smith instinctively perceived his back blow over a breeze with a little cool, and it seemed to ease the pain!

Sean Smith was a little touched, and his back which faced to Cindy White moved. He asked coldly, “What are you doing?”

Cindy White licked the red lips and said, “Dad, you are bleeding. And mother said that it is not painful if I blow it.”

Sean Smith knelt for a long time, and he sweated, so his metabolism increased. Sean Smith felt that he was thirsty. He took over the cup which was held by Cindy White and drank a little and asked, “Does your mother let you come over?”

What did Amber White mean?

Did she want to show kindness him after she was frame him?

Did she think he was a fool?

Sean Smith raised his head and drank the water up, and put the cup back into the hands of Cindy White.

She glanced at the empty cup, shook her head and answered Sean Smith: “No, my mother asked me to remind my grandmother to take medicine. I poured a glass of water for my grandmother.”

Sean Smith stopped his hand which wiped the sweat. He drank the water that was not prepared for him. He was somewhat emb arrassment.

Why couldn’t he drink the water that Amber White’s daughter prepared?


Sean Smith’s lips were pale. He looked over his mother and asked: “Mom, have you taken medicine yet?”

Old Mrs. Smith was applying the medicine for Sean Smith, and her eyes were very red, and she answered: “After I apply the medicine for you, I will take the medicine!”

It had been more than ten minutes since old Mrs. Smith came in. The three sister-in-law of Smith family came in and looked at him and gave a word of condolence.

His mother was here too. Would Amber White miss such a good opportunity to get his mother’s good impression?

Sean Smith was so strange and he touched his hair and looked at Cindy White.

Cindy White looked at Sean Smith, and she found a chance to say something: “Dad, I want to go out and give my grandmother a glass of water, are you still thirsty?”

Sean Smith’s smile was more and more sarcastically: “There are so many people in the old house. Don’t need a little girl to do things.”

After that, he asked his mother: “Mom, where is Amber White? She came to our house. Does she want to let me and you take care of her daughter?”

“What are you talking about? Since Amber White married you, this is her family. Do you want to be whipped again? If your father hears, he will be angry!”

Did he have no human rights yet?

Couldn’t he say anything?

“Dad, I am very well-behaved.”

After he heard Cindy White, Sean Smith snorted. And old Mrs. Smith licked her lips and said, “Amber White talks with your dad in the study room upstairs.”

Because of her, he was whipped by his father and he almost died. And did she still have the mood to chat with his father?

Sean Smith’s body lines tight together, and he was in a bad mood and he said to his mother: “Now they don’t want to let us know what they are talking, so they go upstairs to talk?!”

“Will it be a company secret? Just when I was with my dad in the study room, he didn’t tell me anything!”

Old Mrs. Smith glanced out and was sure that Tomas Smith was still upstairs. She knocked Sean Smith’s head.

The more he said, the more she was angry!

Sean Smith didn’t scold, but his every word was ironic!

After getting the whip, he still didn’t know how to control his temper. Old Mrs. Smith couldn’t help but say to him:

“Bad boy! Enough! Although everyone knows the truth! But your dad is still angry. And you are still wrong. Tonight, you will stay in the old house, and wait for your dad not to be angry and then you can leave!”

Sean Smith’s back was so straight. And old Mrs. Smith was unprepared, and the cotton swab dipped in medicine poked Sean Smith’s body.

His face became pale instantly, and because it was too painful. He took deep breath and his face was pale.

“Don’t move…”

However, he didn’t wait old Mrs. Smith finished her speaking, and he interrupted old Mrs. Smith: “Stay in the old house? Where do I sleep? Sleep with Qin smoke?”

He was whipped, and the watch that Man Man gave him was taken away by Amber White!

Would he go to sleep with Amber White at night? He felt disgusting.


Why do he give in every time? !

Old Mrs. Smith didn’t know what Sean Smith thought. Her eyes fell on Cindy White who was standing in the study room. “You and Amber White are husband and wife! I want to have a grandson.”

Cindy White was not bad and she was also well-behaved. Amber White was not bad, either!

At least her genes were good. She could educate the children well. And she had bone marrow that could save Sean Smith’s life.

Old Mrs. Smith sighed and was sad.

Smith family had a genetic defect in the family, and Sean Smith had such a high blood cancer hazard. If he got married with Man Man, she had already had her grandson!

Sean Smith thought that his mother was joking with him, but when he turned around, he saw that his mother’s face was covered with a faint glow, and her eyes were covered with seriousness.

Sean Smith frowned and his all the emotions showed undoubtedly. He felt so disgusting.

“Amber White is really amazing! Mom, even you have become her lobbyist!”

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