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Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 112: He was just a little bit stubborn in his mouth

Have a child with Amber White?

He was so cheap in his mother’s heart?

Even if all the women in the world were dead, he would not have feelings for Amber White that shameless woman!

He did not want his children as calculating as Amber White in the future!

The Mother Smith’s l**s moved and just wanted to speak. Cindy White came in with a glass of water from outside the study room, and handed it to the Mother Smith, then put the medicine on the side of the medicine which had been brought in by the servant before into the hand of the Mother Smith, “Grandma, take the medicine.”

The Mother Smith paused, poured the pill into her hand, took a sip of water, and swallowed the medicine.

After drinking the water, the Mother Smith looked at Cindy White and sighed again.

“Grandma, let me apply ointment for my father?”

The Mother Smith did not agree. The whole back of Sean Smith was all injured. Cindy White just was a three-year-old child. She couldn’t even smear the medicine on the wound, but also let his son suffer a greater pain, she would be distressed.

Cindy White stood next to them with her l**s pursed, a pair of dark eyes staring closely at Sean Smith’s wounds, not crying or making trouble, which made Mother Smith uncomfortable.

“Cindy, let the aunt take you upstairs to the study and ask Mom and Grandpa to have dinner, okay?”

Cindy White nodded and said, “Okay.”

Sean Smith snorted coldly.

The coaxing means of Amber White’s daughter was as good as Amber White’s!

Even his mother was pleased by her!

As soon as Cindy White went out, Sean Smith was told by Mother Smith: “Later when they come down, keep back all those bad words, or you are deserved your father’s whip!”

Sean Smith did not speak, he leaned over the stool, and the light fell through his slightly messy hair under his eyelids. It was mottled and unprovoked and gloomy.

He did not speak. Thinking about the watch that Amber White removed from his hand, his mood became worse.


In the study room of second floor.

Amber White followed Tomas Smith into the door.

She looked around at the study room and it had no difference with the first floor study. There were rows of book shelves behind the desk, a variety of books on them, a desk, and two single sofas.

Wood carved floor, dark curtains.

Although simple, it was unjustifiably rigorous and solemn

Sean Smith took her to the single sofas and pointed to one of them and said: “Amber, have a seat.”

Amber White nodded, and then the two sat down.Tomas Smith topped the teapot on the table and poured a glass of water for Amber White.

“Dad, do you have anything to tell me when you call me up?”

Tomas Smith shook his head and said, “No.”

Amber White puzzled, Tomas Smith licked his l**s, body lines tight, apparently still angry.

“There are no other people here. You tell me the truth, is there anything to do with Sean about abusement?”

Amber White shook her head.

Sean Smith had always disdained to hit women, and had not changed for so many years!

When Tomas Smith in face of Amber White, the temper was exceptionally mild, even if the emotions were fermented in the lingering aftertaste, and there was no meaning to affect Amber White.

“Amber, did your mom and Sean say something to you when I was upstairs? Threatening you not to say it out?”

Amber White licked the l*p, and she uncomfortably put the hair on her face behind her ear.

Dad really believed in her, and Sean Smith not only did not threaten her.

Instead, she threatened Sean Smith by using Mother Smith.

Her fingertips touched the watch in her pocket, and her heart was awkward.

“Really not? And, Sean saved me twice that night! Dad, he is your son. You should understand that he is just a little bit stubborn.”

“Amber, you don’t have to speak good for him, just because he is my son, I know him.” Tomas Smith made a gesture, and when he talked Sean Smith, his eyes were deep: “Besides, even if the guy really didn’t hit you, your body injuries, also have to do with him.”

Nothing happens for no reason.

Smith’s own company had the entertainment newspapers and magazines. Moreover, there are pictures of Sean Smith throwing money on the face of Amber White.

Tomas Smith stretched his hand and pressed the blue veins on his forehead. He took a sip of the teacup and calmed the anger in his heart.

Amber White licked her l*p corner.

Tomas Smith’s words were correct.

Whether being trapped in Ye Se or being beaten up by a driver on a mountain, it was inextricably linked with Sean Smith.

Tang Tian liked Sean Smith, so she designed her. As for she went to that taxi driver’s car, it all because that he didn’t tell her that Cindy White was in Hai Wan Xiang Xie.


Tomas Smith raised his hand and interrupted the explanation that Amber White wanted to continue. He took a deep breath and had a bit of tiredness on his face. Today, he looked particularly old, and she didn’t realize it in the past.

Too much water drowned the miller. It was interrupted by Tomas Smith, so Amber White did not explain it.

Now he was angry, and when he gets over it, he can understand that wife a***e is just a way for the media to get people’s attention.

“Dad, you have done heart bypass surgery before, you really can’t be angry any more, just like this time, but it is a misunderstanding!”

“If there is anything, just say it out. It’s my fault not to say it clearly today…”

Tomas Smith took over the words of Amber White, he said: “It has nothing to do with you, Amber, you are a good girl!”

“If it wasn’t because of what happened eleven years ago, you and Sean would not be like this today.”

Amber White’s eyebrow moved.

Eleven years ago, Tomas Smith knew what happened between her and Sean Smith.

And Amber White remembered the moment when she robbed the watch with Sean Smith.

She blinked her eyes and closed her eyes halfway.

Yeah! Eleven years ago, she had never dreamed that one day, she would be a woman who was deliberate and unscrupulous in the heart of Sean Smith.

Amber White laughed and her heart was sorrowful.

“Amber, it’s our fault, I’m sorry.”

Tomas Smith sighed.

Amber White seemed to see pity in his eyes. She stunned for a moment, picked up the water cup in front of her, took a sip of water, and covered up the strangeness on her face, and then said: “This is also very good, at least I can still keep him, I am still beside him.”

The eyesight of Tomas Smith paused, the l**s were tight, when hearing the sentence, he looked at Amber White with a surprised look, and said: “Good girl, these years, Sean, the stinky boy has done a lot of ridiculous things, but you don’t take it seriously. You know his nature, he is not bad… Alas!”

Seemed to be unable to refute, Tomas Smith said half of the words and blocked the others in his mouth.

Amber White frowned.

Yeah! What had Sean Smith done to her in the past few years?

When Amber White’s l**s moved and just wanted to say something, the door of the study was suddenly knocked from the outside.

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