Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 113 Her Eyes Are Like Sean’s

Amber suddenly stood up from the sofa,straightened her hair and said,”Dad,I’ll open the door.”

As Tomas nodded,Amber opened the door of the study.It was Cindy.

It was surprising for Amber to see her.She squatted down to hold Cindy’s small body and asked,”Cindy,why do you come here?”

Cindy licked lips and whispered,”My grandma asked me to come up to ask Mom and grandpa to go down for dinner!”

Hearing the noise,Tomas came out of the study.When Cindy saw him,her body shrunk a little.She reached out and grasped Amber’s fingers,her dark and bright eyes timidly looking at Tomas.

“Is she the child you mentioned?”

Tomas cleared his throat,slowed down his voice and asked Amber.

Amber nodded,picked Cindy up from the ground to get closer to Tomas and said,”Cindy,this is your grandpa.”

Cindy held Amber’s clothes.Although she was scared when Tomas hit Sean,she still called out softly,”Grandpa.”


Tomas answered.Although he restrained,Amber still heard a little excitement in his voice.

He looked up and down at Cindy.His eyes were locked on Cindy’s eyes and he said to Amber,”Her eyes are like Sean’s.”

Actually Cindy’s appearance was like Amber’s.But Cindy’s eyes,as Tomas said,really were similar to Sean.

It was just that at that time she was young and hadn’t grown up yet,so many people didn’t notice it.

In addition,she married Sean when she had been pregnant,so others didn’t think that this baby was Sean’s.

Amber smiled and changed the topic,”Dad,let’s go down to have dinner.Don’t let others wait too long.”


Tomas answered and went downstairs,Amber holding Cindy behind him.

Just when they walked into the living room,they met Sean who was held out from the study by her mother.Amber rubbed the cold sweat on her pale face.

Seeing Amber and Tomas,he raised a sarcastic smile and stood straight unconsciously.

He changed a shirt which was still white,and the gauze wrapped around his chest could been dimly seen.

Tomas wrung his brow and coldly said two words,”Have dinner!”

Sean’s mother took a breath of relief because she knew that this page had been turned over.She helped Sean to walk to the dining table.

Seeing this,Amber put Cindy on the ground and reached out to hold Sean’s other arm.

Because of her action,the distance between the them was closer,and the bloody smell was smelled by her again.It got lighter because the wound had been dressed.

Amber’s eyelashes were pressed down to cover up many emotions.

Seeing her approaching without any defense,Sean’s resentment came up again.Almost when Amber’s hand came up,he raised his hand and waved Amber away with strength.

“Thank you,but this is none of your business!”

Sean waved his hands without manners,which made Amber stumbled twice to stand firm.Hearing his words,her face got pale.

When Sean did this,the redness of his skin faded,and Tomas got unhappy,”Amber helped you wholeheartedly.How could you say such words?”

Hearing this,Sean gave a deep sneer.


This old man was too blind to see the truth!

Due to Sean’s range of motion was great,his wound that had been dressed now was opened again.When he passed in front of Amber,it could be seen that there was some blood ozzing out of his wound.

His mother was very sad.The power that she held Sean was strengthened.The atmosphere was frozen then.But Shen Ruyun seemed not to be observant and said,”Dad,it was your fourth son’s wife who made him be whipped.How can you still order him not to be angry under such a circumstance?Isn’t it hard for him to do so?”

“Shut up!”

Tomas angrily shouted,which made Shen Ruyun shake and subconsciously get silent.

Sean sat down on the edge of the table,and as soon as he had the action,several other people all went to the table.

Last meal was removed and replaced with a new one.There were several dishes that Sean liked deeply on the table.

Up to now,Sean had only eaten little of the take-out food ordered by Amber.So he must be very hungry.

When Sean raised his hand and just pinched the chopsticks,a piece of braised pork was put into his bowl.Looking along the chopsticks,his eyes fell on the face of his father.

Tomas was obviously a little uneasy,”Sorry for today’s things.Just eat more.”

Sean pursed his lips,and the light on the top of his head fell into his eyes,making his dark pupils look more profound and deep.

He picked up the stewed pork in the bowl and said,”Dad,didn’t you just say that I was a beast?It is so nice of you to kindly treat a beast.”

At the same time,Sean’s parents’ eyelids twitched.His mother sat on the right side of Tomas,which was just a desktop away from Sean sitting on the left side of Tomas.

She gave her son a deep look.This brat just seemed uncomfortable if he wasn’t hit

Sean was holding the piece of braised pork by chopsticks.He just played it in the bowl instead of eating it.His face reflected by the light looked extremely pale,which was somewhat inconsistent with his usual image.

“Stop,Sean.How can you say so to your father?What he just said is angry words.Is it necessary to take it seriously?”

Looking at the direction of his father,Sean smiled with a sense of indifference.

Tomas’s lips curled tightly into a straight line.He pinched his brow,pulled out a stiff smile on his face and said,”This whip was to remind you.Don’t admit that somethinng was done by you casually if it was not.It’s not good for you!”

Sean ridiculed to say,”So I really need to thank you,right?”

Tomas’s face suddenly turned blue.He held the chopsticks tightly,then he put them down and said,”Today I was too impulsive.I didn’t find out the truth before I started to whip you…”

“So this is your apology?”

Sean continued to say,”If you think I will forgive you and get satisfied with your mere saying few sentences to apologize with no sincere each time you whip me,you had better stop talking to me!”

Hearing such words,Tomas suddenly smashed his chopsticks heavily which made a sharp sound.Sean’s mother was so scared that she reached out to take her wife’s arm and said:

“Calm,Tomas.It is rare for Sean to come back.Why do you two always get so fierce every time?Everyone’s here.Just kindly and peacefully talke with each other,will you?”

Looking at his mother and hearing her words,although Sean didn’t nodded or said something,he finally picked up his chopsticks.

Seeing this,Sean’s mother smiled and said in order to alleviate the atmosphere,”Sean sometimes may say some words that are gone too far,but his heart is not bad.Knowing that two days later is my third son’s memorial day and being afraid that I’m sad,Sean comes back and stay with me these days.”

Tomas’s eyebrows moved,and his eyes looked in the direction of his son.

The light layer upon layer refracted at the bottom of his eyes,which made Sean’s pupils like black jade shine brightly.

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