Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 114: She married with Sean just for money

Among all the sons of Mrs. Smith, her favorite was Johnson Smith. The word she said not only kept Tomas Smith’s temper but also stopped Sean Smith’s talking.

In the shade under the light, Sean Smith sat at the table still, his eyelids drooped, but he didn’t seem to see anything,

He looked handsome, lofty and touching, as a perfect sculpture.

Looking over, Amber White hesitated for a moment and then put down her chopsticks, held Cindy White’s hand, “Dad, it’s getting late. Cindy is going to school tomorrow morning. I have to take her return to Xin Yue Wan now.”

After her words, Sean Smith moved and glanced at her direction.

What did she mean to leave after hearing that he decided to stay?

Although he didn’t like her, her manner of avoiding him still irritated him. She should be the one to be disgusted!

He looked a little annoyed.

After Amber White ‘s words, Shen Ruyun, who was sitting opposite, suddenly said, “Amber, the business of the company has not been settled yet, how can you leave?”

Jiang Xue felt worried too.

The market value of Smith’s company shrank by Six billion yuan, not sixty yuan! Amber was the main characher of the scandal. How could she go when it didn’t make clear?

But now Amber had something on Shen Ruyun and her, so Jiang Xue was getting more shrewd. Now that the Don was very fond of Amber, she naturally stopped saying bad about her.

“Ruyun is right. The fake news about Sean and Amber had impacted the whole company. Amber, you have made it clear to us, but no one outside knew this yet.”

“Isn’t Amber working in the company? Don’t leave in a rush, you should stay and discuss what to do with us!”

The house, which had been quiet, became noisy again on this topic.

Amber Smith, who had already stood up to leave, now paused because of Shen Ruyun and Jiang Xue’s words. She didn’t know whether she should leave or not.

And then, Fang Weiwei came to her rescue, “Amber, it’s been going on for so long so that you did not eat anything yet, so does Cindy, just sit down and eat something.”

Amber Smith nodded at her and sat down at the table with her daughter.

Shen Ruyun rolled her eyes and broke into a sneer when she saw Amber Smith sitting back.

Shen Ruyun hold a newspaper in her hand, which was took from her bag be fore her sitting.

She patted the paper and said, “Amber, Sean saved you, but now it’s turned into a scandal of abuse wife. You have to explain to it. What were you going to do by taxi and not stay in the hospital at midnight?”

Amber Smith was quiet. She just wanted to find her daughter! Sean Smith didn’t tell her Cindy stay in the Hai Wan Xiang Xie that day. Without seeing Cindy all day, she thought Cindy was lost again!

Out of the corner of her eye, Amber Smith glanced at Sean. She could see the gauze—red with his blood—inside his shirt from this angle, even stained his red.

If she said that was his trick to play the fool with her, he would be whipped by Tomas again!

Her eye winkers quivered slightly and she hadn’t thought about how to say.

Tomas Smith slapped the table and said with coldness, “We stay here for deal with the scandal; Stop asking other irrelevant things! Don’t affect our appetite!”

Just now, they all heard about the sound of the whipping in Tomas’s study. So Shen Ruyun gave a shuddering and dared not speak when Tomas gave a long face.

Jiang Xue was also afraid, but she was feared as long as she thought of the video in Chao He, so she had to bite the bullet and said, “Dad, don’t you think it’s unfair? We are just thinking for Smith Group. This is not the first time during the three-year since Amber married Sean…”

“Six billion. What if the news keeps going on? Or what if it happens again?”

Tomas Smith glanced at her, although she was afraid, she lowered her voice and said, “Ruyun is not wrong. Both her and I are curious!”

Jiang Xue’s heartbeat fastened after she said this, she held the chopsticks and messed her meals up.

Sean Smith wore a smile slightly, who was depressed before.

He was very glad to see Amber being spited.

With someone stood by her side, Shen Ruyun took the newspaper and closed to Mrs. Smith, “Mom, let me show you this photo. It must that Amber did something wrong so that Sean had to do this.”

“How could paparazzi in such a remote hospital at that time? Perhaps, Amber sold the story to them herself and made a fortune.”

“She has done stupid things before. Moreover, everybody living in the Tong City knew that she married with Sean just for money!”

Mrs. Smith glanced at the photo and looked suspiciously at Amer Smith.

Amber Smith looked at Sean, her lips tightly closed. He knew the reason of it; she couldn’t make it clear if he wouldn’t help her explain it.

She held the floral tablecloths of table and felt a little sad.

How could he speak for her? He must be seeing a joke!

“It was a bit complicated… ”

Jiang Xue interrupted her, “How complicated is that? Taking a taxi rather than your husband’s car at midnight. Amber, if you don’t cherish yourself, please consider about the reputation of Sean and Smiths.”

“You know all the twists and turns of it, Jiang Xue. It seems that you have a lot of experience.” Amber Smith stared at Jiang Xue, which made Jiang Xue nervous. She was afraid Amber would say something about her.


Tomas Smith thumped the table and it made the plates shake. He stared at Jiang Xue and Shen Ruyun, “Can’t you keep quiet even if we’re eating? Go back if you don’t want to eat. I can hardly see you usually, but now you come back for the sake of money. ”

“As far as I can see, except Amber, all of you have a problem.”

Shen Ruyun and Jiang Xue originally felt a little worried, they didn’t want to enrage Amber for fear that she would burst out with their secrets.

They looked at each other and suddenly remembered the time Tomas and Amber had been alone in the study upstairs.

They were frightened and kept quiet at once.

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