Please Go Away, Mr Smith! -Chapter 115: You sit near him, so you feed him

Tomas Smith took a deep breath and looked over at Sean Smith,

“How are you going to handle this?”

Even if Amber White held a press conference to clarify the matter, reporters and Internet users may not believe her. Tomas gave Sean Smith a look seriously.

Sean Smith’s brow twitched.

The wound on his back was bandaged up by Smith’s mother, but any movement he made would drag it into the wound.

Did he have to figure out how to handle Amber White’s mess while sitting at the dinner table with no one to care and without eating anything?

There was a chill in Sean Smith’s eyes. Even the dim and bright light could not disentangle his shadow from the inside out.

“Dad, do what you want! I’ve got a wound in my back and I have no energy to deal with it!”

Tomas Smith’s face darkened with rage at Sean Smith’s remark. He was about to get angry when Amber White blurted out,

“Dad, I’ll take care of this. Don’t worry! I’m not going to let this hurt the Smiths or Sean’s reputation.”

Tomas Smith surprised and subconsciously asked, “Amber, what are you going to do about it?”

“She can do whatever she wants. Dad, you may not know that the spokesperson of Luo Shen Wan was caught in erotic photos and all relied on director White to turn things around. I haven’t done anything about it, so this thing can’t trouble her.”

Sean Smith picked up the conversation with an ironic curve between his lips.

Amber White had no other talent except handling such things.

It only took Amber a few minutes to figure out what to do about Tang tian’s problems.

He didn’t think the false scandal of wife-abuse would get her down.

His father always worried too much!

He realized he was affirming Amber White’s ability to do her job, and his face froze again!


Amber White was a bitch woman who actually had the ability to deal with this situation, but she hid it. She pretended to go to a public relations meeting and said she and Lu Yi were innocent!


Sean Smith was depressed.

His words came out sarcastically, which made Tomas Smith’s face turned black again, but he thought about what Sean Smith had said.

Although the guy was a bit wicked, his words were right.

After a moment’s hesitation, he looked at Amber White and asked, “Amber, you… “

Amber White smiled. She knew Tomas Smith was worried about her, and now Tomas Smith was the only one in his family who was worried about her!

“Dad, I have worked at Smith’s for three years. You know me well, right? Just rest assured.”

Seeing that the atmosphere had eased up, Smith’s mother, who had been silent all along, led the conversation to Sean Smith,

“Tomas Smith, I notice that you have a problem with your focus every time.”

“Your son has lost half his life. Instead of caring about him, you worry about your daughter-in-law’s job!”

Mrs. Smith closed the conversation by avoiding the point. Amber dropped her eyes slightly and looked at the surroundings.

Sean Smith’s back was badly hurt that he couldn’t even have the mood to eat. Tomas Smith sighed and said to Amber White, “Amber, he’s badly hurt. He might get hurt while eating. You sit near him, you feed him.”

Sean Smith’s eyes widened.

He glanced at Tomas Smith, “Dad, I dare not trouble director White! I am wounded, not crippled!”

Then he picked up his chopsticks and ate slowly.

Sean Smith’s table manners were impeccable. If it weren’t for the fact that his forehead was constantly twitching, Amber White would know that he’s perfectly fine with whipping behind his back.

Amber White knew that Sean Smith had been hating her for Lin man’s leaving and wouldn’t let her get close.

Feeding food was the kind of intimacy that only lovers can have, and Amber White couldn’t do it right now with Sean Smith.

She pursed her lips. She knew Tomas Smith was trying to smooth things over between her and Sean, but she looked away and didn’t replied Tomas.

The atmosphere at the table was peaceful. Jiang Xue and Fang Weiwei were talking, from time to time, shen Ruyun picked up a dish for Smith’s mother. Smith’s mother was concerned about Sean Smith. She was worried that he might hurt himself if he made a big motion.

She and Cindy White were the only two people who like outsiders at the table.

Amber White’s heart ached, as if something sharp stuck into her heart. When she lowered her head, Cindy opened her eyes wide and looked at people at the dinner table from time to time with an unconcealed delight in her eyes.

The child is sensitive, but Cindy White was always smart. She was afraid that Cindy would feel that everyone was trying to exclude her, so she brought up that they wanted to leave again.

“Dad, if there is nothing else, I will take Cindy home first… “

Tomas Smith called Amber White and said, “Amber, don’t go home today. I’ll ask nanny zhang to clean up the master bedroom on the third floor. The room is big enough for three of you to live in.”

Sean Smith laughed inwardly as he ate.

So that was what they discussed just now in the second floor?

The disgusting idea of feeding him came from that old guy? It must Amber White taught him!

A family of three?

How could the old man see that they were like a family of three? He had no taste for raising a daughter of others!

The smile on Sean Smith’s face dissipated, and he looked over to Amber White. The woman waved her hand and said, “no, dad. A lot of Cindy’s things are still in Xing Yue Wan. Besides, it is still close to Cindy’s kindergarten. “

“Amber, it’s not safe for you to take Cindy home so late! You stay all night and get up early tomorrow morning to pack up in Xing Yue Wan.”

Sean’s mom lifted her eyebrows, “Your dad is right. It’s only for one night. Do you dislike the old house?”

“Mom, how could it be… “

“Then stay.” Mrs Smith called nanny Zhang and told her to go upstairs and tidy up the room.

Amber White was going to make Cindy an excuse to leave, but Mrs. Smith suddenly opened her mouth and called Cindy White, “Cindy, how about staying in the old house tonight and watching TV with grandma?”


Cindy White patted her meaty little hand as she clutched Amber’s dress sideways. “mom, how about we stay here tonight?”

Amber White blocked what she wanted to say. She pressed her lips together and said, “OK.”

Tomas Smith managed to crack a smile tonight when she agreed.

He put down his plate and smiled. “Amber, if you need anything, just tell nanny zhang.”

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