Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 116: Why did he leave his home?

“I went upstairs first!”

Amber White nodded.

Putting down the chopsticks, Tomas Smith got up and left the table.

Seeing this, Sean Smith sneered.

Pretending! She must be very happy after hearing his father asked her to stay.

Sean Smith got up from his seat and walked over to the couch as Tomas Smith went upstairs.He picked up the thin suit jacket he had worn that night and headed for the door of the villa.

Sean’s mom stopped him and said, “Sean, where are you going? So late”

“I’m going to Hai Wan Xiang Xie.”

His mother’s eyes filled with tears as he answered. She held his arm tightly,

“You are injured so you can’t live alone in Hai Wan Xiang Xie! Why don’t you stay here tonight? Can you?”

One night? With Amber? He was afraid that he would be sick once seeing Amber’s face in the midnight!

A cold sweat ran down his face as he withdrew his hand from his mother’s violently. It was obvious that he pulled her wounds.

Noticing that, Sean’s mother was anxious and worried. Sean glanced at her,

“Mom, it’s not good for me to heal my wounds here because someone disgusting. What if she speak bad about me to my father? Then I have to suffer again!”

He said these so firmly that his mother couldn’t stop him.

She stopped pulling him because he was hurt. At this time, she saw Amber, “Amber, you persuade him to stay here. He is so injuryed, how can he drive home!”

Let her persuade him? Amber White thought, ‘He would leave faster if she tried to persuade him’.

She looked at him, who had made up his mind to leave.

She pulled her hair back from her face and did not attempt to persuade him!

She just stood there with her hands clasped. The light reflected from the crystal lamps in the room made her face stand more clearly, especially her eyelashes, which seemed to be stained with light.

Sean Smith became even more irritated, bypassed his mother, and walked away in a few steps.


Sean’s mom’s eyes were red. Jiang xue sneered, “mom, you let Amber pursuade Sean, do you want to drive Sean away?”

“Yes, Amber is very beautiful. But Sean hasn’t slept with her in all these years, which proves that he doesn’t love her.”

Jiang xue and shen Ruyun looked at each other and laughed.

Sean’s mom was already unsatisfied that Amber White hadn’t spoken to Sean Smith. After listening to jiang xue’s words, she even more complained that Amber could not control Sean.

She sat down on the sofa in the living room and wiped her tears.

Amber White licked her lips and whispered, “mom, he might actually leave sooner if I pursuaded him.”

Sean’s mom sneered. Did she mean she’s helping her?

Sean’s mom knew she was telling the truth, but she couldn’t take it in.

Sean had serious injured in his back , once he began driving, he would must stuck against the seat with his back! Thinking of this, Mother Sean’s heart ached seriously.

Sean Smith suddenly paused as he walked outside the door.

It was dark outside, and the light from the centre of the city shone on his face, which made it look a little hazy.

He stopped pulling the door and kicked hardly the rock!

Why did he leave his home?

Why did he leave Amber and Cindy White at home?

Amber White was the one should leave.

He licked his lip, slammed the open door of the car and turned angrily back.

It was hot outside, and he was wrapped in gauze. He walked so fast that the sweat on his back touched the wound and hurt him.

When he reached the door, he wiped the sweat from his forehead. The cool air from the inside made him feel comfortable.

He went in and sat down on the sofa in the living room. Then he dropped the car keys on the table.

Sean’s mom was surprised. She wiped the tears from her face and put away his keys. “Why are you back?” She asked.

He looked at Amber White who was peeling an apple for Cindy White.

He could see her profile from his side, her hair hanging down over her eyes. He also saw her long, fluttering eyelashes and her fair face.

He took the teapot and poured himself a glass of water. Then he said, “this is a fine opera, and one cannot go on showing alone.”

Amber White was full of tricks every time! He wanted to see what she wanted!

Sean Smith took a deep sip of water and stared at Amber White.

She sighed. Since Sean came in, she had been careful and reduced the sense of presence. However, Sean still never let her go.

A smile came over Sean’s mother’s face when she made sure that he wasn’t leaving and her dissatisfaction for Amber also faded away. Then she went upstairs.

They were the only three in the livingroom. Amber White handed Cindy White the apple and looked at Sean Smith.

As he sat down on the sofa, he picked up a financial newspaper on the table.He seemed calm.

Cindy White walked up to Sean Smith with the apple before Amber could be relieved.

“Dad, are you still angry? This is an apple peeled by mother. Here you are.”

Sean Smith’s eyes were cold. He glanced at the apple in her hand and turned his head away.

“Mother says apples are rich in vitamins and good for your health!” Cindy White added.

Sean Smith sneered. He didn’t want to eat the dirty apple that the little girl had handled.

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