Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 117: Dad, is your last name Smith?

Cindy White was sweet and lovely,however, she must have a lot of bad ideas for she was brought up by Amber White.

He moved aside and ignored Cindy. He had thought she would not continue, but she moved closer and sat down in the little space left by his side.

She smiled when she moved closer and handed him the apple.

Sean Smith was sitting on a single couch. When she got up on the couch, it looked crowded and her legs were shaking.

He was so crowded by her that there was no room for his long legs.

His mood, which had been ordinary, suddenly darkened.

In the meantime, she was holding the apple to his mouth with difficulty, and said, “father, here you are.”

Amber White, who was sitting across from him, was nervous when she saw her handing the apple.

Based on her understanding of him, he hated Cindy and thought Cindy was a stain on him.

Besides, he was a neat freak and seldom let people get close to him. He will not change because Cindy was a child!

Amber White unconsciously put down the knife and moved towards Cindy to press her hand that holding an apple.

“Cindy, because your father is already an adult, he will cut it by himself if he wants to eat. You’re gonna keep dad from reading the paper, so you sit with mom.”

Cindy White looked at Sean Smitih as if she didn’t want to give up.

Amber White didn’t want to pull her because she’s afraid Cindy would know her happy family built by Amber White was a fairy tale.

Amber White tried to hug her daughter, but Sean Smith suddenly took the apple from Cindy’s hand and glared at Amber Whiter before her hand touched her,

“I’ve been beaten for you. Can’t I eat an apple you’ve cut?”

Amber White didn’t expect him to suddenly speak, and her hand was awkwardly still in midair. She did not know whether it was better to press on or to withdraw.

He glanced at her in disgust.

He thought that she was talking nonsense and that he would not peel the apple himself.

The blood on his back wasn’t meant to scare people.

He took a bite out of the apple. The fruit in the old house was exceptionally fresh and sweet. If there was any shortcoming on it, it was too crisp because every bite he took would involve his wound.

He glanced at Amber White.

She pulled her long hair close to her ears and she looked at the three of them as a family.

The living room was very quiet. Cindy pulled Sean Smith’s sleeve and asked,

“Dad, is your last name Smith?”

He held the apple Cindy gave him and said “Yes” lightly for he didn’t want to talk with her like when they met in the first.

However, Cindy White leaned over again. She didn’t turn stiff just because he ignored her, she asked,

“Why is the kid of the class all with father surname, I am not?”

“Why do I have the same last name as mother?”

Her question sent Amber White’s heart racing again. She didn’t dare to look at Sean Smith. She just reached out and lifted Cindy White off the couch.

“Cindy, I told you not to ask many questions when talking to others.”

She was flustered. Sean Smith’s hand paused, then his eyes went cold. He finally knew what they were doing.

He was glad he had stayed at home, or Cindy would ask his father.

By the time he wakes up tomorrow, maybe he will have a daughter before the Man Man retures!

It must have been Amber White who taught her because it’s impossible for a three-year-old to ask that question.

He felt unhappy.

Isn’t it paradoxical that she stopped the child from asking?

Amber White fidgeted as he stared, but Cindy White didnn’t notice anything. She obediently asked as she lay in Amber White’s arms, “Mom, isn’t dad part of our family?”

She always knew Cindy liked to ask questions. She asked questions that Amber White was often unable to answer, but Amber White thought her daughter was just precocious!

But this question made her feel sad.

Even if she constructs a beautiful and happy family for her, but it is fake. No matter how small Cindy is, she can perceive the difference from the cracks of the lies she made up.

The family she built was different.

Amber White picked Cindy up and changed the subject forcefully, “Cindy, we’re living here today. Let’s go up and have a look at our room.”


She nodded and followed Amber White.

Amber White clearly heard Sean Smith’s sneer as they passed by.

The light covered him as if he had been covered with frost, and she could feel the cold without approaching.

Amber White was walking faster and faster. She was afraid that he will say something irreparable to Cindy, so she quickly took her upstairs.

It was not until she reached the second floor that she slowed down and began to breathe.

Amber White pulled Cindy up a few steps to the third floor when Sean’s mother stopped her.

She saw Sean’s mom coming toward her. Sean’s mom looked downstairs and asked, “where’s Sean? Why didn’t you talk a little longer?”

Amber White pinched her lips and said, “I’m a little tired. I’m going to take Cindy up to see if there is anything we can do for nanny zhang.”

Sean’s mother frowned after hearing that. She lowered her head and said to Cindy, “Cindy, how about sleeping with grandma tonight?”

Amber White knew what she meant as soon as she opened her mouth,. She unconsciously reached for Cindy’s hand and whispered, “mom, you and dad are tired today. You will not sleep well with Cindy… “

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