Please Go Away, Mr Smith! -Chapter 118: Cindy, Let’s Sleep with Grandma

“I’ll have Cindy tidied up a children’s room later!”

Smith’s mother’s voice was harsh. After Amber White and Sean Smith got married, she asked maids to prepare a children’s room for Cindy. At that time, she thought Cindy was Sean’s child!

She was actually going to take care of her biological granddaughter in person!

However, it was all a fake story made by Amber White!

After a pause, Smith’s mother took a look at Amber White and softened her voice: “You’ve been married for three years, and are you going to live like this all the time? You live in your Xing Yue Wan, and Sean lives in his Hai Wan Xiang Xie?”

“You have a daughter now so you are not hurried. But I still want a grandson! Do as I say! “

Amber white was silent.

The crux between her and Sean Smith was too complicated. It couldn’t be solved by sent Cindy away!

No matter Cindy White was here or not, Sean Smith still wouldn’t touch her!

“Can I sleep with mom and dad?”

Cindy White glanced at Amber white, and then looked at Smith’s mother and asked.

“Sure. But how about next time, Cindy? Your parents have something to discuss tonight! ” Smith’s mother glared at Amber White, who wanted to speak.

Cindy White had been taught by Amber white to be sensible. Although she was reluctant, she still agreed.

There was a smile on Smith’s mother’s face, and she said, “I’ll clean up the room. You can go up first. After it’s ready, I will call Cindy.”

With that, she turned around and went in the same direction as she had come.

Amber white pinched her sore eyebrows and pulled Cindy White up the stairs.

In the living room of Living room.

After Amber White and Cindy left, the atmosphere became quiet. Sean Smith held the apple and kept exerting his strength. His bones were faint and white.

He licked his dry lips, put the apple that was only bitten a bit, and a sense of obscurity flashed in his eyes.

After sitting for a while, Sean Smith’s face sank.

In such a large living room, he was left alone, just like a fool!

He actually wanted to see how Amber White usually taught children! At her age, Cindy White could ask so many “deep” questions!

Sean Smith reached out and pulled out a few tissues, wiped his hands clean, then stood up straight and walked toward the stairway.

He walked steadily into the master bedroom on the third floor.

When Sean Smith came in, Amber White and Cindy White were helping Mrs. Zhang make her bed. When Sean Smith came in, Mrs. Zhang picked out the corner of her lips and said:

“Young master, you come, too? We will be ready soon.”

Sean Smith nodded, sat down on the indoor sofa, and looked in the direction of Amber white.

They all started to help make the bed. Couldn’t wait to sleep with him?

Sean Smith smirked.

After the bed sheets were laid, Sister Zhang turned around and left the main bedroom without putting on the pillow towel. Sean Smith had been in the door for less than a minute. It was obvious that she wanted to leave room for this couple.

Amber white bit her lower lip and bent over to clean up.

Sean Smith went to the bedside, leaned over the bed, didn’t look at Amber white, and looked for a comfortable position that would not touch the wound. He asked:

“Say, how should a man, a woman and a child sleep together at night?”

He asked with playful tone

Amber White, who was putting on the pillowcase, frozed upon hearing those words and looked at Sean Smith, asking, “Sean, do you really want to stay here?”

She was confused, but felt astonished at the same time.

Amber White stayed because she had promised Tomas Smith, but according to Sean Smith’s temperament, or in other words, because he hated her, he would never stay.

When he left but turned back, Amber White was already surprised enough. But this time, after hearing Sean Smith’s question, she was deeply surprised for he had the meaning to stay here tonight.

How come?

How is it possible?

Sean Smith gave her a faint glance and a sneer. If he didn’t stay tonight, would the old house change its ownership to White’s tomorrow?

In a bad mood, Sean Smith’s words were full of sarcasm:

“Isn’t it your purpose to leave me here tonight to calculate so much?”

Amber White licked her lip and fell silent.

She knew that Sean Smith despised her. If he had said this three years ago, Amber White would have been anxious to explain it to him. But now, she already knew that the explanation was useless.

She didn’t react, which made Sean Smith even more annoyed.

“Director White is usually very smart, why couldn’t you answer today? Even if you want to stay in my bed, are you sure you want your daughter also stay in my bed? “

As soon as Sean Smith’s voice dropped, Amber White’s face turned red.

She already knew that Sean Smith had a sharp tone, but she didn’t expect that he would humiliate Cindy, who was only only three years old!

Amber White’s face darkened. Her face was colder than Sean Smith’s, even her voice.

“Mr. Smith, please take care of yourself!”

Sean Smith almost laughed when he heard Amber White.

Take care of myself?

There’s nothing wrong with Amber White’s words. But after uttering those four words, didn’t she feel guilty at all?

He didn’t care if she kissed another man on weekdays. However, three years ago, she drove Man Man away and became his wife shamefully! In this case, how could this dirty woman talk about that with him?

She probably didn’t know the meaning of self-respect?!

Sean Smith looked at Amber white gloomyily. Looking back, there was only hatred to Amber White.

His eyes were very cold, which made Amber feel depressed. Her heart twisted, sore and itchy, and she couldn’t make a voice!

Instead, Cindy White, standing by the bed, looked up at Sean Smith and whispered:

“Dad, grandmother has asked people to clean up a children’s room for me. At night, I will sleep by myself and won’t disturb you and my mother.”

After that, Cindy White paused for a moment, as if thinking of something, and added:

“If dad wants to sleep with Cindy, you can only wait for the next time.”

The sinews on Sean Smith’s forehead jumped.

What made her think he wanted to sleep with her?

Amber White’s daughter was as arrogant as Amber white!

His heart was filled with depression. Within a second, the door of the room was knocked, and then mother Smith pushed the door open and walked in.

Sean Smith’s action paused, Smith’s mother looked at him and waved to Cindy White: “Cindy, go to bed with grandma.”

Hearing that, Cindy White walked two steps in the direction of Smith’s mother, reached out and held Smith’s mother’s finger.

“Mom, just now you said that I was quite skilled to take care of child. But now, you seem to be more skilled than I.”

Smith’s mother didn’t even lift up her eyelids and said, “The reason that I don’t have a grandson is that you don’t have the intention, isn’t that?”

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