Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 119:It was all for your good

At the end of Mrs. Smith’s words, Sean Smith became dark.


Did his mother want him to strive with Amber White?

Besides from sneering, Sean Smith really didn’t know what else to do.

When Smith’s mother said that, she took Cindy White out of the master bedroom and even closed the bedroom’s door.

Sean Smith’s eyebrows leaped. For the first time, he was confused by his family.

He just felt his mother crazy desire to have a grandson, and even began to match him with Amber White!

After coming back, he was whipped which shouldn’t happen, then he was forced to sleep with someone he didn’t like. He felt terrible and became more and more depressed.

He turned his head, and his eyes fell on Amber White, who was tidying up the bedclothes. His face was as dark as if he could swallow her into pieces.

At last, full of anger, Sean Smith vented and sneered:

“Amber White, good. Do you really wanted to sleep with me that much? You’ve successfully convinced my mother!”

Amber White didn’t even lift up her eyes. Ever since three years ago, she knew that she could not control Sean Smith’s heart. No matter what she did, it was always wrong in Sean Smith’s eyes!

At first, she would explain. But now, Amber White was tired of explaining.

After finishing the bedding on the big bed, Amber White stood up straight, pulled out another quilt from the closet in the bedroom, and laid it on the floor of the bedroom which was large enough.

Sean Smith sneered at Amber White’s action.

Was Amber White playing hard to get?

Trying to get his attention by using this kind of way?

She really thought that if she pretended to be like this in front of him, he would be interested in her?

Sean Smith’s lip picked.

He didn’t like fake women.

Sean Smith hadn’t had a bath yet. Because of the whip punishment, he had a cold sweat today. He was sticky all over, especially when it’s time to go to bed.

He got up from the bed and landed on his toes.

Amber White made a bed on the floor next to the bed. So when Sean Smith got up, his feet fell on the quilt she laid. However, Sean Smith directly ignored it and instead walked directly to the direction of the cabinet, opened the cabinet door, and pulled out a men’s nightgown.

Amber White:“……”

She pinched her eyebrows and patted the dust that Sean Smith left on the quilt for a few times, but it didn’t work. There was a light mark on it.

Seeing Sean Smith walking towards the room with his bathrobe. Amber White’s pupil shrunk, she stood up and stopped in front of him, saying: “Sean, you have wounds on your back, and the wounds couldn’t touch water!”

Sean Smith glanced up and down at amber white with disdain: “What? Is Director White going to take care of me? “

“What I said is good for you.”

Sean Smith’s face was full of sarcasm, and a layer of ice broke up under his deep eyes. When he heard Amber White’s words, he sneered and said, “Sorry, I don’t have the luck to enjoy director White’s kindness.”

With that, Sean Smith bypassed Amber White and walked steadily straight into the bathroom.

There was a window on the ceiling of the bathroom. Sean reached out to unbutton a row of buttons on his shirt and unscrewed the shower.

What a joke, he’s not an accessory of Amber white. Why should he listen to her.

Reaching out to test the water temperature, Sean Smith walked forward but finally paused.

Why did Amber white care for him?

It’s not the time to be merciful. After all, three years ago, Manman and her were still close friends. She didn’t show mercy.

Sean Smith couldn’t guess what Amber white wanted to do. He reached out and touched his gauze. It was really inconvenient to take a bath.

He pursed his lips.

Be angry with Amber White and then hurting himself? He was not a fool!

After thinking about it, Sean Smith reached out to turn off the shower and simply washed the part of his body without gauze before coming out of the bathroom.

Amber White was lying on the ground, looking like she was asleep.

Sean Smith’s eyes suddenly became dark, and there were a few smiles in his lips.

If Amber White wanted to seduce him, it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. He didn’t believe that Amber White would miss this opportunity.

Sean Smith felt a little cold in his heart, lying on his back like a self masochist, and the pain in his back pricked his back like a needle.

The light in the room was still on, Sean Smith was closing his eyes, and his breathing gradually calmed down. He thought he’s asleep, but when there’s movement under the bed, Sean Smith realized his consciousness was surprisingly still active.

It could be felt that his expectation for Amber White was too light. She moved a little towards Sean Smith’s direction. The distance between the two people was not far. As soon as she had the action, Sean Smith first smelled the light and extreme fragrance from Amber White at the tip of his nose.

Slowly, lingering on the tip of his nose.

Sean Smith chuckled to himself, once Amber White saw him sleeping, she was unable to keep it anymore?

Wanted to take actions?

He thought she could last a little bit longer, however, the famous director White was just so so!

Sean Smith tried to open his eyes and expose Amber White’s trick. Suddenly, there was a “Crisp” in his ear.

The light smell gradually disappeared between the wings of Sean Smith’s nose.

Sean Smith was surprised when he opened his eyes with a faint, puckered look.

Amber White found out he wasn’t asleep?

Otherwise, how could she just turn off the light and did nothing?

Wasn’t she always aggressive?!

This was not her style!

Sean Smith’s fingertips moved and his eyes adapted to the sudden dark environment. He blinked twice before he could see the indoor situation clearly!

There was a moment of disdain in his heart. In the middle of the night, there were only two of them in the bedroom. Why did Amber white turn off the light? It was dark and blazing. Was Amber white afraid that he didn’t know what she thought about him?

Sean Smith was so upset that his thoughts became a knot.

Sean Smith was injured on his back. He was still in bed with his eyes open and staring at the ceiling with unclear patterns. His whole mind was on Amber white.

Sean Smith was rarely on guard to the point where he’s watching her every move.

Within half a minute, when the room was on, Amber white took a look at the mobile screen.

She had her back to Sean Smith, and suddenly turned to him. Sean Smith was caught off guard and closed his eyes.

Amber white was observing his situation. Was she going to take action this time?

That’s right. It’s all this time. If Amber white didn’t have any action, the sky would be light sooner. Then she wouldn’t get such a good chance in the future.

Sean Smith’s fingertip pinched the quilt on his body. Although the air conditioner was open indoors, Sean Smith still felt hot!

After waiting for more than ten minutes with her eyes closed, she still didn’t have any movement. Sean Smith’s lip line was tight, and his eyes were opened. The room was still dark. It seemed that the light from Amber White’s cell phone was just his illusion.

Sean Smith squinted, and the cold in his eyes sank, as if a layer of ice appeared suddenly.

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