Please Go Away, Mr. Smith! – chapter 12 I feel sorry for Cindy

There’s no any complaining sense in Cindy’s words, but Amber still feels a bit suffocating in the heart, she explains to her again and again:” it’s not all true on the newspaper, some are liars for the kids, it’s a kind of marketing mode of the company, didn’t i tell you before that daddy loves mommy and loves you? But you did not believe mommy instead choosed to believe some nonsense in the newspaper?”
Tears fills into Cindy’s big eyes, she cannot stop crying right now.
Hearing this, Cindy wipes her eyes and says to Amber:” mommy, i believe you and also believe daddy, but i have never seen daddy before, i want to ask daddy if Tang Tian is his lover, and if they two will have babes together?”
Ask Sean Smith?
Amber then remembers before she comes to the hospital, Sean mercilessly swears Cindy is a bastard! She tried so hard to hold the good reputation of Tang Tian and Luo Shen Bay, only to ask one requirement from him, but he didn’t promise her. Even if he did promise her before.
She dares not to let Cindy ask what’s the relation between him and Tang Tian.
She fears he might swear at her and say she’s a bastard.
Since she gave birth to Cindy, he never admited her, and so does his family, so Cindy has to name after her.
It’s the first time Amber hates herself so much that she cannot even fulfill her small wishes right now.
Seeing Amber kind be absent there, Cindy then pulls again her clothes and asks with tears:”is that okay, mommy? Can you take me to see daddy? I want to ask daddy myself.”
Amber reaches off her clothes from Cindy’s hands and then says to Cindy with angry tone:”stop saying that, you don’t believe my words! Mommy feels sad already about the nonsense on the newspaper, now you don’t even trust daddy and mommy!”
“You want me to die?”
Seeing Amber is now being angry, Cindy kind gets pale on the face, she clenches her fingers and looks at Amber in a daze, there’s tears in her big eyes.
She then says with a crying tone:”mommy, i am sorry, i was wrong, please don’t be angry!”
Amber holds her tears that almost roll down and turns her head on other direction, she pinches her nose to soothen her sore.
Seeing this, Lu Xiangxiang then holds up Cindy and says to Amber with a frown:”cannot you be gentle to Cindy? Have more patience on her, okay? She’s so little, look at her now, she’s crying now, how can you blame her?”
She then turns, after noticing the tears on Amber’s eyes, she then says with a soft tone:”Amber, don’t be angry, let’s go home, okay?”
There’s few people standing besides because of the high pitch she said to Cindy.
Amber then nods. When they walks few steps, Cindy then drags Amber’s hands, Amber turns and looks at her without saying a word.
Cindy is a good girl, she sits well on her own seat after gets in the car, when they backs home, she then follows Amber behind.
When Amber puts down the bag after they walks inside the room, Cindy then puts her hands in her bag and says to Amber with a timid tone:”mommy, i got a red flower today in school.”
Finally Amber squats down and combs her collar:”Cindy is awesome!”
Hearing this, Cindy then holds Amber’s neck.
Amber knows Cindy so well, when she comes close to her, she instantly finds her strangeness, after touching her forehead, she then finds that Cindy has a low fever.
Suddenly the door is pushed open.
Lu Xiangxiang walks inside, after she sees this scene, she then says:”hum, you two are now in peace?”
Amber feels so anxious in the heart, she then says:”Xiangxiang, there’s medincine in the second drawer under the TV, please get it to me, i feel some heat on Cindy, i want to take a temperature for her. ”
Lu Xiangxiang then hands over the thermometer to Amber.
Five minutes later, she then asks:”well?”
“She’s has a low fever.”
“Need to go to the hospital? I go drive the car now.”
Amber is medical major, such temperature is no need to make her to the hospital, she then shakes her head and calls Xiangxiang:”it’s very normal for kids to have low fever, i’ll let her sleep early later, she will be fine after a good sweating.”
Lu Xiangxiang takes a look at Cindy and sips her mouth with a meaningful look.
Amber don’t pay much attention on the expression on Lu Xiangxiang, she comforts Cindy.
Actually she feels a bit sad, Cindy has low fever, it surely has something to do with Sean Smith, but?
Sean Smith hates her and also hates Cindy.
Cindy touches her belly and says to Amber:”mommy, i feel a bit hungry.”
“You stay here with aunt Xiangxiang for a while, mommy makes you some noodles, okay?”
Cindy then nods, Amber stands up now and wants to say something, but Lu Xiangxiang then interrupts her:”i keep an eye on her, you go!”
After Amber left, Cindy takes out her homework and moves one small stool to sit.
Lu Xiangxiang don’t know why all of a sudden she remembers Tang Tian who quarreled with Amber at hospital, she feels Sean Smith must be blind, look at her foxy look, the person like her cannot raise good kids.
Amber is more beautiful than her and Amber’s more classy, besides, she has taken so many big contracts for Smith company. It’s okay if he cannot see all of these, but how can he go outside to flirt with girls? Cindy also feels sad for him!
Lu Xiangxiang turns back and takes a look at kitchen, she then squates down besides Cindy and says to her:”Cindy babe, you really want to see daddy?”
Hearing aunt Xiangxiang talks about her daddy, there’s suddenly some upset sense in her eyes, she then bites her upper lips subconsciously and stays silent, clearly she remember the angry look of Amber at hospital.
But the expression on her face is enough to tell the inner thoughts of her.

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