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Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 120: Manman…

The sound of Amber’s breath seemed to linger in his ears, and Sean’s l**s pressed.

He moved, but he didn’t see Amber move.

Sean fretted and couldn’t sleep. He tried to get out of bed, but he worried that Amber would think he was giving her a chance.

There was a depression in his heart. This was his home. Because Amber was here, he even had to cringe to drink a glass of water at night?

Sean thought, sitting up from the bed. He reached out to turn on the bedside lamp, stepped on Amber’s quilt, and the room was filled with warm light.

He glanced sideways carelessly, his eyes stopped on Amber’s face.

The dim yellow light sculpted her sleeping face more soft. He didn’t know if it was the reason for her sleeping. The serious and cautious look she had when she in company has been removed. It was only clear and clean.

Sean’s breath paused.

Amber fell asleep without doing anything?

It was impossible!

Sean didn’t believe it!

He stepped over to Amber’s side and crouched down to stare at her for a while.

Her breath was smooth and steady, and her hands were relaxed and flat on the pillow. Her dark hair covered her pretty face for a half, which seems to be some kind of hazy beauty.

Sean had been squatting on Amber’s side for two minutes, and the woman lying on bed was still motionless.

He cursed in his heart.


Amber, this damn woman. Who was on earth the patient? He hasn’t slept yet, but she was sleeping soundly!

Leaving him alone in bed tossing and turning, she made him unable to sleep at night!

Did she do this on purpose?

Sean’s heart was uncomfortable as being scratched by a cat. when Amber seduced him, he was fed up with it. Even if he thought about it, he would feel ironic. At this time, when Amber didn’t seduce him, his mood didn’t get better at all!

Sean felt that he was sick. His l**t was rose by Amber and he had no place to vent! He even squatted on the ground, looking at the woman he hated so long!

He got up from the ground in a bad mood, went back to bed, closed his eyes for a long time, and fell asleep.

Amber woke up because of thirsty. She propped up to touch her mobile phone, turned on the flashlight and planed to go downstairs to find some water to drink. When she stood up, her body tilted a little towards the bed.

For a second, Amber heard Sean’s heavy breathing clearly. It seemed that there was a wad of cotton in his windpipe, which made his breath not smooth.

Amber was shocked. She couldn’t care to drink any more water, reached for the bedside lamp in the room and looked at Sean.

His face was very red. The sweat on his forehead was reflected by the light, which had seven colors.

Amber reached out and touched Sean’s forehead. She got a hot burn.

His body was sideways. Amber simply checked his wound. Mother Bo wrapped it tightly. She couldn’t see its inside.

She was a little anxious, pushed Sean’s body, and called out, “Sean?”

Sean didn’t respond. His temperature was very high, like magma. Amber couldn’t care about anything else. She went into the bathroom and wrung a towel to wipe Sean’s sweat on his face and neck.

There was a medicine box in the room. It was supposed to be left intentionally by Mother Bo, who was worried that Sean can’t stand it in the middle of the night.

Amber dug out the antipyretic and fed it to Sean.

Sitting on the edge of the bed, Amber took a look at the delicate wristwatch on his wrist, and her l**s are tightly pressed together.

Sean’s fever has not subsided, so she has been watching Sean’s situation. She saw his thin l**s open and close. He seemed to say something or some name.

Amber lowered her head and heard two words coming out of Sean’s mouth.

“Manman… Manman…”

He repeated it until it pricked into Amber’s heart, which made her heart shrink and hurt her lungs.

He lay at at the nearest place, calling the name of another woman so affectionately.

Amber’s eyes turned red instantly. For three years, she thought she has already cultivated herself into a wall of iron, but she still couldn’t resist the two words fatal blow of Sean.

Her heart seemed to be pinched, nipped, painful and sour.

Amber’s l**s moved and her eyes fell on Sean’s face, calling him, “Sean, wake up, you have a fever…”

Her fingertips were on Sean’s flawless face. Whether in Sean’s dreams, there was only Lin Man’s shadow. It had nothing to do with his emotions. It was just all his love for her.

Sean called Lin Man, and Amber called his name.

In the past 11 years, all her love and hate have been given to Sean. She hated they met too early and the time passed by too fast.

The fingertips pinched tighter and tighter until the wound on the bottom of the heart became numb. Amber reached out and pulled a corner of the quilt to cover Sean.

He had a high fever, but was not in peace. When she was in daze, he suddenly reached out and held her arm tightly. With all his strength, he grabbed Amber and dragged her into his arms.


Amber’s strength was not great. Even if Sean had a high fever, there was still a big difference in strength between them.

She resisted and was still held tightly by the person who was still dazed. His body seemed to be magma, hot, and even the exhaled breath was boiling hot.

“I’m Amber, um…”

His k**s came eagerly, sealing all the explanations she was about to blurt out.

Sean k****d anxiously, forced her l**s and teeth open, devoured all her breathing, and wanted her violently. Amber was in a state of chaos.


He lifted his eyes, and looked into Amber’s eyes on the opposite. The bottom of his eyes were all empty, but his voice was soft and light: “Manman, you come back?”

“Sean, keep your eyes wide open. I am…”

He suddenly lowered his head and k****d her on the neck. Amber’s body was shaking severely.

His big hands pull buttons on her clothes flexibly. The gloom and coldness on his face were all gone, only softness left.

Amber only felt that her heart seemed to be torn apart. He regarded her as Lin Man. He still thought she was Lin Man…

Tears wetted eyelashes. Before his k**s fell again, Amber did not know where came from her strength. She turned her head away and pushed the man on her body down!

Sean gave a low snort. Amber had no time to care whether his wound was touched. She just jump off the bed in a panic and went straight to the bathroom. Finally, there was a place for tears to come out. Suddenly, Amber cried.

In the mirror, Amber’s hair was disheveled, her clothes was unkempt, and her eyes were heavy with tears, which pressing down on her chest painfully.

Amber reached out to open the shower head and the drops of water fell over her face. No one could tell which drop was fallen out from her eyes.

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