Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 121: Why Should He Feel Guilty?

Early morning.

The sun penetrated through the interior window and landed on a corner of the big bed. Sean’s lips moved and his eyes opened.

The curtain of the room opened, the light was strong. His eyes narrowed again, opened and closed several times, then he just adapted to the strong light reflected in from the outside.

There was a pain in his forehead. Sean reached out and pinched it. It pulled the wound. He took a breath of cold air and froze.

He pinched his eyebrow, and his eyes fell on the white cloth on his wrist. His pupils suddenly shrank, and he sat up from the bed.

Sean remembered that before going to bed he changed into a dark nightgown!

Sean scrutinized the white shirt on his body, which was extremely fitting with the right size and elegant design style. It was made by his favorite fashion designer.

There was a dark flash in his eyes.

The master bedroom on the third floor was only for him and Amber. Sean knew who changed his clothes.

Sean raised his hand and touched it. It was not buttoned up fully.

A picture suddenly flashed into his mind. Last night, he seemed to dream of Manman…

Sean’s face darkened in a flash, and his back tightened, the wounds on his back seemed to have gone. In his eyes, his emotions were as heavy as his pressed lips.

Last night’s dream, Sean still had a deep memory. He could even clearly feel the softness of the woman’s body and the warmth of her lips and teeth.

His heart fell down slowly, and his body was covered with a layer of cold sweat.

The temperature of the woman remained on his fingertips. Sean’s thin lips were tight. The dream couldn’t be so real, and Manman couldn’t run out of the dream and do something with him.

Last night, he should have taken Amber as Manman and done something…

There was a sound of flowing water in his ear. Sean’s eyebrows moved. He took a look at the direction of the toilet. For the first time, he felt guilty.

After all, last night, it was he who taunted Amber for wanting to climb into his bed, but she didn’t do anything. Instead, he was the one who pressed her under his body and touched her.

Sean took a deep breath and looked down on some messy sheets for a moment.

Even they might have done the last step.

As soon as the sound of the water stopped, Sean’s long legs moved. He had put on his slippers, and he made a slight and disorderly movement. He stopped abruptly and his eyes deepened.

Why should he feel guilty?

Why couldn’t he face Amber?

Didn’t she dream of climbing into his bed?!

He achieved her wish, so she should be grateful!

Besides, if he didn’t sleep in a daze last night, how could he do something to someone like Amber?!

Amber should know how disgusted he felt about her. He didn’t even want to touch a hair of her!

Besides, she had hands and feet. Couldn’t she get out of it?!

His handsome face was dark, Amber should be overjoyed after she slept with him!

Sean reached out uneasily and pulled out his cell phone. The action of unlocking was paused. There were two scratches on his right wrist, which were covered with red blood.

The picture on last night flashed into his mind with this scratch. He dreamt Manman. When the feelings came to him, his behaviors would have been a little tough.

If he remembered correctly, the women under him was really struggling at that time.

The thought leaped into his mind, and Sean’s ears thundered. The veins on his forehead leaped, and in his pupils there flashed a deep gloom.

The depth of the scratch showed that she was really resisting at that time.

Sean really thought he crazily bothered about what happened last night.

Amber tried her best to marry him. He didn’t believe that when he was in a vague consciousness and wanted to do something to her, she would hide!

She was playing hard to get, and everything was just a fake she deliberately created!

The purpose was to make him feel guilty and compromise!

In any case, Sean couldn’t be relieved. He had a high fever last night and after the sleep he didn’t recover completely. His mind was confused and was as muddy as the wind passing through. At this time, the bathroom door was pushed open from inside.

Amber came out of it.

She changed into a suit. A nude pink knee length dress. Long black seaweed-like hair covered her small white face. Her slim figure was outlined by the dress. The slender legs were white and flawless.

Sean was stunned.

Amber seldom worn this kind of dress in the company. Every day she worn a formal dress. It was the first time he saw her wear this.

When he saw her, Amber didn’t seem to expect that he would wake up. There was an unnatural emotion on her face and a thin layer of red on her cheek.

“Sean, you’re awake.”

She didn’t try to avoid his sight. Her eyes were sincere.

Sean pressed his lips tightly, without saying a word.

At the thought of what happened between him and Amber, he didn’t know what attitude to take towards her.

Amber’s eyes were fixed on Sean. His face was black and his thin lips moved. He said “Um”.

That was what Sean was like, either sneering at her or being cold and careless to her.

Amber has been used to it for a long time, so she didn’t notice Sean’s difference.

Last night, he had a bad fever. He was at least conscious at present. Amber thought. Her suspended heart landed, and she subconsciously blurted out a sentence “That’s good.”

That’s good?

What did Amber mean?

Alluding to what happened last night, she planned to settle all the grudges with him?

Sean’s body moved, and he subconsciously ridiculed, “That’s good? That’s it?”

No any conditions?

Would she be so kind?

Sean pulled his mouth corner with a kind of refreshing coolness. Amber reached out to put aside her hair, which blocked her vision. She looked at Sean and asked in a low voice.

“Sean, what do you mean?”

Seeing Amber’s indifferent attitude, Sean narrowed his eyelids slightly. The sun fell on his clear and handsome cheek through his long and thick eyelashes, without melting a trace of coldness on his face.

“I thought Director White is waiting for me to get up early in the morning. You wanted to help me remember last night and make a promise, didn’t you?”

As soon as Sean finished, Amber’s face became more unnatural.

With a sneer, his uncertain mind suddenly became clear.

He thought that all the expressions on Amber’s face were just made by her on purpose to show him.

She was a woman who had plans, thoughts and was not satisfied with the status quo. She would not let go of this opportunity that she got difficultly!

Amber blinked and whispered, “You had a fever last night.”

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