Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 122: Who Let You Call Aunt Zhang in

What she said was just half. Sean didn’t wait for the follow-up, and didn’t bother to wait. He took a step closer to Amber’s direction. Because of his action, the huge bedroom suddenly seemed to be cramped.

Amber was shocked. Sean blocked her body between the wall and his chest. She could even feel the coolness of Sean’s body: “So, you take advantage of me?”

Take advantage of him?

Amber couldn’t help but sneer in her heart. Suddenly, she remembered that last night, when Sean held her and called Lin Man’s name.

He had a high fever. She took care of him painstakingly. However, he took her as a stand in for Lin Man and held her in his arms, touched and kissed. He took advantage of her totally.

In this way, did she really take advantage of him?

Amber closed her eyes and pushed Sean away. “I don’t get what you mean.”

Her action was very big, which pulled the wound of Sean. The man gave a stuffy hum, and his facial expression went white instantly.

Shit! Amber, this damn woman, knew that he was hurt, and she was so mean to him!

Wasn’t she being guilty?

Or Amber felt that they slept with each other, and things would be different!

Did she want him to kneel at her feet and beg her?!

To bear any hit, any scolding, to offer whatever she wanted with both hands?!

Sean steadied his figure. His big hands suddenly clasped Amber’s wrist, and put strength on his fingertips. It seemed that he wanted to crush the woman’s bones.

Amber’s eyes were red. For so many years, there was no one but Sean who was easy to make her cry..

She clenched the back of her teeth and pressed her lips. She held out another hand that was still free, reached out and flicked Sean’s clothes, saying, “Are you angry about the change of clothes?”

“I didn’t change your clothes for you. It was Aunt Zhang.”

Sean’s disgust and anger at the bottom of his eyes instantly broke apart because of Amber’s words, and even the cold expression on his face disappeared.

As soon as Amber finished, the wrinkled face of Aunt Zhang flashed across his mind. He thought that the person he kissed last night might have changed from Amber to Aunt Zhang…

The feeling of nausea surged up. Sean was really sweating cold.

He didn’t believe it! His eyes fixed tightly on Amber’s face and Amber met his sharp eyes, then she turned up the corner of her mouth.

Sean’s blue veins on his forehead were springing up. He’d like to strangle Amber to death!


Did he lose his brain or become blind yesterday? He took Aunt Zhang as Manman he yearned day and night!

Sean thought that last night he was holding Amber, which was disgusting enough. Unexpectedly, there was even more disgusting thing!

He took a heavy breath, and there was a buzz in his ear. A burst of sour water in his stomach emerged. Many emotions turned up and squeezed his chest.

Sean’s eyes were bloodshot. He suddenly reached out, grabbed Amber’s chin, and forced her to look at him.

In his tone, with a kind of enduring anger: “Who let you call Aunt Zhang in?! Who allowed you to make your own decisions? Why should I have Aunt Zhang to change my clothes?”

Amber’s jaw tingled and her face was a little pale,

She gave up her struggle for fear that she would suffer more here.

“Sean, you had a fever last night. You were wet all over. The wound would be inflamed with sweat. You have to change clothes.”

She explained in a low voice, which seemed to be crumpled in her throat, with some rare fragility.

Sean pulled Amber to the only big bed in the room. Although the bed was soft, Amber’s head was still knocked on it dizzily and her lips were pale.

The hair she combed in the bathroom was messy again because of Sean’s move. She took care of him late last night, and her headache because of staying up was even more worse.

There seemed to be some organ dislocation.

She took a deep breath, heard Sean’s voice cross the scene, and it came into her ears.

“That can’t be Aunt Zhang either!”

Amber swallowed. That can’t be Aunt Zhang?

She knew that Sean didn’t like her. But did he need to use such an excuse to find her fault?

There was a saying that a person who was already wrong in your eyes was wrong no matter what he did?

Amber didn’t understand before. But looking at Sean, she seemed to understand.

After sitting up from the bed, Amber reached out and straightened her hair. “I thought you wouldn’t let me touch you.”

Sean was stuck.

That’s right!

He really didn’t want her to touch him!

In his heart, even Aunt Zhang, who was over fifty years old, was thousands of times better than Amber!

There was a bloodthirsty smile on the corner of his mouth. Amber, this woman, wanted him to admit that he wanted her to change his clothes?

Sean gave a cold snort. He squeezed a word out of his teeth with a mellow voice, like a blunt knife, straight cut into Amber’s heart:

“Yes, you are right! For me, the most disgusting person is you, Amber! It was much better to have Aunt Zhang to help me change clothes than you! “

Amber’s lips were white imperceptibly.

Seeing Amber’s expression on her face, Sean’s mouth curled up, and he felt a little happy at last.

He buttoned the metal button on the shirt to the top one, and returned to the normal apperance. After entering the bathroom to wash, the man stepped out of the room.

Sean saw Aunt Zhang coming up, his steps stopped suddenly,and his eyes were suddenly deep and hard to distinguish.

When Aunt Zhang saw Sean, her face turned red.

The disgusting feeling came back, and his beautiful face was covered with dark clouds.

“Young master, I come up to clean up the room.”

Sean’s eyebrows were wrinkled. He suddenly thought of the bed sheet that was messed up last night. His face was black again, and his voice was cold to the extreme:

“It’s enough to have Amber in the bedroom. There’s nothing you need to do here.”

Aunt Zhang knew it, but her face was redder.

Sean licked his thin lips, and his eyes fell on Aunt Zhang’s face with several wrinkles. His face was dark.

A woman over half a hundred years old was not like Manman at all. He must have been confused because of fever yesterday!

And Amber, that mean woman. He didn’t know what she had in mind. She even watched him take liberties with Aunt Zhang!

Was it because she loved him and couldn’t get him, so she used this kind of means to deliberately disgust him?


Sean’s face was more chilly.

The charming face seemed to be submerged by glaciers!

Seeing Aunt Zhang was going downstairs, Sean stopped her with a black face and a bit of threatening tone: “Don’t say anything about last night.”

Aunt Zhang nodded without hesitation and answered, “OK!”

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