Please Go Away, Mr Smith! -Chapter 124: I Will Destroy Your Love Token With Lin Man!

He went into the bathroom as quickly as wind blew,squeezed toothpaste on his toothbrush and repeatedly brushed his teeth inside and outside for more than 20 minutes.When the blood came out of his gums and the pain was unbearable,the feeling of nausea was weakened a little.

After Sean left,the atmosphere in the restaurant stagnated for a moment.

Since Sean went to vomit,all the people that were having happy dinner now had no mood to eat any more.

Several people sat down in the living room and waited for 20 minutes.When they found that Sean still hadn’t returned,Sean’s mother was anxious and paced back and forth in the stairway.

She understood Sean’s character and did not dare to disturb him.She could do nothing but worry about it.

Since Amber had Cindy,she began to understand the character as a mother.She got up from the sofa,walked to the stairway and held Sean’s mother’s shoulder,”Mom,I’ll go upstair and have a look.Don’t worry.You can just go to the sofa and sit with dad for a while.”

Actually Sean’s mother had something to complain about Amber in her heart,but sometimes she admired her very much.Knowing the situation of Sean,Amber still dared to go upstair,which might provoke Sean.

She let Amber go,”OK,go ahead.And If the situation is not right,just come down!”

Amber nodded.

When she came to the bedroom,Sean was changing clothes.His upper body was bare with his strong chest wrapped with gauze and his beautiful mermaid thread was hidden in the seam of the trousers.

Sean’s face somehow looked particularly pale.His temperament was a bit confused.

The characteristics that were sexy,flirtatious,weak,pale,cold and arrogant made him handsome and look like a God from the sky.

Sean reached for a white shirt on his bed and buttoned it and squinted at Amber.

A row of buttons buttoned up,he casually rolled the shirt sleeve and walked out towards the bedroom door.

Amber responded quickly and moved sideways in front of Sean to stop him .

Sean stopped moving,sneered slightly and reached out to straighten a shirt collar.Then he slowly said,”Is there anything else you wanna chat with me,Mrs.Smith?”


Amber unconsciously repeated these two words and all she could felt was the irony attitude when Sean said so.

She took a deep breath,without beating beat around the bush,and explained her intention directly to Sean.

“Sean,the market will open at 9:30.Smith’s stock can’t fall any more.Yesterday’s scandal must be clarified before 9:30…”

His face was hidden in the dark light and his chin looked sharp and thin,which made his expression look cold.

With a sneer,he said.”Since Mrs.Smith is so capable,I am sure that you can clarify it yourself,right?Don’t forget that it was you who promised in order to please my father last night.”

Sean reached out to slightly push Amber’s arm forward.Amber followed him closely and said,”I will clarify!”

“Mrs.Smith,you have such a good genius and can make promises everywhere.I guess you can deal with such a little affair without my help and cooperation.”

Each step Sean took was quite big.It was hard for Amber who was wearing a high-heeled shoe to catch up with Sean.She reached out and tried to grab him.Hardly had her fingertips touched his shoulder when he pushed her aside with great strength.

“Don’t touch me!”He shouted.

She stumbled,with a little embarrassment stabilized her figure and bit her lower lip,”I’ll deal with this myself.”

After Sean had taken care of Sean for most of the evening,her face was a little haggard,which even could not be hidden by her makeup.

Sean’s eyebrows twisted.

Since she could deal with it by herself,why did she come upstair to talk with him?

In order to say such crabs?


After preparing for such a long time,what exactly did she want to do?

Sean was just calm and took it leisurely and unoppressively.His sight fell on Amber.It seemed that he couldn’t see her vulnerability,or,he could see,but he didn’t care.

Amber moved her toes,reached for the wall and held out the tip of her pink tongue to lick her lip,”Sean,I may not be able to send Cindy to school this morning.Can you help me?”

Sean suddenly remembered what Amber said last night when she was threatening him in the study on the first floor.

His eyebrows,which were originally shallow and wrinkled,were suddenly tightened together.It looked like that there was a deep ocean between his eyebrows.

“Amber,are you asking me to help you take care of your children?”

Amber’s idea was so good.She wanted him to send Cindy to the school so that he could explain for her to teachers that Cindy was not her illegitimate daughter.

Now he understood why Amber agreed with Cindy to come here since she had been very opposed to do so.

All was in her plan.

She just needed to come back here once and her daughter would have a father and could go to school.Her identity of Mrs.Smith would thus be more stable.

Without paying anything,she could earn so much!

Splendid!Very impressive!

Sean was even ready to clap for her!

“Sean,don’t forget that you promised me to apologize to Mrs.Yue and help Cindy to go to school.”

Amber was still doing in the way that though she was speaking softly,what she said was full of threats.

Was it true that she was also doing like this when she used some tricks to marry him?Maybe that time she also took the baby as a valuable chip to threaten Smith Family.

Thinking of this,Sean had a strong antipathy.He was born to be a proud son of nature and had been never upset by others.Even his parents rarely threatened him!

He never thought he would fall into her hands and be always threatened by her!

Restraining the anger in heart,he stared at Amber and didn’t say a word.

But Amber moved.She took out a watch from the only pocket on her skirt.

The indifferent on Sean’s face suddenly disappeared,and the breath was also tightly stopped.In his pupil like black jades,only the outline of the watch was clearly reflected.

When Amber was not careful,he quickly moved forward.Subconsciously he stretched out his hand to catch it,but Amber also moved away.She raised her hand and leand the watch against the edge of the wall.The starlight at the bottom of her eyes was extinguished,with some imperceptible gloom:

“Sean,if you do it again,I will smash it!”

Her body line was tight and her eyes were firm and fierce.Obviously,she was not joking,which made Sean forget what to do.He just stood there as if he was frozen.

“What do you want to do?”

Amber smiled and said,”I will still say that,Sean,if you can’t do what you promised,I will destroy your love loken with Lin Man.”

Sean’s pupil contracted violently.Amber’s words were like a pair of big hands that were tightly holding his heart,which even made his breath become particularly difficult.

Amber had thought that Sean would be greatly angry,and might even smash everything he could touch.

But he didn’t.After a long silence,Sean suddenly smiled.His eyes were scarlet,”OK!Amber!You are so good!”

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