Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 125: Mom,I Don’t Want to Go to School Today

Sean had really grown up a lot and got mature.He began to become less emotional and more stable.

But the causes of all these changes had nothing to do with her!

Amber’s heart was hurt a little,and she said with a light smile,”So Sean,do you promise me?”

As soon as she uttered this sentence,Sean’s eyebrows twisted.He sneered and walked downstairs with his hands off.

In the corridor on the third floor,Amber’s eyes followed the shadow of Sean,and it took her a long time to keep up with the pace of him.

She knew that he would compromise as long as she threatened him with this watch,but at this moment,Amber was still sad.

Sean went downstairs with a gloomy face.He didn’t go out directly.His parents couldn’t help but look at each other.They just felt surprised.

Sean was standing beside the noble green plants in the room,and his face was hidden in the dim sight,thus his expression was hard to be seen clearly.

Amber then walked down.She put down her hand holding the skirt,said hello to Sean’s parents and led Cindy out of the villa.

Seeing her action,Sean walked out in advance.

Cindy’s mood looked very low.When they went to the open space outside the villa,Amber squatted down and asked her,”What’s wrong with you?You look very unhappy.”

“Mom,I don’t want to go to school today.”Cindy said timidly.She clasped her fleshy hands on the shoulder straps of her schoolbag and looked depressed.

Cindy had been only living with her mother since she was young.She was sensitive.Thinking about what had happened yesterday,she was still afraid.

Amber put her hand on Cindy and said,”Cindy,you always have wanted dad to send you to school,haven’t you?”

Cindy’s eyes brightened.She licked the tip of her pink tongue and looked at Amber hopefully.

At bottom,Amber was too weak to give Cindy what she wanted!

Amber’s heart trembled,and her smile faded.She reached out to Cindy and straightened her collar,saying,”I have something to do today,so I can’t take you to school.Just let dad take you,OK?”

Cindy hesitated a little.Looking at the smile on mother’s face,she also smiled happily and nodded heavily.

There was the sound of the car whistle behind them.Amber looked back.Sean’s face was in the window which was refracted into many colors by the scattered sunlight,but the coldness of his face was still not softened.

Amber leaned down and carried Cindy to Sean’s car.

She leaned over,buckled Cindy’s seat belt and whispered,”Cindy,be obedient today and listen to your father,ok?”

Cindy nodded.She looked up and showed a bright smile,”I know,mom!”

Hearing the talk between them,Sean turned back and looked in the direction of Amber.

She leaned half of her body into the car and buckled Cindy’s seat belt.Her pink skirt had a large neckline.His eyes suddenly were fixed on the white skin.

His pupils suddenly shrank and opened at once.

His eyebrow flashed a little disgust,and his lips tightened into a straight line.

How could such a cheap woman wear so fancy clothes today?!

Was she going to work in the company or the bar?!

As Mrs.Smith,what she did was always something that disgrace Smith Family!

Sean felt greatly displeased.Some blue veins stood out on his hands that were holding the steering wheel,which were hidden in his cuffs.

When in a bad mood,even the whisper of Amber would irritate him .

Are you OK?!”

He was a little impatient in his tone.Amber lifted her long hair and turned to look at him.

She didn’t care about the unhappiness showed by Sean,but put said in a very soft voice,”Sean,I don’t want to make a big thing out of the affair about Cindy’s study.”

“I know you don’t care to apologize to Mrs. Yue.There are ten thousand ways for you to get rid of Mrs.Yue,but this time,I request you to keep a low profile.”

Hearing this,Sean only wanted to laugh.

Now she was acting like a good person.But it was she who wanted to destroyed the love loken between Sean and Lin Man.

How could she still say that it was a request since she had made such a shameless threat.

Moreover,why did he have to listen to her?Yue couple didn’t even have the qualification to lift shoes for him.Did they deserve his apology?!

Sean looked down,with a slight warmth.

“Director White now is teaching me how to deal with it,right?Shall I give you the position of president?”

It was too hard for Amber to bend over.She stood up straight after she had buckled Cindy’s seat belt.

The sun outside was very big.When it shone on Amber’s face,she looked very beautiful with her skirt on,which also weakened her usual sharp and cold.

There seemed to be a deep sea in her eyes.She was so emotional that Sean couldn’t understand.

Amber twisted her brow and said in a low voice,”Sean,you don’t need to satirize me.I’m still saying that If things get serious,I’ll smash that watch!”

Hearing this word,Sean’s eyes were as cool as frost and snow.His hands holding the steering wheel were using more strength.

“Amber White,you’d better have the good on me all the time!”

After saying so,regardless of whether the copilot’s door was closed or not,he suddenly stepped on the accelerator.

When Amber found something wrong with Sean and wanted to avoid it,it was too late!

Her skirt was scratched by the rich car of Sean.With a clear and melodious sound,the skirt was torn up and had a huge opening.Summer breeze poured in along this gap,which made Amber’s heart cool for some reason.

The skirt that was riginally knee length now was tore off a piece of cloth,which could only cover the private parts of her body.

She looked up in the direction of the car.Suddenly the excellent Maserati made a loud and sharp brake sound.

Sean that had a tall,big and strong figure opened the door to get out of the car,walked to the front passenger’s position and shut the open door.

He returned to the driver’s seat.It seemed that there were heavy waves on his face.

He was anger at that Amber threatened him again!

But he was so cheap that he still got out of the car to help her daughter close the door.

Restarting the car,Sean turned a livid face with rage.He cursed in his heart!

He turned his head to look at the lovely girl Cindy.He told himself that he didn’t love Amber’s daughter and he only loved his car.

What he was thinking was that if he sold Cindy,whether the money he received could afford his car.

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