Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 126: Fighting Is Because of Affection And Scolding Is Because of Love

Sean just looked better. Cindy took a look at Amber through the rear-view mirror, then tilted her head, looked at Sean, and asked, “Dad, were you fighting with mom just now?”

Sean looked at the road attentively, heard what she said and snorted, as if he was answering Cindy.

Cindy pressed her lips, reached out her little hand and rubbed her eyes. Suddenly, a smile appeared on her face:

“Dad, I heard Xiaopang say that fighting is because of affection and scolding is because of love. Don’t be angry with your mom. She is expressing her love for you!”

Sean was extremely speechless.

What the hell was Cindy talking about?!

If he had a little position in Amber’s heart, he would not be threatened by her so often!

Besides, there were countless famous debutantes in Tongcheng who loved him. Which one didn’t surpass Amber a lot?

Sean felt wronged and his eyes gazing at the road were gloomy.

Early in the morning, Amber almost angered him to dead. There was a lot of depression accumulated in his heart. Even if Cindy asked him a lot of questions, he didn’t have any meaning to respond.

Since they met, Cindy has been used to Sean’s coldness, and she didn’t mind.

At this time, it was not rush hour. Sean soon drove to the gate of Golden Sunshine Kindergarten.

There were so many cars at the gate. Sean chose a place randomly and parked his car, then took Cindy out.

Then he reached out and took out the little backpack she left in the back seat.

Cindy and Sean has been walking one behind the other one. Sean’s hand suddenly warmed. He subconsciously looked down and saw Cindy holding his hand.

Sensing Sean’s vision, Cindy put a big smile on her face.

Sean’s fingertips warmed, and the fingertips held by Cindy seemed to be stiff and turn into stones.

“Dad, mom always takes my hand when she sends me to school!”

When it came to Amber, Sean’s face was covered with a layer of coolness. He squinted his narrow eyes. His vision was submerged in the crowds,

He subconsciously wanted to take out his fingers. He was not really Cindy’s father. It was already his benevolence to send her to school and solve her school problem!

When Sean drawn his fingers out half, he suddenly felt that the grip on his hand tightened.

Sean was angry. When he looked down at Cindy, his eyes bumped into a pair of clear and joyful eyes.

He paused, turned his head away and stopped his action.

There were many people around. In case Cindy was lost, it would be a great problem that whether the love token belonged to Manman and him could be taken back. Maybe Amber would put up a desperate fight with him.

The man’s eyelashes pressed down, covering the emotion in his eyes and then he led Cindy towards the school.

“Daddy! I see Xiaopang. “

Cindy shook Sean’s arm, and Sean looked in the direction she pointed.

It was the Yues who were walking to the school gate with Xiaopang in their arms. The child in their arms had a plaster cast on his leg and they were walking towards them.

Sean’s eyebrows were bulging.

He suddenly remembered what Amber said before he went out.

She asked him to apologize and not to turn the matter into a big one!

Sean really looked down on the Yues’ moral quality. Apologizing to such a couple was a shame to him.

But if this problem couldn’t be solved, Amber that crazy woman may smash his watch that sent by Manman. Even if he could strangle Amber, would it make up for his loss?

Sean only felt that his heart seemed to be drowning in the water. He was forced by Amber to give up what he wanted to do, and to do what he didn’t want to do.

He put his five fingers together, then looked up at the almost pale sky. His feet were like rooting in situ, motionless.

Over the years, Sean has been used to being begged, apologized, thanked and begged for mercy. He once was sick of these, but if he was really asked to say these to others. His proud dignity would really not allow him to do this!

Sean didn’t move, but the Yues didn’t stop at the same place. Originally, Mrs. Yue didn’t pay attention to the two of them, but Sean’s face was too dazzling.

He was a natural luminescent man. Even if he didn’t speak, his sense of existence may not be able to weaken.

As soon as she got closer, Mrs. Yue stopped and glanced up and down at Sean with contempt.

“Well, Amber, that damn woman, really brought you here. Are you here to apologize today?”

The blue tendons on Sean’s forehead jumped abruptly. Thinking about the soft spot that Amber was holding, His eyes were dark and he defaulted.

Mrs. Yue reached up, reached out her thick arm, and tried to touch Sean’s face. Her mouth corner raised, and she said, “This toy boy is really similar to Sean.”

Sean took Cindy back a step and avoided Mrs. Yue’s action. The disgust in his eyes didn’t hide at all and it poured out of his narrow eyes.

Mrs. Yue’s face was suddenly cloudy, and she gave a cold smile, pointed at Mr. Yue with her fingers with nail polish.

“My son’s leg was broken by this little wild bitch. It’s easy to end this matter. You take her with you and kneel at the gate of this kindergarten all morning.”

When she spoke, her face was glowing and her eyebrows were dancing.

She thought, what was Sean’s identity? Could he really come here and apologize to them?

In the police station, the man was so tough and said he would sue her!

Sure enough, Mrs. Yue wouldn’t let go of the humiliating opportunity at the time.

As soon as she said that, Sean’s face darkened, and and the anger he bore the whole day burst out!

“Kneel? I’m afraid you can’t take it!”

Sean’s words were simple and light, without any appearance of fierceness. But when they were pressed on the Yues, they had the power of thunder.

“I can’t take it? Do you know who I am? Isn’t Amber that bitch just trying to keep this little bastard studying in Golden Sunshine? I tell you, if you don’t kneel today, I will let this little bastard not have a chance to study in Tongcheng!”

With that, Mrs. Yue spat on the ground, and then said, “What is you? You think you look like Sean, then you are Sean? You think I can’t find out your trick? You are just an extras hired by that bitch for hundreds of dollars.”

Mrs. Yue’s words were very unpleasant to hear. Sean’s eyes lowered and his movements were getting slow. Obviously, he has been angered by Mrs. Yue!

But that woman didn’t feel it, she even screamed: “Who gives you the courage to threaten to sue me in the police station? Bah! A fake gigolo dares to argue with me!”

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