Please Go Away, Mr Smith! -Chapter 127: Yes! I Am An Extra

The expression on Sean’s face was instantly torn apart, and there was a strong danger in his eyes!

He smiled suddenly and weirdly, his gaze was like a poisoned sharp knife, and made the couple of the Yue family scared and they felt that they were captured by a wild beast.

“You are not allowed to scold my parents!”

Although Cindy was a little scared, she stretched out her hands and blocked them in front of Sean.

Her small body stood in front of the couple of the Yue family, liked a chick that just being hatched.

Mrs. Yue was originally startled by Sean’s eyes, but Cindy’s words made her instantly return to herself.

Realizing that she was almost frightened by a small actor, Mrs. Yue was angry and vented all these angers on Cindy.

If it’s not for Cindy this little bitch, how could her son have a fracture?

Thinking about it this way, Mrs. Yue showed a long face, her voice shattered and her voice was sharp.

“If you didn’t speak, I almost forgot you.” Mrs. Yue reached out to take over Xiao Pang, and said to Mr. Yue: “Dear, since they are not willing to apologize, then we should let them realize their mistake. You should make her have a fracture too, then we can see it as she returned to my son! “


Obviously, Mr. Yue was also very angry, and he answered with a sullen expression on his face, holding Cindy’s little arm, and holding her up from the ground, he was about to smash her into the ground.

There were people watching them around, Sean did not expect that the Yue couple would be so arrogant. Almost as soon as Mr. Yue moved, Sean reached out subconsciously to pick her up.

Mr. Yue’s strength was strong, and Sean’s movement was fast enough. Cindy was smashed into his arms, and a pain from his back was caused by the wound.

Sean took a deep breath, and pain caused a layer of cold sweat on his forehead.

He hugged Cindy tightly and looked down at the child in his arms, she was seeming to be scared. Her face was pale, her tears would almost fall, and there was a strong feeling on her face.

Sean had a momentary surprise. If someone else’s child experienced this, they must be afraid and cried, but Cindy just gritted her teeth without saying a word.

She didn’t make any trouble for Sean at all.

He put Cindy down, and his gaze toward Mrs. Yue seemed to be frozen in ice, there’s chill in his eyes.

He stood up, moved his back which because of bleeding, and became a little sticky, his lips were tight.

She was a little flustered by him. Mrs. Yue stepped back two steps, holding her fatty, and said to Sean, “Oh, where did Amber White invite such a professional extras, so what? You do not let my husband do it. Are you going to kneel for mercy? “

Sean had never been so aggrieved. He can always get what he wants. If he didn’t care about the watch, Mrs. Yue had no opportunity to speak.

He could bear them until now, and even Sean himself felt incredible.

After Mrs. Yue’s words finished, he sneered, and pulled out the thin cell phone from his trousers pocket. He called and sneered, “Yes, I’m an extra, a hundred dollars a day!”

Today, he would teach them how to be courtesy, let them know and experience the feeling when they were looked down!

As soon as the words were finished, the phone was connected and he tilted his head and glanced at Mrs. Yue who was about to speak. The thin lips were lifted and spit out a few words, “Give you half an hour to buy the HG construction, and fire all members of the Yue family!”

As soon as Sean’s instructions were reached, he hang up the phone, and his handsome face was gloomy.

He raised his hand and stared at Mrs. Yue’s family with a dark look: “I want you to disappear in Tongcheng forever!”

Mrs. Yue sneered, she just felt that Sean was acting, and he wanted to scare them away!

Since fatty’s legs had been broken, Mrs. Yue did not intend to let him suffer in vain!

“Although your acting skills are very good! I won’t be frightened!”

Mrs. Yue was not afraid of him and refuted. She didn’t know much, but Jin Yangguang had a good geographical location, and many children from rich family also went to school here.

Many of them knew Sean.

“He’s not an extra The shirt on his body is from Eileen, Italy’s top clothing designer! A general extra can’t afford it.”

“So, if you are not well-educated, you must read more, even if it is a magazine, you should read more, so that you can avoid this kind of mistakes!”

“Can Sean’s identity and face be duplicated? The reason is originally on their side, you don’t talk well, just kept asking for compensation, you can’t blame others!”

“You are really brave!”

The surrounding discussions were one after another, and many people looked at the couple of the Yue family with pity.

Mrs. Yue was afraid now. Even Mr. Yue started shaking when he heard the sound of discussion.

If only one or two people said that Sean was true, Mrs. Yue may not believe it, but a group of people looked at her with pity, it’s enough for her to realize the truth for a while!

And for Sean, after condemning the sin of Mrs. Yue’s family, he led Cindy into the gate of the kindergarten.

“Dad, you have bleeding on your back and you should go to the hospital.”

Sean’s face was covered with a fine wave.

He had just asked Xu Lin to resolve the Yue family, and the anger was still there, but Cindy was not afraid at all.

Seeing that he did not respond, Cindy said it again.

As soon as she reminded, Sean felt that the injury on his back was even more painful.

Amber’s daughter was more sweet than Amber.

Sean had just finished praising Cindy in his heart, and then he thought that if Cindy did this because she was learning from Amber?

No one would know if she asked Cindy to do this to deliberately confuse him?

He loosened his hand which was holding Cindy, found out the cigarette case from his trousers pocket, took one into his mouth, and continued to move forward.

“After solving your school problem, I still have to report to Amber!”

The implication was that he didn’t have time to go to the hospital for his injury, but Cindy was a three-year-old child. She couldn’t understand these words, and she had a way of understanding in her heart.

Her eyes were very bright and she asked, “Dad, you listen to Mom so much, do you care about Mom very much?”

Sean sneered and curved his lips. His handsome face became the only bright color in Cindy’s eyes.

Sean said something meaningfully:


He only cared about the watch which was given by Manman before!

Otherwise, he had time with a little stupid girl, and wasted his time with a group of fools?

The Smith Building.

As soon as Lu Yi entered the company, his colleague who met him greeted him with a smile.

He stopped a man and asked, “Did Director White come to the company?”

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