Please Go Away, Mr Smith! -Chapter 128: Just For Abusing His Wife, He Would Be Without All His Assets

The pulled woman blushed slightly: “Here, she’s in the public relations department.”

“Thank you.”

Lu Yi thanked her and went straight to the public relations department.

Amber was indeed in his office. When he entered the door, she was looking down at Twitter, and the news of Sean abused his wife was still topped on Twitter in the middle of the night.

After a day, there’s no signs of cooling down, it seemed to be getting worse.

Many people were convinced that Sean abused his wife, thinking that he was a well-dressed scum!

Hearing footsteps, Amber raised her head and glanced at Lu Yi.

Facing her sight, Lu Yi handed the recording pen in his hand to Amber, and said, “I went to the police station. This is the testimony of the taxi driver. Listen to it.”

Amber took it and played it.

The taxi driver confessed to beating Amber, admitting that he wanted to rape her when he saw her and seeing that Amber was not cooperating, he punched and kicked her.

Although the order of the words in the recording pen was not very clear, it was enough to show that Amber was not abused by Sean.

Putting the recording pen on the table, Lu Yi poured himself a glass of water, and whispered, “Do you want to publish this confession information? To clarify the news that Sean abused his wife?”

Amber nodded, and tapped her fingertips on the table.

“Not news, it’s a fake scandal.”

She clearly wore a skirt with a feminine temperament, and she was sitting in the office with a bit more obvious sharpness and her unique ability.

Lu Yi stood for a while, he felt funny: “Scandal? Sean did not abuse you, but what is the difference between the pain and torture he gave you?”

“In fact, you can take this opportunity to divorce Sean. If he abuses his wife, he will have to leave the house without all his assets.”

Amber compressed the corners of her lips. The people around her had already said more than once that she should be divorced from Sean. If she wanted to talk about it, now was indeed a good time.

Seeing Amber’s silence, Lu Yi’s eyes darkened, then he said:

“Amber, you have suffered so much with him. Now Cindy is already not very young, and she will soon understand the truth. Your fictional happy family will be destroyed, and you don’t need to aggravate yourself.”

“Amber, divorce him!”

An excellent person like Amber will definitely have a colorful life after leaving Sean. On Sean, she had wasted too much youth and was not worth it.

If Amber willing to take this step, Lu Yi believed that not only him, many people will be happy to see it happen.

Amber held the recording pen and clicked on the table. A light smile was on her face. Her expression was too complex and Lu Yi can’t figure it out the true meaning of her actions and expressions.

She was always incomprehensible, and only in front of Sean, she will occasionally show affection and love!

According to this point, Lu Yi felt that Sean did not deserve Amber’s unconditional payment!

“Lu Yi, I can’t do such a conscientious thing. Even if I really want to divorce, I can’t do this at this time.”

The smile on Amber’s lips was faint, and the words spoken were even more ambiguous. It seemed like there was a divorce intention, but it was not the same thing.

Lu Yi’s eyebrows tightened, he knew Amber, and

knew this life, there was only such a thing that will make Amber hesitate.

Amber’s mobile phone rang, and she took a glance at the phone, and a deeper smile appeared between her lips.

Lu Yi’s eyebrows tightened, and he looked in the direction of Amber, and Amber pushed the mobile phone in his direction and said, “Only the taxi driver’s confession is not enough. Please ask someone to spread this video out. “


Lu YI was a little surprised, glanced down at the phone screen.

The person who sent the message was Lu Xiangxiang. He took Amber’s mobile phone and opened it for a look.

In the video, the man who was holding the child and pointing at the couple of the Yue family was Sean!

“This is……?”

Lu Yi’s eyebrows tightened even more, he pointed to the screen of the mobile phone, and whispered, “Such people, Sean would definitely not contact with them, what’s the matter?”

Amber stood up from Lu Yi’s position, and said the matter again in a calm tone.

In recent years, Lu Yi knew clearly about Sean’s attitude towards Amber. He was even more surprised to hear that Sean was going to handle Cindy’s schooling matter.

“It’s really surprised me. Can he do such a trivial matter?”

Amber felt hurt at this moment.

Sean’s compromise was, of course, conditional.

But this condition was only known to her.

Amber’s expression clearly revealed the unspeakable concealment. After Lu Yi asked it, he regretted, he could guess that Sean had made trouble with Amber, and he could guess that Amber had suffered some unknown grievances …

Lu Yi licked the corner of his lips and shifted the topic: “Since we want to zoom in, we will choose an eye-catching gimmick. Let me think …”

“No, at this time, it’s really best to return to normal.” Amber paused, lifted her lips, and spit out the long-awaited title: “Sean Smith throws a lot of money to cheer his wife!”

Lu Yi paused, and Amber said, “The scandal has a great impact on the Smith group. As soon as the video and confession materials are released, I will recover all these losses!”

“You really……”

“Lu Yi, I have decided.” Amber blocked his words.

Lu Yi nodded, accepted the video, and then hesitated: “This video …”

How did it get here? Did Sean know that?

Lu Yi asked two words, and the rest of his words paused in his mouth.

He didn’t finish, and Amber didn’t answer.

But according to Amber’s reaction, Lu Yi guessed the whole thing in an instant.

In his life, he rarely saw a woman who could be as clever as Amber. All the troubles in front of her would always be solved.

Just being able to play the entire network and confuse everyone had convinced him!

But such a clever and unparalleled woman, she was conscientious and devoted to planning for a man who did not love her.

Lu Yi really didn’t know whether he should sigh for Sean’s stupid, or for Amber’s contribution worthless.

She paid so much, and Sean ignored those at all. Amber asked him to send his daughter to school for a while, and she still needed to work hard!

Lu Yi put away many ideas in his heart, sat down in front of the computer, and began to organize manuscripts.

“Amber, I mean step by step, we can upload separately the two documents.

The confession information directly to the newspaper, do not post the video with the confession. “

“Will that credibility be a little clearer?”

The Smith group was a business kingdom, and the public relations department was the facade of this empire. Lu Yi can sit in this position and handle things with the inertia thinking that maximizes profitability.

The questions he mentioned were also straightforward!

Amber was slightly surprised, and then nodded: “As long as Sean’s reputation can be preserved, everything can be done.”

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