Please Go Away, Mr Smith! -Chapter 129: Uh? Do You Adore Amber So Much?

Sean didn’t go to the hospital after dealing with Cindy’s matter, but went straight back to the company, it was eleven o’clock in the morning when he arrived at the Smith Group.

Because the scandal that he maltreated his wife was still spreading, the atmosphere of the Smith Group was particularly dignified, even in the Secretary’s Office.

After returning to the office, Sean gave a call by the internal phone system and asked Lin to come in.

Lin thought Sean was going to ask about the acquisition of HG, when he came in, he still had a report in his hand, handing him the documents and reporting the progress to him.

“President, HG has changed its name. I’ve got their inside information, the whole system collapsed and few employees could work diligently. It is…..”

It was simply a hopeless empty shell……

“Get me a copy of today’s entertainment newspaper.”

Sean interrupted his report with indifference, the young assistant was stunned by what Sean said.

Sean sneered.

Did it matter to him whether HG was dead or alive?

He had long since known that the HG’s evaluation in the industry was not very good. And he asked Lin to buy it not to expect it to make money, but to fix some people!

And now, what Sean cared most about was how omnipotent Director White stopped the spread of his scandal!

She promised the old man that she would take care of it, it was irrational that there was no change now.

Although Lin didn’t know what Sean wanted to do, he obediently went to the Secretary’s Office to ask for an entertainment newspaper and gave it to Sean.

The first page of the newspaper was news that clarifying the news that Sean maltreated his wife. When Yi came out of the police station, he not only got the recordings of that the taxi driver admitted that Sean maltreated Amber, but also a copy of the confession notes from the police station.

It was stamped with the official seal of the police station.

The irrefutable proof was very persuasive, it was at least 70% likely to turn this matter around.

What was published in the newspaper at present was just this.

Sean took a deep breath and lighted a cigarette by the way.

Since he was mingling with Amber, nothing had made him feel comfortable.

Lin who was next to him saw the clarifying announcement in the newspaper and instantly understood Sean’s intentions.

He tossed about so long just for wanting to see Director White’s ability to handle affairs.

“President, as soon as Director White arrived at the company today, she was dealing with this news. The Marketing Department just called to say that the Smith Group’s stock price is no longer in a state of continuous decline, but is gradually rising.”

An ingratiating smile on Lin’s face,”Thanks to Director White.”

Sean hesitated for a moment and looked at Lin with cold eyes,”Uh? Do you adore Amber so much? Shall I transfer you to work with her?”

Lin fell silent instantly.

He glanced at Sean. Just now, he praised Director White so smoothly that he forgot that the president hated that someone praised Director White in front of him.

Sean looked peaceful, it didn’t know if Amber handled the matter to his liking.

His mood finally got better after a lot of bad things.

He raised his lips, he was even in leisurely and carefree mood so that he browsed the other pages of the newspaper.

It was Amber who made this matter happen, but he was inexplicably wronged. It was not excessive of him to let Amber deal with the matter.

Lin praised Amber in front of him because of this matter, did he still want him to thank her?


Sean was sitting in a soft office chair, the sunlight seeping into the room made the coldness on his face disappear, which showed the rare softness.

Once again, Lin felt that Director White had the means.

Sean didn’t know what Lin was thinking, he frowned when he looked up and saw that he was still there,”Why are you still here? Do you have too little work to do? Or are you waiting for me to transfer you to the Marketing Department?”

Lin smiled awkwardly,”……I’m going to work now.”

After that, he turned around and walked out of Sean’s office quickly.

The office was quiet again, Sean moved his body. The wound on his back split and seemed to bleed, which made him particularly uncomfortable.

The scandal that he maltreated his wife was being stopped. Sean considered that if he went to the hospital now, he might intensify the conflict. So he directly leaned back against the chair and closed his eyes.

With his eyes closed, Sean thought of Amber again. She had long since known how to deal with it, but she didn’t do it until now, which made him get whipped and clean up the mess for her!

What was the use of the Public Relations Officer having the means? No femininity at all!

She couldn’t match anything of Manman.

When he was thinking about whether to call a doctor to change dressing for him, Jinyan called him.

Sean was thinking that he and Jiayan were both bosses, why were they so different? How could Jinyan be so free?! How could he squeeze time out of his busy schedule to call him?

Probably because there was no trouble maker like Amber around him!

As soon as the call was answered, Sean teased him in a rare good mood,

“What’s up?”

“Smith, you’re really having fun now! You have just been transferred to the Smith Group for a few days, but every page of the newspaper is about you. I’m tired of watching it. Fortunately, something new happened today!”

His voice as usual, did not care. What he said made people want to hit him.

Sean had read the newspaper, so he thought he was going to talk about the matter that the scandal that he maltreated his wife was clarified. So he pressed his lips tightly and didn’t answer.

“Spend money on your beloved wife like water? Uh? Only a month after you came back, did you find that my sister-in-law was your favorite?”

Jinyan’s laughters came from the phone, Sean was stunned by what he said.

The beloved wife?

There must be something wrong with Jinyan’s eyes. The atmosphere between him and Amber had long since become mutually exclusive, the beloved wife?


He loved Amber was less believable than he loved a pig!

Sean whispered in his heart for a moment and then sneered,”Your head kicked by a donkey? The sister-in-law? You called her the sister-in-law so smoothly,

have I acknowledged Amber’s status in the Smith family?”

Jinyan raised the eyebrows. In Tongcheng, Jinyan was probably the one who was not afraid of Sean.

“Don’t recognize her status? Even if you don’t recognize her status, you still buy the HG because of her!”

“When I asked you to buy the GR with me, you didn’t like it! How potential the GR is! Instead, what about the HG?”

“Smith, how can I never know that you are such a silly person? You can even buy garbage like the HG.”

“How interesting……If you are not in love with Amber, it can only show that your head was kicked by the donkey.”

Jinyan kept talking.

Sean stunned in an instant.

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