Please Go Away, Mr. Smith! – Chapter 13 Really don’t know why Lu Xiangxiang likes him

Lu Xiangxiang twisted eyebrows and said, “all right, I promise you, three days!” I’m sure you’ll see your father in three days! “

Cindy’s eyes brightened sharply, she looked at Lu Xiangxiang and asked doubtfully, “really?”

Lu Xiangxiang nodded without hesitation, she rubbed Cindy’s head, whispered: “but baby, first of all, this is a little secret between the two of us, can not tell your mother! Can you say yes? “

Cindy cheered, nodded heavily, then hugged Lu Xiangxiang and kissed her, said: “Auntie Xiangxiang, you are very kind!”

As soon as her words fell, the kitchen door was opened. Amber White brought two bowls of noodles out of it. She saw the smile on Cindy’s face, breathed a sigh of relief, and said with ease:

“Why are you so happy? I heard your voice in the kitchen. What did ypu say to your aunt, tell me and make me happy, too! “

Lu Xiangxiang heard, stared at Cindy, lost a few eyes to the little guy. Cindy’s eyes turned around, looked up and said, “Auntie promised to take me to the amusement park this weekend!”

Amber White raised her eyebrows. She was busy at work. Cindy said she wanted to go to the playground before, but she never had the time. No wonder she was so happy.

“all right, aren’t you hungry. Go wash your hands and eat noodles!”

After eating, Lu Xiangxiang looked at the mobile phone, which was quiet, there was no message, she took the mobile phone into the bathroom, transferred out Gu Jinyan’s cell phone number.

She sat on the toilet for two or three minutes before hesitant to make a phone call to Gu Jinyan.

The phone rang twice and was answered over there.

Lu Xiangxiang bit the teeth, said: “Gu Jinyan, I’ve sent you a text message, did you see it? Where are you now?”

“what text message? I didn’t look at my phone. ” Gu Jinyan was a little confused and added, “I’m at Smith’s house!”

“that’s just right. You do me a favor. You take a look at your cell phone later. I don’t care what you do, but you have to do it! If you don’t help me, we’ll break up! “

Lu Xiangxiang said a lot, and directly hung up the phone.

Bay Pavilions

Gu Jinyan hung up the phone and saw an unread text message on his mobile phone.

He took a look at the ,massage, and his face was as black as the bottom of the pot!

Shit, wasn’t Lu Xiangxiang dumb !

Gu Jinyan could not hide his anger. He stood next to the Sean Smith’s wine cabinet, carrying a bottle with his hand, opening it with a wine opener, and then took two glasses and walked into the living room.

The pattern of Bay Pavilions can be seen clearly at a glance, and the decoration style is also in line with the character of Sean Smith. The main colors are black, white and gray.

There is nothing on the table. Although it is clean, it is a little empty. The table is surrounded by a carpet which is dark gray without no pattern, and the empty ground is white, engraved with complex pattern..

The corner of Gu Jinyan’s mouth drew, the only thing in Bay Pavilions that can be loved is the wine tray and a garage ten meters away from the door.

There are all kinds of world famous wines on the wine depot, and the coveted top-grade luxury cars are parked in the garage.

From Sean Smith’s interior design style, we can see that his EQ is not high.

Gu Jinyan twitched his mouth, he doesn’t know why Lu Xiangxiang likes Sean Smith.

He He amassed his emotions,put his goblet on the table, poured red wine into two glasses, and put one in front of Sean Smith.

Then he held the remaining glass and shook it for a moment. The bright red liquid dyed a magnificent layer of color on the goblet. The indoor lights were dim and fell into the wine, reflecting the lost light.

Gu Jinyan smiled at the corners of his lips and sat lazily on a single sofa. “Smith, the frequency of your recent headlines is a little high, ah, and now reporters do not pay attention to professional ethics. Why couldn’t I see that there is a hint of womanliness in the Bay Pavilions?”

Sean Smith’s eyes were dim, he coldly glanced at the bottle of wine that Gu Jinyan opened.

He did not speak, Gu Jinyan also did not care, two people affectionate, he was very casual. Although he was seen by Sean Smith a few eyes, can still free up time to think that how could Sean Smith, a scum man with a deep cleanliness habit, with such a strong sense of domain, bring back a woman?

Gu Jinyan’s lovely charming eyes blinked, slightly teasing: “now the woman in Tongcheng is really strange, squeezed her head want to climb your bed, some cannot climb, unexpectedly want me to steal one of your underwear to bring her! Do you think this man is ill? “

Sean Smith sipped a sip of red wine, lip color because of this action become more bright, from his casual fundus, inadvertently leaked a trace of almost invisible impatience.

“you’re here to tell me all this boring stuff?”

Gu Jinyan picked out eyebrows and teased him more heavily in tone: “boring? I think it’s fun! “

Sean Smith’s blue veins on his hands jumped, he said, “if it’s okay, just go away. I’ll go to bed first!”

“well, look at you. Why are you so boring?”

Sean Smith walked past Gu Jinyan’s side , and the man walked steadily and stride up the stairs.

At the same time, Gu Jinyan’s mobile phone shook, he took out to take a look, it was still Lu Xiangxiang.

[you send me that thing quickly, I’m in a hurry!] [half an hour, if I can’t see anything, we’ll break up!]

Gu Jinyan gave a sneering smile.

“by the way..” The sound of Sean Smith suddenly rang, Gu Jinyan did locked the mobile phone with a guilty conscience, looked back at tSean Smith, asked: “what’s the matter?”

“remember to close the door when you leave!”

Gu Jinyan: “? Oh! “

Sean Smith went upstairs, and when the door of the master bedroom clicked, Gu Jinyan stood up gloomily and walked towards the bathroom.

Sean Smith was so clean that he could change his clothes several times a day. After he pushed open the bathroom door and went in, he rummaged twice in Sean Smith’s changing clothes.

After finding the underwear, he picked up and put it in an empty bag.

Gu Jinyan scolded Lu Xiangxiang for a few words, and then went out the door with a gloomy face.

If it hadn’t been for Lu Xiangxiang asked him to steal Sean Smith’s thing, he didn’t know that Lu Xiangxiang was interested in Sean Smith.

The more he thought about, the more gloomy he was. Wasn’t she a good sister with Amber White? Why is she still thinking about Sean in her heart?

He originally thought that the feeling of her and the Amber White was as deep as the ocean, but the truth was they were only fair-weather friends!

Gu Jinyan was thinking with jealousness. As soon as he went out, he called Tongcheng send flash and filled in the address that Lu Xiangxianghad sent. After filling in the address, he knocked on his head.

Now he thinks he’s a dumb!

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