Please Go Away, Mr Smith! -Chapter 130: She Did Hang Up His Call?!

The acquisition of HG construction was a temporary intent after Sean’s dispute with Mrs. Yue’s family at Golden Sunshine Kindergarten.

The actual acquisition had been successful for less than half an hour and had not been announced.

Even within Smith group, those who really knew about it were the few who had started to do it.

How did Gu Jinyan know this?

He was amazed and frowned deeply, “How do you know it?”

“How else can I know? I just saw it on TV!”

Gu Jinyan sneered: “Why, you don’t watch Smith group’s own press conference?”

Gu Jinyan understood the seriousness in Sean’s tone, and he had labeled him a silly label!

GR Construction was well-known in all construction companies in Tongcheng. There was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be placed in front of him, but he didn’t catch it.

Were he going to buy a shell company!

It’s so interesting!

Sean stunned after hearing Gu Jinyan’s words.

Smith group’s conference?

He didn’t tell Xu Lin to announce this matter, that was, he was worried that someone would talk about it. Why did Gu Jinyan mean that everyone knew it now?

Bo Yun twisted his eyebrows deeply, stretched out the drawer at hand, touched the TV remote control, and turned on the TV.

He rarely watched TV on average, and why he would install one in the office woas t keep it for occasional needs.

After all, most of industries in Smith group were films and television series. If occasionally there were important press conferences, he had no time to participate, but he still had to watch.

As soon as the TV turned on, Sean followed the instructions of Gu Jinyan and found the financial channel.

Upon finding that channel, Sean first saw Lu Yi’s face. Under the light, Lu Yi’s body was outlined longer, with a felling of a modest gentleman.

He stood alone on the podium, very humble, then he played a video as usual.

Sean squinted his eyes, and his face was a little angry.

The video was the part where Sean was at the gate of Jinyangguang Kindergarten and he had a dispute with Mrs. Yue. Sean said a few words throughout the whole process and was deliberately drawn out to make the man’s temperament look a bit domineering.

He really had the sense of feeling that he would do everything to support his wife!

Sean was upset, and called Xu Lin again. Standing in front of the large LCD TV screen, he pointed to the video being played and asked, “What’s going on? Announcing the acquisition of HG, you don’t need to ask me anymore.” ? “

“Smith group’s name changed to Lu group?”

Xu Lin looked at Lu Yi on the screen with a grim expression. He just printed the notice of the acquisition of HG. He just printed it out and the documents were still on his desk. He waited for matter of the wife abusement in the afternoon to be eased before he asked the president to sign.

Why would Director Lu be so fast?

Sean was burning a fire in his heart!

He didn’t need to think about it, he could guess that it must be Amber’s tricks!

Even if Lu Yi had any ideas, he would come to discuss it with him first, or report it. Now he’s better. Qin Yan and Lu Yi were so powerful that they intended to make his power empty!!

It’s amazing!


Sean’s face was gloomy, and Xu Lin didn’t dare to hesitate.

He investigated the ins and outs of the matter.

It turned out that Xu Lin was unexpected. He reached out and wiped the cold sweat on his forehead, his voice trembled: “The video was given to Director Lu by Director White, and also … she asked him to announce it.”

“Who approved?”

Sean’s words were with anger.

Who approved?

The acquisition of such a small company usually did not let the company approve, and even the announcement was a waste of time, but now the president asked it, Xu Lin knew via his toes’ thoughts, Sean must have had something unpleasant with Director White.

As long as he had something to do with Director White, the president liked to play with questions and make endless troubles to her!

“No one.”

Xu Lin didn’t dare to say a word. Although he knew Sean’s thoughts, he answered weakly.

“Get out!”

Xu Lin felt that he survived, turned around and left the low-pressure presidential office.

Only Sean was left in the office. He lifted his eyelids and threw the two words coldly. Amber White, the damn woman, wanted to be the queen after being Mrs. Smith!

Not only did she dare to trap him, now even dared to send someone to follow him!

He really didn’t know who gave her the courage!

He turned off the TV unpleasantly, strode to the desk, sat down on the office chair, and then called up Amber’s mobile phone number and dialed in.

When Amber looked at the call from Sean, she knew what was going on.

Sean had always disliked people’s involvement in his affairs and disliked others for teaching him how to do the things, but Amber did all the things he hated and shouldn’t do.

Calling now, apart from questioning, Amber could not think of Sean’s other intentions.

She licked her lips and did not answer it, then she cut off the phone directly.

Sean, who had been waiting for the call, heard a busy tone on the phone and thought he had heard it wrong!

He took the cellphone in front of him and glanced it again, and the call would work.

Sean’s body froze, and his face became colder. He dropped the mobile phone on the carpeted floor and made a dull noise.


Amber was very capable, she even dared to hang up his phone!

She must know that he called to find her, so she would hang up!

Sean snorted in disdain, could she hide forever? !!

On the table was also the newspaper that Xu Lin had brought in, and Sean’s mouth was raised, pulling a smirk of a skinny smile.

Although Amber’s ability to handle official business was very well, she was stupid again when she admit her mistakes!

As soon as this idea rose, Sean’s phone rang.

He dropped his eyes on the phone on the ground, stretched out his hand and unnaturally smoothed his hair. He calmed himself down and bent down to pick up the phone on the ground.

It’s from Amber.

Sean’s mouth was curved, and his face was a cunning smile.

Planning to apologize?

After watching the video, Amber should know that he was troubled by Mrs. Yue and asked him to apologize on his knees!

He wanted to have to see what reason can she find to apologize for himself.

Sean unlocked it, and opened the text message sent by Amber, with five characters lying quietly on it.

[Wait, I’m having a meeting. ]

Sean pinched his mobile phone with five fingers tightly. Amber was really great enough. He, the president of Smith group, was still waiting for Amber’s reply!

Was he waiting for Amber?

Last night, when he was beaten by the old man, he was also waiting for Amber!

Did she feel that she has dealt with this matter and learned to show off to him?

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