Please Go Away, Mr Smith! -Chapter 131: Director White, Don’t You Plan To Explain The Matter Of The Video?

Sean thought about it, his face was gloomy for a while, and the pain on his spine became worse, occupying almost all his senses!

He sat behind his desk and sat down, his face hidden in the dim sight, and the light reflecting into the room, separated into two different worlds.

Ten minutes later, the door of the president’s office was knocked.

Sean held a cigarette with his fingertips. The blue smoke rose from between his fingers, blurring all the expressions on his face.

He guessed that it was Amber, and Sean didn’t say anything, and didn’t mean to let her in.

But within half a minute, the office door was pushed open from the outside.

Through the thick white smoke, Sean looked at Amber’s face, he was stunned and confused.

She twisted her eyebrows, the windows weren’t opened in the room, and the smell of tobacco pressed heavily against her nose. Amber frowned, strode to the window, and stretched out and opened the window.

The outside air was hot and dry, and there was no wind. The indoor conditions were slowly eased and the taste was still strong.

Amber narrowed her slender eyelashes and whispered, “Sean, smoking is bad for your health.”

She moved her mouth, from her meaning, she did not touch on what Sean wanted to know, but instead she mentioned a well-known common sense.

Sean lifted his eyelids, narrowed his eyes, and fell indifferently to Amber’s body. Because of the dryness caused by the seasons disappeared instantly.

Sean took a deep puff of cigarette and extinguished the butt in the ashtray. There was a layer of cigarette butts inside, which looked a little scary.

Just ten minutes, he actually smoked a dozen cigarettes?

Amber was vacant for a moment, and Sean spit out smoke, and then shifted his hawk-like sight to her body. The penetrating sight moved slowly against her skin. Amber was trembling because of his eyesight.

His lips opened slightly, and every word he spit out was cool:

“Director White, you don’t intend to explain the video to me?”

Amber’s lips were tightly closed, she said no word.

This attitude angered Sean, and his voice smashed with the weight of the thunder:

“How did the video come ?!”

The smell of smoke in the air disappeared a bit, and Amber walked toward Sean, and said, “I want to take the video.”


Sean sneered.

Amber was really confident, she was so righteous!

Seeing him angry, Amber glanced in his direction. He sat behind the computer desk with a handsome face covered with a light blue halo.

He was as handsome as ever, with thin lips, a straight eyebrow, sharp eyes, and a white shirt, which gave him a unique taste.

Obviously he’s angry, but at this moment his face was still as usual, his figure was drawn out of the room by the lightly cut silhouette.

“Sean, this is good for both you and me.”

Sean knocked heavily on the desktop, his tone became colder and colder, “You are calculating me!”

Amber treated him as a fool, and repeatedly told him before going out, not to make things serious, but to apologize to Mrs. Yue.

He thought it was true and never thought that Amber had other plans in mind!

Amber’s tricks to deceive people were getting smarter!

Sean thought of those video online, and that

netizens who said they were envious of their relationship.

A thin gleam oozed out of the deep fundus of Sean’s eyes.

At this time, he could only sign, not only that he was blindfolded by her.

Amber’s good, she’s very good!

But at this juncture, Amber was still confident:

“If Mrs. Yue didn’t anger you, it wouldn’t be possible for you to buy HG Construction for me and Cindy!”

Sean can fell the grievances from Amber’s words, but he couldn’t see any signs of grievances when he looked at her.

“Mr. Smith has such a temperament that you can spend a lot of money for anyone, even if it is for anger! Isn’t it? But Cindy and I are excluded.

When Amber spoke, her heart stabbed sharply.

This matter was quite ironic. Although they hadn’t had any feelings, she was also Sean’s well-known wife.

For ordinary couples, whether it was to solve the child’s schooling or the wife abuse scandal, will it take such a big twist?

“You blame me?”

Sean frowned.

At first, she had to marry to the Smith family, and no one forced her. She knew that he didn’t love her, and still wanted to go alone. Now she felt wronged?

“What qualifications do you have in front of me? Amber White, today’s situation was caused by you, and it was your fault!”

When Sean spoke, and he seemed to always know which one hurt her the most. In his words, every word carried a sharp knife and pierced her chest severely.

Amber’s face paled, she licked her lips, reached out and arranged her hair, and tried to cover her unnaturalness.

“Yes, you can say everything you want, Sean, I still have something …”

She frankly accepted the torrential rain he had thrown, and even ignored Sean’s anger, with the meaning of leaving in her sentence.

The anger in his eyes was frosty. He was unhappy that he was trapped by others, and even unhappy because of Amber White!

She had done everything, and she still wanted to be intact, withdraw in time, did she think that she can bully him easily?

He cleared his throat and interrupted Amber’s words. He threw the documents at hand in front of Amber, and there was a shadow over his eyes. He sneered:

“Director White, HG Construction is a worthless shell. Your calculations cost me two hundred million dollars for nothing! Two hundred million yuan is just like water! Why don’t you give me a statement?”

Amber bowed her head, the sunlight reflected through the window and reflected into the room, and her eyes were plated with a layer of golden light.

Through the dust floating in the air, Amber’s eyes fell on the document.

The detailed list of funds used for the acquisition of HG construction had been outlined to the minimum, which was enough for people to see at a glance, with a total amount of more than 203 million.

Sean also erased a huge denomination.

After Amber swept away, she raised her head, her eyes met Sean’s, and she seemed to have run into an endless deep sea.

The waves were rolling and turbulent.

He moved his hand, lit himself a cigarette, and his fingertips were indeterminate, just like his face, his emotions were not clear.

Amber’s finger pinched on the form, and then released it instantly, he was saying:

“Just after the market opened, the general public opinion trend reversed. The daily limit of Smith group’s stock was 11.4 billion. Such a simple account, I don’t think I need to calculate it for you.”

Sean’s fingers gripped with cigarettes suddenly, and a cigarette took a sip, and it broke off between his fingertips.

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