Please Go Away, Mr Smith! -Chapter 132: My Dad Should Have Given You a Finance Director Position!

Sean Smith spit out a white fog, then hissed: “good ah! Great! Director White, you are good at this account, I’m just wondering that leading the Marketing Department is unworthy your talents? In my view, my dad should give you a finance director position, which fully help him manage the accounts!”

His words seemed to be a gun or stick, which stab Amber and make her uncomfortable.

She knew from very long ago, when a person no longer believed you, there was no need to saying more. It was casting pearls before swine! Whatever you did, it’s useless.

There were a lot of things need to do in Marketing Department, Amber did not want to waste time to fight with him.

Wasting time as well as making her sad.

Thinking of those, she gave in and said in a soft tone: “Sean, if there is nothing to do, I will go out first.”

Sean did not speak, so she paused quite a moment and then directly turned to leave.

There was only Sean in the office, while the windows were still open, and a hot wind was blowing through them, which made him annoyed a lot.

Amber left so quickly. Did he agree her to go?

Now she was more and more capable, so she did not take him seriously.

Sean’s eyebrow twisted, originally the anger of seeing the video in the bottom of his heart made him upset, so he intended that it would be better to ask her come in. However, it didn’t help at all, but also she made him more angry.

This woman was so reasonalble no matter what happened!

The scandal that from TINA couldn’t trouble her. She was so wronged to be in the Marketing Department.

He took a smoke, with his gloomy eyes hidden behind the smoke.

He sat for a while, reached over the papers on the table, and leafed through them one by one.

He was afraid that one day these things would be dealt by her if he did not do it now.

Dealing with a pile of documents, Sean’s hand pinched the middle of the eyebrows to relieve the pantothenic acid.

Meanwhile, the mobile phone putting on the table rang up, Sean scanned the caller id, slipped through.

It was Tomas Smith.

Since Amber White married into the Smith family, he had not heard his dad praise him. So he was also ready to be scolded, but Tomas suddenly said,

“I saw the video this morning, Good job! That kind of man deserves a lesson!”

His tone was with a bit of a smile. The two men rarely called each other. Every time he called Sean, this guy would ignore it or turn off his phone.

“Two hundred million dollars is nothing for Smith Family. Those money can make Amber happy. Sean, I think this is your blessing.”

Sean was joyful at first, but after hearing the last sentence, his face darkened again.

He was played around and threatened by Amber to deal with the matter of Cindy. After coming back, he had to coax her with money while he was extremely angry?

The sunshine floated, and the scenery outside the window was lovely, but Sean Smith was more and more furious at that moment.

He took a deep, uncomfortably breathed and said, “Dad, I don’t think so. It’s your blessing to get a daughter-in-law like Amber. No, it is a blessing for the whole Smith family!”

Hearing the irony of Sean, Tomas chose to ignore it for the reversal of morning news.

Tomas changed the topic, “Amber is a good girl, if you get along with her, you’ll always see her good.”

He said this kind of words more than once. Amber was really smart and cunning. She even coaxed the old guy to speak good for her constantly.

Sean Smith always ignored it, when he just wanted to hang up the phone, Tomas said again:

“After work, you come to the old house to have dinner with Amber.”

Sean’s eyelids moved, and then he heard Tomas said again: “When you come back, you need to go to the Marketing Department to pick up Amber. These years, Amber insists on economic independence all the time, up to now, she doesn’t even have a car. The old house is located in a remote area, so it is inconvenient to get in and out. You remember to give her a ride.”

He, the handsome CEO of Smith, needed to pick up Amber as a driver?

Sean took a deep breath and calmed his anger.

Tomas was so good to Amber. Maybe Amber was his daughter when he was playing outside 20 years ago?

The blue vein on the forehead of Sean Smith jumped, he calmly refused with displeased voice, “There are many taxies, can’t she take a taxi?”

Yes, Amber did not have a car. But although Xing Yue Wan was in the suburb, it was not very remote. It must very expensive. Could Amber afford it?

Suddenly Sean remembered that he canceled the bonus of Amber that month…

Was Tomas telling the truth?

“Son of bitch, you know she was bullied by a taxi driver; but you still dare to let her take a taxi? Do you really think I don’t know what’s going on?”

“If you hadn’t hidden Cindy White, how could she have got into the driver’s car? Don’t you think that I can’t figure out the picture that you threw money on Amber’s face is true!”

“You are excellent now. Humiliate people like playboys? Son of bitch! You must say sorry to Amber!”

Hearing the word ‘sorry’, Sean Smith was headache.

Apologizing to Yue lady had humiliated him, then now he had to apologize to Amber again?

He’s not a bitch!

He didn’t think it was his fault!

What was more, Tomas’ the point was Amber had no car?

“Dad you are so rich, then buy her a car. What does she want? Mercedes Benz? BMW? Ferrari? whatever.” Sean Smith raised his thin lip deeply, closed the last document, and opened his mouth in a shallow tone: “If your good daughter-in-law has a car, she won’t be bullied by a taxi driver any more, right?”


Tomas Smith who was in the other side of the phone took deep breath, cursing ‘son of a bitch’, then directly angrily cut off the phone.

Sean Smith casually put the phone on the table without changing his expression.

After coming out of President Office, Amber touched her forehead.

Yesterday in the old house, she did not sleep for nearly a whole night to take care of Sean. After giving birth to Cindy, her body fell ill and weak.

Dealing with the urgent matters, she was aware of the weakness.

she turned out a package of cold medication in the office, and carried a cup to the tea room. At this time, Amber first received a call from Sean’s mother.

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