Please Go Away, Mr Smith! -Chapter 133: He Prepared Everything For Lin Man

Amber was a bit surprised. After all, Sean’s mother didn’t like her so much and she didn’t contact with her very usual.

Not to mention, she was still living in the old house of Smith family yesterday.

“Mom, what happened?”

Her voice was a little anxious: “Amber, your father called Sean just nowm but they argued. Your father was furious …”

“You know your father’s physical condition. Just for the sake of his health, find a way to let Sean pick you and Cindy up to the old house…for please your dad, okay?”

Amber’s eyelids moved, the air in the tea room was humid, and the light was dim, which made the woman’s porcelain white face even more touching.

This was the first time, Sean’s mom called her and asked her for help.

Although Sean’s mother had already found a reason, Amber knew that Tomas’s health was just an excuse. She was actually worried about Sean.

She was actually afraid that Sean would be beaten tonight for he was not obedient.

And, the person who can make Sean and Tomas awkward was just two people, one was Lin Man and the other was her.

Lin Man had been away for three years. The fury between Tomas and Sean had already faded away and they two had already clamed down.

So the blasting fuse between Sean and Tomans was still her.

Amber felt funny, she was a little complicated, and she did not expect that she still had such a powerful influence to Sean.

“Amber, although Sean is not a good husband, he has got a lesson yesterday. Over the years, the relationship between your dad and Sean has not eased. I want you to stay in the old house for a while.

“And Cindy, the old house is usually too quiet, I like her very much, you and Sean bring her here to accompany me and your father, can you?”

Without getting any answer, Mrs. Smith persuaded more.

“Okay, mom, I see. Don’t worry, I will discuss this with Sean.”

Amber responded. She watched the video that Lu Xiangxiang sent to her in the morning, and she also noticed that when he had a dispute with Mr. Yue, he reached out to protect Cindy.

His wounds must have cracked again, and if he suffered another whip, that would be more terrible.

“Well! Then I’ll wait for you at the old house. You must come here tonight! I’ll let Aunt Zhang prepare dinner!”

She was relieved.

Hanging up the phone, Amber poured the water and took some medicine, and then she remembered that there was a quite good ointment in her office drawer for treating trauma.

She turned back to the office and took the ointment to the president’s office.

After Xu Lin saw her, he greeted her, Amber smiled and asked, “Is Sean here?”

“The president has a meeting and he is in the conference room.”

Amber nodded and said, “I’ll go to his office and wait for him. You can do your business.”

Thinking of Sean’s attitude to Amber, Xu Lin just wanted to stop her while he noticed the ointment that she was holding.

He was Sean’s secretary. Naturally, he knew that Sean had wounds on his back. This ointment was obviously sent by Director White.

Xu Lin held back his words, smiled and nodded to Amber.

Director White was here for the president, he hoped that this time, the relationship between them could be eased a bit!

Amber pushed the door open and walked in. Sean’s office was cold-toned, and the air-conditioning was open, so here’s a little bit cold.

She got used to entering Lu Yi’s office. After walking all the way to his desk, she sat down in an office chair, half-closed her eyes with her drowsy head.

As soon as Amber’s eyes were closed, she opened her eyes again, and her eyes fell on the calendar on Sean’s desk, her gaze freezing.

He used an old-fashioned calendar, with a space under each date, on which he could write his schedule.

He sketched out Lin Man’s birthday with a red pen. Below was the name of a jewelry set.

Amber’s lips shook, and she reached out to turn the calendar by one page. He used red pen to check out many festivals. Western Valentine’s Days, Qixi, Christmas, and so on a year. There were relative gifts, all kinds and everything.

Amber’s eyes became red instantly.

Lin Man had been away for three years, and even if Sean could not find any news of her at all, he had prepared everything for her.

During these three years, Sean did not miss every festival.

Amber held the calendar, her long and thick eyelashes trembled. She suddenly remembered Sean’s attitude towards her.

Sitting in the huge office, the air conditioner kept blowing to her heart, cold and painful.

She felt like her heart was broken. She knew about Sean’s feelings for Lin Man early, but suddenly she faced it so directly.

Amber found that she overestimated her resistance.

Her nose was sore, her head was a bit heavy, and her weight became heavier. She squeezed her lips tightly, her eyes blurred, and her lips became pale.

Sean was halfway through the meeting. He interrupted the talking R & D minister and threw the documents in his hand on the desktop:

“With such a shit design idea, who do you satisfy? Redo it!”

The Smith group had a wide range of products, and Sean attached great importance to new products, so he would take the time to attend this meeting, but he did not expect that he just couldn’t stand anymore when the meeting just started.

It was contrary to Smith group’s idea and the details were extremely rough!

If another person came to watch the meeting, it might be passed, but Sean was here, he always thought that it was better to leave a deficiency uncovered than to have it covered without discretion.

How could the director of the R & D department be so complacent with such a bad design.

Sean’s eyebrows twisted tightly as Amber’s face flashed in his mind.

In contrast, Amber was really different. At least if she promised to deal with one thing, she would not only exceed the requirements, but also finish the sweeping work.

Even if one thing was handled well by her, she was never proud, never exaggerate!

He stood up suddenly, a handsome face gloomy to the extreme, the light from the outside infiltrated through the window, passed through his slender eyelashes, fell into his eyes, and it did not disperse the cold in his eyes.

“The next time, if you hand in this kind of thing again, the position of your director of R & D will be given up by yourself!”

Sean’s lips moved and left the conference room after speaking.

The air outside was light, and Sean’s expression finally changed a bit.

Was he crazy just now?

Actually, Amber’s ability to work was affirmed by him, and he felt Amber was good. Amber made him feel free from worry?

Sean sneered. If she didn’t have abilities, could she enter the Smith family with a bastard and solid her position then?

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