Please Go Away, Mr Smith! -Chapter 134: I Almost Take You As A Thief

So, wasn’t it right for Amber to take care of something and do something nice for Smith Group?

Sean licked his red lips. The air around him was a little cold, and he walked steadily to the door of the president’s office.

Xu Lin wanted to tell Sean that Amber was in his office.

But seeing his horrific face, he choked with words, and before he could speak, Sean had opened the office door.

Seeing Amber sitting behind his desk, he contracted his pupils sharply. Sean turned his head and glanced at Xu Lin.

Just with one glance, Xu Lin was cold all over.

Amber didn’t expect Sean’s meeting would end so fast. She hurriedly put down the calendar in her hands and stood up from her position.

Seeing her move, Sean loosened the collar of his shirt and said as he entered the door, “Director Qin came here quietly. I almost take you as a thief!”

Amber was a little unnatural. She reached for a wisp of long hair covering her side face.

Smith Group was so big. Countless employees were in Smith Group’s building. What kind of thief could sneak into Sean’s president office to steal things?

It was just a dig at her

Amber said in a low, hoarse voice, “Sean, I’m here to talk something with you.”

Sean’s eyelids lifted a little, then he pretended not to hear her and said nothing.

Amber knew that he was intentional, so she walked round the desk to Sean’s front and said her intention directly: “After work, we’ll go to pick up Cindy, and then go back to the old house together, OK?”

Amber’s voice was soft, and Sean looked in her direction. There were a little red that didn’t diffuse in her eyes, as if she had just cried.

Sean sneered, turned sideways, and said, “You think that fake video is exposed, then you are really my wife? Amber, do you have self-esteem? That’s your trap of forcing that old guy to call me, right?”

Amber knew what happened.

Sean and Tomas had a dispute, and it was true that it had an inseparable relation with her. Otherwise, mother Smith wouldn’t call her in person and asked her to find a way to take Sean back to the old house.

Amber was kind of touched and sad.

She was touched because Tomas had been protecting her and Cindy in the three years of marriage. She was sad because once it came to her, Sean’s reaction would become very big.

He was resisting her, anytime, anywhere!

Amber looked at Sean. Between his eyebrows, the wrinkles were hard to be erased. His dark eyes and hair ends were gilded with golden color by the sunshine. Standing in the huge office, he was a charming picture.

Looking at Sean, she seemed to have went through the scene for more than ten years, with a sense of recalling the past.

Sean noticed Amber’s sight line and sneered.

Amber’s heart was like being stabbed by Sean. Suddenly, she took back her thoughts. She smiled and said, “Sean, you know, if I want to force you, I don’t need Dad to anything at all. I have plenty of ways.”

The blue tendon on Sean’s arm leaped, and his eyes slowly moved to Amber.

She smiled at him. The smile on her lips was like a fresh jasmine, swaying in the wind and rain, tough and beautiful.

“Dad is not in good health. He wants you to go back to accompany him often.”

Accompany the old man?

Sean almost laughed out loud.

The old man would like to beat him to death. Asking him to go back? Wasn’t him creating opportunities for Amber?

Amber was happy to accept it. He wouldn’t be fooled by them.

“If you want to go back, go back alone! I don’t have time to waste on you!”

Sean bypassed Amber and took two steps to his desk. Amber stopped him and said, “Sean, don’t forget that your watch is still in my hand.”

As soon as Amber finished saying, Sean turned back abruptly. He clasped her chin with one hand, and suddenly shrank his pupils.

There were cold light bursting out of his eyes, with the frost and snow melting cold. From the place where Amber and Sean skin touched, it seeped into Amber’s heart.

Sean’s strength was so great that he seemed to cut off her breath. The air was blocked. Amber only felt that it was harder and harder to breathe.

“Amber, do you really think you have the watch that Manman gave to me, so I dare not hurt you?”

He felt that he was too kind to Amber, otherwise, how could Amber threaten and suppress him again and again?

Sean put forth his strength on his wrist, and Amber’s lungs were painful because her breath was cut off.

She couldn’t breathe in. After a long time, she said slowly, “Sean, you dare not. Strangle me, and you will never find the watch given to you by Lin Man. The, ONE,and, ONLY, watch!”

Sean’s mouth corner twitched,and his face clouded. He stopped for a long time. Before Amber died, he released his big hand that shackled Amber.

The air rushed in. Amber coughed for a long time. Her throat was painful. Tears rolled out of her eyes. She stood up straight and looked at Sean.

“Get out of here -“

Amber’s mouth corner twitched, and she slowly opened her mouth. Her voice became extremely hoarse: “At four o’clock in the afternoon, I will wait for you in the company’s parking lot. Whether to come, do as you see fit!”

Amber said the last sentence in a kind of gentle tone, gently and long, which scattered in the floating dust in the air.

Sean’s eyelids jerked a few times, then he raised his hand to smash the documents on the desk to the ground.

“Bang”. Several of them hit Amber’s leg. Sharp papers scratched on her snow-white leg, leaving red marks, causing extra pain.

With a gloomy face, he pointed to the door of the office and repeated in a accented voice, “Get out!”

Amber blinked her eyes. Her eyes were clear and clean. A pair of beautiful eyes with a few mists. Sean’s lips moved.

The two were at loggerheads for a while. Amber moved first. She nodded and said, “Think about it carefully. I’ll go back first.”

And then she left Sean’s office directly.

Sean pressed his brow and sat down in his office chair. He made an internal call. As soon as he got through, his tone became increasingly indifferent: “Call Xu Lin in.”

Finish saying, he dropped the phone directly.

It was Xu Lin who answered the phone. He heard the sound in the president’s office, and also saw Amber come out with red eyes.

Xu Lin trembled. There he goes again.

As long as it came to Director Qin, the president would turn into a bomb!

He should have guessed, there was no possibility of Moderation between the president and Director Qin!

Putting down the document in his hand, Xu Lin just stepped out. Sean pushed the door out with a cold face.


“In the future, no one is allowed to step into my office without my permission!”

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