Please Go Away, Mr Smith! -Chapter 135:A Prodigal Who Returns Is More Precious Than Gold

Sean said this and slammed the door of the office, making a loud noise, which set off the quiet in the Secretariat even more.

He held his anger in his heart and could not vent. He sat on the office chair, and his eyes stopped on the desk calendar.

His lips pressed tightly and he reached for it.

He put this calendar beside the computer, how could it be here?

Sean suddenly thought of Amber sitting in his chair, his brow furrowed.

She moved it?

He was wondering what was wrong with Amber again. It turned out she was stimulated?

She hated to see he was into Manman? She was not in a good mood, so she had to stimulate him?

A satirical arc rose between his lips. He put down the calendar, and his eyes rested on an ointment on the table.

Sean reached out and picked it up. This ointment…

He felt that it was some kind of familiar. It should be a specific that developed by a foreign Trauma Research Association chief doctor to heal wounds.

The Smith Family had a family genetic defect, and Sean himself had a high risk of blood cancer. The family doctor once said that he should not use drugs indiscriminately outside.

The family doctor recommended this ointment to him before.

Amber brought it here?

So coincidental again? She guessed again?

Or the old man deliberately give Amber the medicine and let her come over to please him, so she could substantiate she was Mrs. Smith?

She was crying for the moon!

Sean sneered. He was afraid that what Amber brought was poisonous.

The wound on his back was still slightly painful, but he raised his hand and threw the ointment into the garbage can without hesitation.

Documents were scattered on the ground. Sean’s face was swallowed up by the dim light. All his expressions were erased.

After a pause, Sean suddenly stood up, walked to the garbage can and leaned over to pick up the ointment from it.

Why did he throw away the medicine that their Smith family bought?

He has already thrown 200 million dollars because of Amber. This ointment was also worth a lot. Was Amber worth the money he wasted?

He would not throw this ointment away but use it!

It was 4 p.m. as scheduled.

Ten minutes before 4 o’clock, Sean began to wonder whether to go with Amber.

If he went, he would satisfy her. If he didn’t go, Amber held his soft spot.

Sean glanced at his delicate wristwatch, his face darkened.

He sprang to his feet and strode out of the office.

Over the years, he has been used to wearing the watch that Manman sent to him. No matter how many or how expensive the substitute ones, it wouldn’t help!

If he could get back Maman’s watch, he didn’t mind satisfying Amber one more time. After all, there would not be many times.

He walked very fast. By the time he got to the underground garage, Amber was waiting in front of his car.

There was not enough light in the garage, but Amber’s nude pink dress was attracting enough.

Sean’s eyes moved and he opened the door.

Amber knew it was a compromise of Sean, and she reached out, pulled the door open and got into the car.

There was no expression on his face, so he was obviously still sulking.

Sean didn’t wait for Amber to sit steadily. He drove directly. Amber was unprepared and hit her head on the window glass. She felt a dull pain.

Her head was fuzzy. After such a collision, she seemed to see sparks in front of her eyes. Until they arrived Golden Sunshine, she felt better.

When they arrived, Cindy has just finished her classes. She walked out hand in hand with a girl. After she saw Amber and Sean, the light in Cindy’s eyes could be seen clearly from the distance.

“Mom, Dad…”

She came running all the way and ran straight to Sean. Amber stopped Cindy quickly and said in a low voice, “Cindy, dad has wounds on his back. Mom will hold you.”

Cindy took a look at Sean. She was very sensible and didn’t make trouble.

“Mom, I don’t have to be held. I’ve grown up.”

She laughed happily. On her round small face, a small pear vortex appeared, which was particularly pleasing.

She reached for her partner and pointed ostentatiously at Sean: “I didn’t lie, Duoduo. My dad is very handsome.”

Duoduo looked up at Sean, and her eyes were full of admiration: “Yes, your dad is so handsome! I want a dad like him!”

Sean’s cold face was a little strained, and he frowned at Cindy and Duoduo.

They always compared whose father was more handsome in school?

Were they bored?

Sean pressed the corner of his mouth and looked at Cindy saying goodbye to Duoduo with dim eyes. Before getting into the car, his eyes flashed and looked at the van not far away.


Sean sneered and looked at Amber ironically. “That’s the person you arranged, too?”

When Amber was stunned, she took a look at direction that Sean’s chin pointed. In a van parked on the corner, a man holding a camera leaned out and held the camera to shoot at three of them.

Seeing that she and Sean has looked over, they still didn’t stop.

Amber took a look at Sean and didn’t say a word.

Her attitude was like acquiescence in this matter.

Sean looked at Amber’s direction, pressing his anger in his heart, and pulled out a strange smile: “So what kind of play is on the air this afternoon? A prodigal who returns is more precious than gold?”

Before he came, he knew that Amber couldn’t just ask him to pick up Cindy with her.

If Amber didn’t make troubles one day, pigs might fly!

Sean was angry for a day. At this time, there was a kind of hopeless and defiant numbness in his heart!

There was only one thought left in his mind. As long as Amber was willing to return the watch to him, he could do anything she wanted!

Anyway, he didn’t appear in the entertainment newspaper for the first time!

Amber bent down, helped Cindy open the door of the back seat, put her in and got into the car, then she slowly glanced at Sean and said three words: “More than that!”

Sean didn’t understand Amber’s words and asked, “What else did you do?”

if she overdid something else more, he may not have such a good temper!

Cindy took off her small schoolbag and put it on the seat beside her. She climbed up to the driver’s seat and looked at Sean with her head askew. “Dad, mom just said you’re going to take us to the playground, aren’t you?”

Her action was so dangerous that Amber couldn’t help shouting, “Sit down! Otherwise, We will not go anywhere!”

Cindy heard the words and sat on back seat obediently at once.

When Sean heard this, he tightened his grip on the steering wheel. His long fingers were white, and he was obviously holding back his anger.

“When did I promise you that?”

Amber calmly looked at Sean’s line of sight and said, “Yishen, the headline I prepared. You just said the first half.”

There was a bad feeling in his heart

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