Please Go Away, Mr Smith! -Chapter 136 : Sean Smith with his lovely wife and daughter tour together happy valley

Amber cleared her throat, and the voice seemed to be immersed in the water, gentle and light, which was not consistent of her tough character.

“The whole sentence should be, A fault confessed is half redressed. Sean Smith with his lovely wife and daughter tour together happy valley.”

“Bursts –“

Sean suddenly stepped on the brake, and pinched the eyes, then took a heavy breath.

What did she mean by this? Let him take them to the amusement park that kind of the weak-minded would go to?

“What do you mean?”

Amber suddenly leaned forward, then was pulled back by the inertia, making her whole body hit on the back of the chair. Her head was blank for a moment, subconsciously looking back at the seat of Cindy White.

Cindy was small with small figure, and she sat still behind.

She breathed a sigh of relief, languidly leaned back in her chair and lowered her voice: “Sean, go to the happy valley.”

Cindy was here, so Sean did not say what nasty words.

It was not that he found Amber pleasing, but he was afraid that he accidentally said something would hurt her daughter’s fragile heart.

If it happened, in order to give her daughter out of anger, she would cruelly smash the watch. Then what should he do?

He had been pressed by Amber for so long. If it failed this time, was not too pity?

“Daddy? Don’t you want to take me to happy valley?”

Cindy sat in the back seat and asked in a clear voice.

Sean pulled out a smile, especially cold. There was a solemn expression flashed in his eyes. Sean bit his teeth, spit out two words:

“Of course!”

He wanted to die now!

He squinted at Amber sitting on the passenger seat, restarted the car engine, and the car drove out.

This time, the speed of the car was slowed down. On the smooth road, the car performed great, if it wasn’t for the constantly receding scenery, Amber could not even feel the car was moving.

Happy valley was in the suburbs, which was not close to their home, but Sean drove very quick, so they arrived soon.

Here the problems came? That is who to accompany Cindy or to buy a ticket. Well, Sean did not hesitate, he directly walked toward the ticket counter.

The appearance of Sean could bluff others easily for he had strong figure and excellent aura with impatient on his face. But it didn’t harm his noble appearance.

He seemed to be scrolled out from the simplicity of traditional Chinese picture, he was quite elegant and calm.

He was too eye-catching, even Cindy also felt it was not good to let Sean go alone. She stretched out her hand to pull the sleeve of Amber: “Mom, can you go with dad, there are so many beautiful sisters staring at dad.”

Amber sat in the waiting area, but her eyes did not look up, like a lifeless sculpture.

She couldn’t make decisions for Sean!

Over the years, there were more than countless women had gossip with him, the number of woman in happy valley was nothing.

She reached out her hand and touched Cindy’s head. “Dad is handsome,” she whispered. “Those sisters are just appreciating!”

Amber knew clearly as long as she still had the watch of Lin Man, Sean Smith wouldn’t do what go out the case!

Besides, he had been very angry today. How could he have the mood to attract others?

Amber’s lip picked and looked at the direction of Sean.

It was not Saturday or Sunday, so the people in the happy valley were not too many. There was no need to line up long. Therefore, he quickly bought tickets, and went back.

At this moment, the cell phone of Amber suddenly rang, she glanced at the screen.

It was the secretary, Mr. Shen

She slightly frowned and a slight trace twisted between her brows.

When Sean Smith found Amber and Cindy, Amber was talking on the phone, while Cindy sat on the bench, shaking her feet. She wore a white gauze skirt with a beautiful hairpin on her head. Her black hair was tied into a high ponytail, looking alive.

Seeing Sean coming over, Cindy jumped down from the stool, grabbed Sean’s clothes, “Dad, mom is in the phone.”

Sean’s eyebrow tip moved.

He saw it.

He could even hear the coolness in her voice. It was obvious that she was communicating with someone in the company.

He took a cigarette from the cigarette box and put it in his mouth.

Was the Marketing Department so busy?

Maybe she was just pretending!

Sean sneered.

Amber’s phone call was over with a little pale in her face.

Sean was not in the mood to care about the life and death of Amber.

“Sean, there is a document which I must go to catch up. Advertising department need it at seven o ‘clock in the afternoon, could you to play first?”

Sean’s lips moved once, meanwhile endless ridicules burst out from his eyes.

“Oh? Director White is going to throw your daughter to me again?”

“At this time, director White wants to play Smith ‘s good staff again! It’s pity that my dad’s not here! Nobody’s watching you!”

Amber licked her lower lip, because of her action, the original pink lips with a point of luster was like petals.

“I’ll be back soon, Cindy, you must listen to your father!”

Sean: “…”

Amber did not replied his sarcastic words. But Sean wanted to be angry subliminally, as a result of his good cultivation, he didn’t vent in the happy valley of such a large public place.

His resentment was down heavy in the chest, which cannot go up or cannot come down. For a moment, Amber had said goodbye to Cindy.

Amber raised her head, and a pair of plain white hands headed toward his lower half body!

Sean Smith shivered and stepped back, shouting in a low voice, “What are you doing? “

There were so many people looking at them. How could she play rascal to him in the pubic?

How shameless she was!

“Sean, I need the car keys.”

Amber slowly spit out five words.

It was such a hot day. She cannot catch documents in the scorching sun.

The face of Sean was deeply black. If she wanted the car keys, she can just speak out. Why put hand with him?

He licked the corner of his lips, reaching for the key from his trousers and threw it into her hand.

“Why change your play now? Do you really think that the media is opened by you, and the netizens are three years old? you can play as your wishes?”

Amber accustomed to his unbearable language, although she felt some uncomfortable, she still kept normal in her face after taking over the car keys.

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