Please Go Away, Mr Smith! -Chapter 137: Dad Is Great

It never occurred to Sean that Amber had learned to be immune to both soft and hard tactics.

He felt bored, bent down and picked up Cindy. He left Amber in situ and walked silently towards the entrance of Happy Valley.

He felt that he was kind of useless, but then on the second thought…

Having a fight with Amber in Happy Valley, except for becoming the laughing stock of others, would not have any big impact on her at all.

He might as well go in and play with Amber’s daughter!

Sean thought so, and finally felt better.

Cindy had been looking forward to coming to the amusement park for a long time. Lu Xiangxiang said that she would take her here, but went on a business trip. After returning, there were a lot of things waiting for her to deal with, and she had no time to play with her.

It never occurred to her that it was Sean who brought her here in the end.

Cindy was very happy. Her big eyes curved, and she smiled like a little sun.

Even Sean couldn’t help but glanced at her.

Cindy was very good-looking and clever, and many people who passed by couldn’t help praising her.

She looked rather like Amber, and inherit Amber’s advantages. Except for her eyes, her nose and mouth were almost identical to Amber’s.

Sean turned his head and snorted.

This little girl was good in everything aspect. The only thing was that her personality was too much like Amber’s. She was too good at pleasing people.

She was young but had a complicated mind.

Sean didn’t like it very much.

Cindy stretched out her hand to grasp the trouser leg, and he suddenly came back to himself. Sean lowered his head and glanced in Cindy’s direction. The weather was hot, and a thin layer of sweat appeared on Cindy’s face.

Her dark eyes radiated a dazzling light, and she raised her finger to the roller coaster next to the Ferris wheel, “Dad, I want to play that.”

Sean, “…”

Seeing that Sean didn’t answer, Cindy curved her eyes, “Dad, are you afraid?”


Sorry, there was no such word in his dictionary!

Thinking about it, Sean took the cigarette from his fingertips into his mouth, stretched out his big palm to Cindy, and said, “Let’s go, we’ll play that!”

“Yeah! Dad’s great!”

Cindy cheered.

She was young and needed to be accompanied by a guardian to play such dangerous projects. On the safety seat, Cindy sat in front of Sean. The originally cramped space was even more narrow.

Sean’s injured back was pressed against the hard chair back. His eyebrows knitted, and he stretched out his hand to hold the guard railing. The next second, he suddenly lost balance.

The screams of men and women suddenly sounded in his ears. Cindy was still small. Her sense of safety was not very strong. He could only hear her ringing laughter.

“Ha ha…”

It was extraordinarily pleasing to ears.

He pressed his lips tightly and got off the roller coaster. Sean felt dizzy. The gauze was tightly attached to his back. Sean had an unexplainable feeling of discomfort.

“Dad, Dad, I want to play again!”

Sean’s face turned livid.

Amber left Cindy to him just to torture him?

When he recovered, he would see if Cindy dare to play it with him for hundreds of times!

Thinking of this, Sean felt his back seemed to start aching again.

Sean was born in the lap of luxury. In the hot summer, his back was sweating, and the sweat seeped into the wound on his back. Sean couldn’t help but frowned.

If he kept playing, his life was going to be in danger!

Sean glanced to the side. Soothing music leaked from there. His eyes darkened.

Picking up Cindy with one hand, he looked even more overcast, “Let’s go, dad will take you to ride the horses.”

Cindy looked dumbfounded. She glanced in the direction Sean walked to. Was it merry-go-round that was spinning with music?

“Dad, I don’t want to play that, that’s boring!”

Sean pretended not to hear Cindy’s words and carried her firmly over there.

Cindy reached out and put her arms around Sean’s neck. A snigger flashed across her lips.

“Dad, you like merry-go-round?”

Sean’s steps paused, and his movement of moving forward came to a halt.

He like it?

He wasn’t a three-year-old, so where did she get the idea that he liked merry-go-round?


Cindy saw Sean’s embarrassment clearly. She covered her mouth, and sniggered like a little cat.

“Dad, go, I won’t laugh at you.”

Sean gritted his teeth. The fine sunlight, through the thick and long eyelashes of the man, reflected various emotions on his handsome face.

His face turned red and blue in embarrassment. After a while, the man gave up explaining, carried Cindy forward and said, “Yes, I like it!”

Compared to roller coasters, he did like merry-go-round right now !

At least he wouldn’t hurt his aching, somewhat numb spine anymore, right?

Admitting that he liked the merry-go-round was better than telling Cindy that his back hurt and he couldn’t do the roller coaster a second time, right?

Sean would not admit that he was weak in front of Amber’s daughter!

Putting Cindy on a brownish red pony, Sean fumbled out his cigarette case and wanted to smoke a cigarette to ease the pain in his back.

Cindy, who completed a circle, beckoned in Sean’s direction, “Dad, come on, don’t you like it?”

The eyes of the people around all fell on Sean, and everyone’s eyes were filled with a bit of indescribable disbelief. Obviously, it never occurred to them that he, a grown man, would like such childish facility.

Sean’s action of lighting the cigarette paused!

Cindy, this little brat!

She was really good at embarrassing him!

He turned his back to her, and didn’t look at Cindy. His fingers holding the cigarette were stiff. He pretended that he didn’t hear Cindy’s words. Rarely, his ears were dyed with a bit of light pink.

This color spread straight to Sean’s eyes, extending into the look of anger and embarrassment.

That damn woman, Amber, was the one who asked him to bring the child to Happy Valley. However, she left the child to him and lazed around with an excuse.

Maybe she was hiding in some corner, watching him being tortured by Cindy and sniggering!

Sean felt irritated. Suddenly, a sound of footsteps sounded in his ears.

Sensing a child standing next to his leg, Sean lifted his eyelid. His eyes met Cindy’s tearful eyes.

He suddenly became alert.

Why was Cindy crying suddenly?

If Amber came over later and thought he was bullying her, would she let him go?

“What happened?”

He knitted his eyebrows and looked back, seeing that there was no one but a few kids playing on the merry-go-round.

No one could bully Cindy.

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