Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 138: Take You for Ice Cream

“Dad, your back…”

She suddenly reached out and hugged Sean’s leg. She sobbed while saying.

Sean’s body suddenly stiffened.

He was facing Cindy with his back just now, so she should have seen the blood oozing out of his back stain the gauze.

So she blame herself?

Would Cindy be so kind?

She was Amber’s daughter after all, and Amber only cared about herself.

Sean pressed her lips and heard Cindy say with sob, “Dad, is it because you just played roller coaster that your back is bleeding?”

“I will not play it… Dad, I’m sorry, it’s my fault!”

The movement of Sean snuffing out the cigarette was more rigid. After a while, he extinguished the cigarette at his fingertips, pulled Cindy away and squatted down. He said in an ice-cold voice, “If you want to play it, just go ahead. Why are you crying? You loser!”

Cindy shook her head, and held Sean’s fingertips.

She should have been tired from playing. Her palms were wet and sweaty.

Sean was a bit disgusted. He pulled out his fingers and fumbled a pack of tissues from his pocket, knitting his eyebrows to wipe the sweat from Cindy’s hands and head impatiently.

Sean had never taken care of anyone like this.

There was an unnatural expression across his handsome face. His fingertips trembled. Something occurred to him, and he glanced at Cindy in front of him.

Her little face was flushed. She looked straight at him with her dark and shiny eyes, which were filled with admiration.

Sean paused, reaching out and shoving the tissue in his hand into Cindy’s hand. He said in a low voice, “Wipe it yourself.”

Cindy clumsily wiped the sweat for herself. Unlike other children, she didn’t cry or make a scene. She raised her head and good-naturedly glanced at him, saying, “I know, mom told me. I should do things by myself.”

The color of Sean’s pupils were a little deeper, and he didn’t answer.

The sunshine in Happy Valley was so scorching. Sean was dizzy under the sun. He pressed his lips and lowered his head to ask Cindy, “What else do you want to play?”

Children loved to play. Sean didn’t take Cindy’s words to his heart.

As soon as he spoke, Cindy paused. She turned her little head and looked at a cold drink shop in Happy Valley. Her eyes were bright and full of expectation.

“Dad, I want to eat ice cream.”

Following her line of sight, Sean saw the building built in the shape of Mickey Mouse.

Sean’s gaze paused.

He didn’t know how Amber taught her child. Cindy especially liked those exciting entertainment projects.

Screams came from above, and Sean’s face darkened as he leaned over to take Cindy’s hand. He whispered, “Let’s go. I’ll take you to eat ice cream.”

Cindy’s eyes lit up again.

Amber kept a very strict control over Cindy’s diet, so even in summer, Cindy rarely ate anything cold.

When they arrived at Mickey House, the little guy looked at the list with a wonderful expression.

She seemed to want to eat everything she looked at.

There were people in Happy Valley. Most of them were children and girls. The shapes of the ice cream were various and particularly attractive.

“I want this little bunny, want this… cat, and also this little tiger…”

Cindy was choosing the ice cream from the menu, and Sean answered a call. It was Xu Lin.

The product of the R&D department had been redone, and it was almost on the market. He called and asked if Sean had time to take a look at it.

After the meeting in the morning, Sean was very dissatisfied with the product…

Sean grabbed the phone, and his eyes fell on Cindy who was looking at the menu with a worried face. The black halo in his pupils seemed to have diffused, dying his pupils into ancient wells that were bottomless, deep and quiet.

“Do you even need to ask me about this? After I’m back to the company, do you need me to do your work? I can save a lot money without paying you.”

Xu Lin, “…”

Since joining the company, Sean had rarely left early.

After he was treated with such a bad attitude, Xu Lin seriously suspected that he was spending time with some kind of important woman.

“Hold a meeting and review the concept of the new product. If the R&D department has not made much progress. You don’t have to wait for me to go back. Change the director of the R&D department directly!”

After Sean gave the order, he hung up the phone directly. Cindy hadn’t decided what ice cream she wanted yet.

The waitress standing next to her seemed to recognize Sean. Although she was recommending new products to Cindy, she glanced at him from the corner of her eye from time to time. Her delicate face was stained with a thin layer of redness.

Sean licked the corner of his lips. Although it was an action that everyone would do, when he did it, he looked sexy and macho.

The waitress’s face blushed a little more.

Cindy glanced at the waitress. She pressed her lips tightly, and pointed at the ice creams on the menu. A cunning look flashed across her eyes, and she looked up at Sean all at once.

“Dad, I want all of these.”

Sean never took care of children before. Hearing what she said, he looked at the ice creams she ordered. The ice cream bowls on the menu didn’t look big. Sean nodded.

He was always arrogant. Seeing that Cindy was so happy, he frowned without leaving a trace. He didn’t realize what Cindy was thinking at all.

The heat on the waitress’s face dissipated, and the smile between Cindy’s lips couldn’t be restrained. She pointed at one on the menu and said, “Dad, do you want to eat this? This little tiger is so cute.”

Sean didn’t answer.

Cindy took it as his acquiescence. She handed the order list to the waiter. Sitting on the stool, Cindy felt a little nervous.

She wrung her fingers and looked at Sean with worry, “Dad, it’s our little secret that we came over for ice cream. Don’t tell mommy, okay?”

Sean was a little curious.

He glanced at Cindy with a slight smile and asked, “Why?”

“Mom won’t let me eat ice cream.”

Hearing the answer, Sean was a little surprised.

Was Amber so stingy?

The old man must have given Amber a lot of money. She was so stingy when it came to taking the kid out for ice cream.

It didn’t fit director White’s image at all.

The corners of Sean’s lips curved, and he nodded to Cindy.

It was Amber’s proposal to come to Happy Valley. Sean himself was reluctant to come, and he was injured. Therefore, he didn’t want to accompany Cindy to play those outside projects.

They ate ice cream secretly. Thinking of the watch in Amber’s hands, he suddenly felt a little afraid and worried.

Cindy was already very excited. When several ice creams were served by the waitress, Cindy was even happier.

Holding a small spoon, Cindy scooped the ice cream and sent it to Sean’s mouth first, “Dad, eat it!”

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