Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 139: Miss Smith

Sean’s eyes were deeper.

If it were ordinary children, they would have started to eat it. It never occurred to him that this little girl was so sensible.

He leaned back and said in a deep voice, “Eat it yourself.”

Cindy retracted her hand, and stuffed the ice cream into her own mouth.

She squinted her eyes, and the expression on her small fleshy face was exactly the same as Garfield in front of her.

The corners of Sean’s mouth moved. His fingertips fell on the cigarette case, and a small spoon appeared in front of him all at once.

“Dad, let’s eat together.”

Cindy glanced at his big hand holding the cigarette case, and continued saying, “Mom said, smoking is harmful to health. You can eat ice cream with me.”

Sean, “…”

He tilted his head and glanced at what were in front of Cindy.

They were multicolored. Even if the air conditioner was turned on, some of them were melting.

His face became darker. He looked away and was not going to pick up the small spoon.

Who would want to eat such dirty and unpleasant things with this little brat?

“Dad, don’t worry, I won’t tell Mom.”

Sean’s eyebrows knitted. He reached out to take the small spoon, and reluctantly took a scoop of the ice cream that was the nearest to him.

The coolness melted in his mouth, dispersing the wisp of heat that had never left his body.

There were other snacks at the cold drink shop, and Cindy ordered a whole bunch of them. Jelly, cupcakes and other assorted desserts laid out on the table, which left no space for Sean to put his hand on the table.

He frowned and his phone dingled.

It was a video sent by Xu Lin, the concept video of the product from the R&D department.

He glanced at Cindy who was eating, moved his fingertip, and clicked on it.

The video was very short, about five minutes. Sean had always been serious about his work. Although it was a boring video, and he was in a noisy cold drink shop, he was absorbed in the video.

After watching the video, he raised his head, and the opposite seat was empty.

Sean’s pupils shrank suddenly. He stood up, looked around, and finally found Cindy outside the cold drink shop.

A prairie fire ignited in his heart.

Just now he was still complimenting Cindy for being sensible. But only in five minutes, she completely showed her true colors!

There were so many people in Happy Valley. How dare she run about!

It was Amber who spoiled her and help her form this habit!

It was not his fault if Cindy was lost!

He pushed open the door and strode over to Cindy. There was a little boy standing beside her, who looked about her age.

It seemed that he fell down, and the clothes on him was so dirty that their original color couldn’t even be seen. His dirty face was full of snot and tears.

Sean stopped moving forward. He was used to seeing Cindy who was dressed up clean by Amber, so when he saw such a kid, he inevitably frowned.

Cindy didn’t notice Sean approaching. She held a small cake, held a small spoon, and gave the little boy a bite. She whispered, “Don’t be afraid. I will wait for your mother with you.”

“Don’t cry. This cake is yummy. Try it!”

Cindy stood in front of the little boy. She was a three-year-old child herself, actually holding a cake to coax a child about her age.

The picture was a little funny, but Sean couldn’t smile.

The waitress on the side saw him come out and said with a smile, “Mr. Smith, sorry. This boy lost his way and was separated from his mother. He just fell down and cried for a long time. Thanks to Miss Smith. She helped him!”

Miss Smith?

Sean narrowed his eyes. Before other emotions emerged in his heart, the waitress continued, “Mr. Smith, you taught Miss Smith so well. This is the first time I see such a sensible child.”

“Children are generally very possessive of their own things, but Miss Smith is willing to share her food with other children. It’s amazing…”

Sean’s ears were buzzing. He thought this waitress was noisy, but hearing her praise Cindy, his mood became extraordinarily weird.

Miss Smith? Was she talking about Cindy?

His breath paused.

No, she wasn’t his daughter, and her last name wasn’t Smith at all!

Moreover, Cindy was not taught by him either. She was not full of merits. She was so bad that she tore the photo him and Manman!

Sean was about to refute, and a woman who had been drenched in tears ran over. She hugged the little boy and kissed him for a while before walking up to Sean and thanking him!

“Sir, this is your daughter, right? Thank you, thank you so much… You are really amazing. You educated such an excellent child.”

“If my child can be as thoughtful as your daughter, I wouldn’t have lost him today!”

Sean pinched his aching eyebrows.

“Dad, I…”

If it wasn’t for the woman thanking Sean, Cindy wouldn’t notice him.

Although she and Sean didn’t spend too many days together, she had only mom since she was a child, and she had learned how to watch a person’s mood. Although Sean’s expression remained unchanged, she still trembled.

She stretched her hand to grab the hem of Sean’s clothes. Only when there was no one around, she dared to raise her head and asked him, “Dad, are you angry?”

Sean glanced at her and didn’t answer. The little cake in her hand had been given to that boy. She probably got the cream on her fingertips when she fed that boy.

Sean wiped it away with a paper towel for her, and his face became more and more overcast .

He squatted beside her. Cindy stretched out her arms and put them around Sean’s neck. She smiled at him sweetly.

“Dad, I know that you must also agree with what I did.”

Sean, “…”

He stretched out his hands to grab Cindy’s waist and picked her up from the ground. His facial lines were tight and his tone was as cold as usual, “If you run about like this again. I’ll leave you aside!”


Cindy was not afraid at all, even sniggered aloud. She was so good-looking, and her smile was like a soft fluffy cupcake, sweet and could always seep into people’s heart.

Sean looked away uneasily and snorted coldly.

He wasn’t complimenting her, and he didn’t know why this little girl was so happy!

If it wasn’t for the fear that Amber would blame him, he wouldn’t bother to care about her!

Holding Cindy, he took several steps. The smile on the girl’s face froze, and she sweated on her forehead suddenly. She held her belly in one hand, “Dad… My stomach hurts!”

Sean heard her and turned his head abruptly. Cindy had a small face, blanched like a piece of paper, and dark black eyes. Cindy’s small face was as pale as a piece of paper, and the tears were filled with her dark eyes.

Cindy bit her lip and arched her body in his arms, seeming to be enduring the pain, “Dad, my stomach hurts….”

Sean seemed to feel Cindy’s pain. He held her tightly in his arms, and his eyebrows knitted. He opened his mouth, and his voice was a little hoarse, “What’s wrong? Why do you have a sudden stomachache?”

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