Please Go Away, Mr. Smith! – Chapter 14 Who set it? Amber White?

If he’s in a normal mind, how can he help Lu Xiangxiang steal Sean’s underwear and do such a frenzied thing?

After Gu Jinyan drove the car out of the Bay Pavilion for a while, the more he thought about it, the more uncomfortable he felt. He just parked it on the side of the road, took out the cell phone, sent a text message to Lu Xiangxiang with a tone of laughter:

[Lu Xiangxiang, when did you fall in love with our Sean and why didn’t you tell me that?

[I usually see you are not a obscene person, do you like Sean so much? I did it just as you wish, I’m sure you’ll be satisfied with this gift, !]

When Lu Xiangxiang phone rang, she was squatting on a small table in Cindy White’s children’s room to watch Cindy do her homework. As soon as the phone shook, she unlocked it.

Seeing the message from Gu Jinyan, Lu Xiangxiang was confused. She was just about to call to ask him if the underwear thing was solved. Amber White suddenly pushed the door and got in.

Lu Xiangxiang was so scared that she knocked on the screen of the mobile phone twice and locked the screen, and her expression was a little unnatural and looked at Amber White.

Amber White looked at her suspiciously, handed the package to Lu Xiangxiang and said, “Gu Jinyan sent you something, why did he send it here?”

Lu Xiangxiang’s eyes were bright and picked on the corners of her mouth. Gu Jinyan did not answer her. She thought that Gu Jinyan was not going to help her.

“Amber, do you have a knife?”

Amber White went out and took a knife to Lu Xiangxiang, Lu Xiangxiang straightly opened the box, pulled out the things inside.

In a transparent plastic bag, everyone can see that it contains a man’s panties.

The air stagnated for two minutes before Amber White eased the shock on her face: “Hey, Xiangxiang You’re on dating with Gu Jinyan? Aren’t you two good friends?”

Lu Xiangxiang felt awkward and blushed,, and she finally realized what it meant of Gu Jinyan’s message.

She asked Gu Jinyan to help steal a Sean Smith’s underwear, so Gu Jinyan obviously regarded her as a pervert who secretly fell in love with Sean Smith crazily!

Gu Jinyan, this idiot, did she have such a bad eye to fell in love with the man who changes women like changing clothes?

Not to mention that Sean Smith is her good sister Amber White’s husband!

Lu Xiangxiang has a good relationship with Amber White and Gu Jinyan, knowing that Sean Smith simply did not believe that Cindy is his child.

So, she meant to let him take Sean Smith’s underclothes, so that she can take and Cindy to do a paternity test, she wants underclothes, not underwear!?

After looking at the paternity test, Sean Smith cannot still not admit that Cindy is his child, do not want to see Cindy?

There was pain in her heart, but she could not say it out, looking at Amber White’s more and more strange eyes. Even a word of explanation could not be said.

Lu Xiangxiang sipped her lip, Amber White twisted her eyebrow and said, “you and Gu Jinyan?”

“between the two of us, it has nothing to do with each other!” Lu Xiangxiang said be fore Amber White opened her mouth, “Amber, I still have something to do, so I won’t stay with you and Cindy! I’ll go back first! “
Lu Xiangxiang stuffed the bag with underwear into the box and said, “Amber, don’t think too much. This underwear is a endorsement of my favorite male star. Of course, I certainly need to buy it. I, a woman, can’t go to the counter and buy a man’s underwear, so I ask Gu Jinyan to help me to buy one.”

After Amber White entered Smith’s company, she knew the crazy appearance of a woman catching up with the stars. She smiled and said, “Why didn’t you say you like that male star? Is he in Smith’s company?” Do you need me to get a signed photo for you? “

Lu Xiangxiang shook her head, went out of the door to the porch, and changed her shoes and said, “He’s not in Smith’s. I’ll go back first.”

“all right, drive safely!”

“got it!”

After Lu Xiangxiang left, Amber White went to the kitchen to warm a glass of milk and brought it to Cindy white. She finished her homework, drank milk, and then went to bed.

After Cindy fell asleep, Amber White touched her little face, she was still small, her crying red eyes in the hospital had not faded. Amber White had some heartache, and she could not find a breakthrough from Sean Smith.

Three years ago she insisted on keeping Cindy, and she never regretted it, because at that time, she had the confidence that she could take care of her without anyone and give her everything she wanted.

But it was only at this time that she realized that it was not as simple as she thought. It was like, Cindy White wanted her father, and she couldn’t give her.

Amber White stood straight and went out. On the children’s desk of Cindy White, she saw a picture of Sean Smith under the book. She was impressed that this dress was a picture of Tang Tian when she came out to sleep in Bay Pavilions at night.

She thought Cindy read the news again, so she set aside the above books. For a moment, Amber White only felt her heart was painful like being cut by a knife.

It was true that the newspaper, but Tang Tian and the words were cut off by Cindy, which left is only Sean Smith. In the eyebrows and features of the men in the newspaper, Amber White only saw the distance of thousands of mountains and rivers.

Amber White pinched the thin piece of paper, and the heart contracted, and an unprecedented weakness and pain stretched out of her chest.

The next day, the president’s office.

Sean Smith, who had just been transferred back from HK for a month, was unfamiliar with many of the company’s businesses and sat down at his desk as soon as he entered the door of the president’s office.

As soon as he reached for a document, the president’s door was knocked on.

Sean Smith’s throat knot moved, sexy thin lip overflow a word: “come in!”

It’s Xu Lin.

Holding a folder in his hand, he walked to his desk without squinting his eyes, and handed it to Sean Smith with both hands: “Mr. Smith, this is the bonus application for the marketing department this month, waiting for approval. Take a look at it.”

Sean Smith put the documents in his hand on the desktop, stretched out a clearly knuckle hand to pick up the folder handed over by Xu Lin, and he hung his eyes slightly.

The atmosphere in the room was quiet, and he turned the page from time to time before making a rustling sound of paper friction.

Sean Smith’s eyes fixed on the name of Amber White, glanced to the back of the 300000 amount, his eyebrow peak pressed, fingertips touched on her name, sneering : “this amount, who set it?” Amber White? “

Xu Lin bowed his head slightly and thought about how to answer the question.

Sean Smith’s body leaned against the back of a wide chair, a handsome and delicate face with a cold expression, especially in the dark and gloomy eyes, all the thoughts seem to be broken in it.

His lip line sipped into a blade-like line, “that woman was crazy about money.”

His heart flashed a touch of disdain, it seems that over the years, relying on the status of Mrs. Smith, Amber White always tyrannically abused her power. A small marketing director, a month’s bonus is nearly three-year salary of an ordinary employee!?

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