Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 140: Mom, My Stomach Hurts

He held Cindy in his arms in another position, moved his long legs, and walked quickly.


Sean knitted his eyebrows and comforted her at once, “Don’t be afraid. Dad will take you to the hospital!”

He held Cindy in his broad arms, and his pace was fast and steady. He passed the noisy crowd and got out of Happy Valley.

He ran all the way to his car.

When Sean saw Amber who was in the passenger’s seat, he looked away immediately.

After knowing that he didn’t take good care of Cindy, Amber, this mad woman, was definitely going to be angry with him again!

It would even harder for him to get Manman’s watch back!

“Oh, oh–oo–o…”

Cindy’s painful cries exploded in Sean’s ears. He couldn’t attend so much, but reached out to pull the car door.

He failed to pull it open.

Amber locked the door!

He didn’t hesitate to knock a few times on the window glass of the co-driver’s seat. He knocked it heavily as if he was going to break the window.

Amber was about to finish reading the document. Hearing the noise, she glanced out of the window.

The expression on Sean’s face was serious, and he clasped Cindy’s body firmly with one hand.

Amber was taken aback. She realized that Cindy was shaking when she got out of the car.

“What’s wrong?”

Hearing Amber’s voice, Cindy stuck out her head resting on Sean’s shoulder and looked at Amber with tears, “Mom, my stomach hurts…”

Amber’s heart raced. She reached out to take Cindy over. Sean looked overcast and said, “Get in the car and go to the hospital!”

Amber carried Cindy into the back seat of the car, and Sean turned the car around.

“Amber? Are you still there?”

Hearing someone talking, Sean glanced at the sound source. The mobile phone put next to the driver’s seat was glowing with blue light.

On the screen, there was Lu Yi’s name. It displayed that they had been on the phone for half an hour.

Sean’s movements paused.

To finish her work in the car? She turned out to seduce men in the car!

A cold smile appeared on his lips. The next moment, Amber took her phone back.

Cindy was sick, so Amber was in a panic. She forgot that she was on the phone talking about the contents of the document with Lu Yi.

“Lu Yi, Cindy is not feeling well. I’ll use my mobile phone to send the document to you. Can you finish the remaining part?”

“What happened to Cindy?”

Amber exhaled a breath and whispered, ” We are on the way to the hospital. We don’t know what’s wrong with her.”

Sean drove the car, speeding up to the extreme involuntarily.

The conversation between Amber and Lu Yi made him feel irritated!

Lu Yi kept showing his concerns for Cindy, as if their family’s affection was touching, and he was the one who broke up the deep feelings between them!

Even when Amber hung up the phone, he wasn’t in a good mood.

He wasn’t the one who broke them up!

The Maserati’s performance was superb, and it took no more than fifteen minutes to get to the hospital.

Cindy’s test results came out soon. She had the usual gastrointestinal problems and a slight fever.

Amber was scared out of a cold sweat. When the doctor saw her nervous, he said to sooth her, “Don’t worry. She probably ate too much cold and raw food, just in case, let her stay in the hospital overnight for observation. You can go through the admission procedures.”

Amber nodded.

There was a needle for infusion in the back of Cindy’s hand. The doctor was afraid that she would run about and pull the needle off, so he asked Amber to keep an eye on her.

Cindy was spiritless, shrank in Amber’s arms and was motionless.

When Sean heard the doctor’s words, a touch of guilt flashed across his eyes.

He thought of the three large bowls of ice cream he bought for Cindy.

He raised his eyebrow and looked into Amber’s eyes.

Amber’s eyes were still gentle, “Sean, can you help Cindy go through the admission procedures?”

He snorted and walked out of the ward.

The pediatrics department was on the second floor, and the procedures had to be done on the first floor. Sean didn’t take the elevator, and had a guilty conscience as he went downstairs.

The doctor’s words were very clear. He was the one who gave Cindy the ice cream that caused her stomach upset and fever. No matter what, it was his fault…

Sean’s pace paused, and he cursed in a low voice.

What did this have to do with him? If Amber didn’t leave her daughter aside for hooking up with that man, would something happen to Cindy?

She was not his daughter. Amber couldn’t ask him to treat Cindy as his own daughter, right!

With this in mind, Sean felt much better. He fumbled his phone out and called the dean of this private hospital.

After Sean left, Amber fumbled the tissue from her handbag and wiped the sweat from Cindy’s forehead.

She had a heartache because Cindy was suffering and even if she was in pain, she gritted her teeth and endured it without crying or making a scene.

In a flash, Amber suddenly thought of what the doctor said.

What she gave Cindy to eat today was something she prepared. The child had a fragile stomach. In the morning, she made a special children’s meal for her in the old house!

Amber took a deep breath, and was about to ask Cindy if she ate anything at school that she shouldn’t eat. At this time, the sound of footsteps sounded in her ears.

She turned her head and saw Sean leaning against the door, with one hand in his pocket, and holding an unlit cigarette in the other. He pressed his thin lips and the cold aura on him dissipated.

The nurse moved quickly and moved Cindy to the SVIP ward. The Kingsize bed occupied a little space. There were a unique bathroom and even a small kitchen in the ward.

Cindy was lying in the bed. Her small body was almost submerged in the snow-white thin blanket.

The corners of Sean’s mouth curved. He sat down on the solo sofa in the ward.

He stretched out his big, neat hand. When he just touched the magazine on the table, Amber walked over.

Sean raised his eyebrow. She was still wearing that thin, nude pink dress. Although a part of the dress was torn, she still looked elegant with it.

Her eyes were light and gentle. He didn’t know if it was because Cindy was here, her seriousness and sternness in work was reduced a lot, and she looked a bit gentle.

Sean thought Amber was here to thank him.

He once funded this private hospital to build a hospital bed building, and it was easy for him to get to a SVIP ward.

As soon as he curved the corners of his mouth, Amber spoke, “What did you give Cindy?”

The questioning tone made the smile on Sean’s lips frozen.

“She is still young. Her stomach can’t bear cold things and junk food, and the food outside are not clean. You…”

“Why, I helped you take care of her for two hours. Do you really think I have to be responsible for her?”

The smile on Sean’s face was still there, but cold, and a little ruthless.

Amber paused. Sean said with another sneer, “However, director White, you lay in the car, enjoying the air conditioning, flirting with director Lu. Now that your child is sick, and you are here to question me?”

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