Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 141: I Let Your Daughter Eat Three Ice Creams on Purpose

Amber’s pupils moved, and her eyes fell on Sean. He was sitting, and the smile at the corners of his mouth was somewhat overcast. The atmosphere was originally peaceful, because of his few words, became extremely tense.

A quarrel seemed to be on the verge of breaking out.

“Lu Yi and I were rushing for finishing a document. A lot of the information was in the public relations department. I came out in a hurry and didn’t bring it. Moreover, the work thing and Cindy’s illness are two different things.”

Sean sneered.

Two different things?

He didn’t know if they were working on the document, but he saw that she and Lu Yi talked for more than half an hour!

Amber knew that he had never taken care of children, and didn’t tell him that Cindy couldn’t eat ice food.

She didn’t take care of her own child. When her child fell ill, she was here to blame him?

“Yes! I let your daughter eat three ice creams. You upset me, so I did that on purpose! Are you satisfied?”

Amber’s eyes turned suddenly red. What was there about her that would upset Sean? Lin Man’s watch?

“Sean, if you have any grievances against me, just take it out on me. Cindy is just a child…”


Sean sneered and interrupted Amber.

“What do I dare to do to you? You can easily take half my life away either by smashing Manman’s watch or complain about me in front my father!”

Sean’s words were a bit ironic. Amber’s heart trembled, and she bit her lower lip tightly.

Amber’s lips were pink and tender. As soon as she bit her lip, a tooth mark fell on her lower lip. Her eyes were red, and although there were no tears in them, they looked more pitiful than crying.

Sean became more irritated.

It was Amber who hooked up with that man and threw her daughter to him to let him take care of. It was also her who raised her daughter so fragile. Then she wanted to shift all the blames to him?

He raised his hand and threw the magazine in his hand on the table. Then he suddenly got up from the sofa and strode out of the ward!

“Mom, dad…”

When he was about to step out, Cindy’s faint murmur stumbled Sean’s footsteps.


Amber leaned against the bed and looked at Cindy.

She lifted her eyelids, and didn’t see Sean. Her eyes were filled with misty tears.

“Mom, has dad gone to work again?”

The desire for dad in her eyes was too deep, and Amber almost burst into tears.

Uncontrollably, Amber glanced at the door of the ward and saw Sean hadn’t left. She was a little surprised. Like grabbing a life-saving straw, amber whispered, “No, dad hasn’t left.”

Cindy pressed the corners of her mouth and smiled weakly, “Mom, I just heard you quarrel with dad.”

“I was the one who wanted to eat ice cream. I wanted it too much. Don’t blame dad.”

“Mom, don’t be angry with dad, okay?”

The sourness in Amber’s heart came out again, and her eyes, hidden in the snowy white thin blanket, looked extremely bright.

She grabbed the blanket and took a glance in the direction of Sean, and said in a voice that only the two of them could hear.

“Mom, don’t let dad go, okay? I don’t want to see dad only once every so long.”

Amber’s heart seemed to be shackled by a big hand. It was stuffy and painful, making her entire body ache uncontrollably.

Although Cindy was young, she knew that Sean was different from other kids’ dads!

She could tell it, and feel it.

Amber always felt that the perfect fairy tale she made up for Cindy would be exposed if she took another step forward!

That precarious feeling made Amber’s hair stand on end and her heart filled with fear.

“Okay. I’ll talk to dad and not let him go.”

Cindy’s eyes lit up again. Amber didn’t get up immediately. She reached out and touched her forehead, whispering, “You can’t eat so much ice food in the future, okay?”

With her illness in mind, Amber’s tone was not so harsh.

Cindy tamely nodded. Then Amber stood up and walked to the door of the ward.

The position where Sean was standing was backlit, and Amber couldn’t see the expression on his face. Instead, his well-knit neck looked somewhat impersonal.

“Sean, can you stay here tonight and keep Cindy company?”

Amber didn’t understand why Sean stopped when he reached the door. He was clearly angry just now.

So when she asked him, she sounded still a little bit worried.

Sean lit a cigarette. When he heard her words, he puffed out a mouthful of green and white smoke. Amber’s vision became even more blurred.

He sneered, then asked with a cold tone, “Director White, you’re going to keep me overnight?”

Amber’s body all at once stiffened.

“Cindy is sick, and doesn’t want be separated from dad. I admit that my previous tone was a bit unfriendly. I apologize to you.” Amber blinked and whispered, “She is still young, please stay with her for the night, ok?”

Sean curved the corners of his mouth and ridicule.

“What if I say no? Are you going to threaten me with Manman’s watch again?”

“Yes.” Amber nodded and answered without hesitation.

As soon as she said yes, Sean’s cell phone rang. He didn’t see who was calling, and just hung it up.

Amber took a half step forward and whispered, “Moreover, in order not to disturb Cindy’s recovery, both of our mobile phones must be put on silent mode.”

The smoke in front of Sean dispersed. His line of sight was cold and sharp, like a snake sticking out its tongue.

Amber thought Sean was going to be angry again. He suddenly bit the cigarette butt and raised his wrist to look at the time.

He changed a watch. Judging from the expression on Sean’s face when he looked at the time, he was very uncomfortable with this watch.

But he suppressed the depression in his heart, turned around and entered the door. When he passed by Amber, his shoulder rubbed hers.

He was strong and vigorous. Amber’s arm was numb for a while after being bumped by him.

Back in the ward, Sean threw his mobile phone to Amber. Instead of sitting down on the sofa, he took off his shoes, crossed his legs and sat on the edge of the bed.

Cindy could see him as soon as she looked up.

Cindy closed her eyes and fell asleep after making sure that Sean wouldn’t leave.

Cindy rarely got sick. This time it was obviously a bit serious. During dinner, her body temperature didn’t go down, but went up by two degrees.

She was a bit more clingy than usual.

Cindy’s condition was sometimes good and sometimes bad. Sean looked at her and suddenly remembered the picture when he bought her ice cream.

Cindy said that Amber wouldn’t let her eat ice cream.

Thinking about it at this time, he guessed that Amber was afraid that Cindy would get sick.

Sean frowned deeper, finding that there was even a trace of guilt remaining in his heart.

Even when Amber asked him to feed Cindy medicine, he reached out and took the medicine over though he was unwilling to do that.

There was hot water in the cup, and inside the medicine the doctor prescribed for Cindy, there were tablets. Sean raised his chin at Cindy, and said in a cold voice, “Get up, you have to take the medicine.”

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