Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 142: Dad and Mom Sleep With Me

Cindy blinked with her big eyes and got up from the bed.

She didn’t reach out for the medicine. Instead, she followed Sean’s example and crossed her legs, bargaining with Sean.

“Dad, I’ll be good and take the medicine, but can you promise me a thing.”

Sean glanced at Amber who was standing behind him like with a smile.

This kid really had learned Amber’s ways of bargaining thoroughly!

Although he was dissatisfied in his heart, he did not show it. He looked away and rested his eyes on Cindy. The tone of Sean became rarely lazy.

“What is it?”

Sean didn’t care about the condition that Sean was going to propose. In his opinion, a child wanted nothing more than a toy.

He was not short of such a little money, so he was very generous in letting Cindy say it.

“I hope you and mom can sleep with me tonight.”

Cindy’s eyes lit up, and she blurted out without hesitation.

With that, Sean and Amber were both frozen in situ.

Sean stuck out the tip of his tongue and licked the corner of his lips.

The picture that Cindy and Amber were whispering just now flashed into Sean’s mind.

In his eyes, a storm was brewing.

Was this what Amber taught her?

He mocked her last night for climbing into his bed with her daughter, and she was really going to do that at this time.

Sean’s fingers couldn’t be more stiff.

A flash of light flashed across his eyes. Placing the medicine in his hand on the table, Sean got off the bed and turned into the bathroom.


Cindy glanced at the closed bathroom door and called Amber.

Amber picked up the pills on the table one by one with a calm face, and handed them Cindy, “See? You made a bargain for taking the medicine, so dad is angry.”

“What should I do?”

“If you take the medicine nicely, dad will naturally not be angry.”

Cindy nodded and swallowed the medicine down.

Amber gave her a few more sips of water.

She knew that some of the medicine the doctor prescribed for Cindy was bitter.

After taking the medicine, she pressed her lips and looked at Amber and asked, “Mom, will dad sleep with us?”


Amber knew that this was the answer even if she thought about it with her toes.

“Yes, but mom and dad will be busy until late. Can you sleep on your own first?”

Cindy nodded reluctantly.

In the bathroom, Sean listened to the conversation between Cindy and Amber. He sneered, extinguished the cigarette at his fingertips, opened the door and walked out.

It was early, and Cindy hadn’t slept yet. Seeing Sean come out, Amber walked up to him and ran her hand through the hair beside her ear. Her fair-complexioned face was fully displayed before his eyes.

It was extraordinarily stunning.

“Sean, you need to change fresh dressing for the wound on your back….”

Sean stood still, glanced at her casually, and asked, “Director White, when can I leave tonight?”

Amber lifted her eyelids and said in a low voice, “Sean, you promised me that you will stay with Cindy here tonight.”

A slight smile appeared on Sean’s lips. But it was cold and sarcastic.

“How do we sleep?”

Amber blinked and whispered, “You sleep in the bed with Cindy. Although she’s young, she won’t sprawl all over the bed.”

Sean looked at Amber. Her eyes became especially meaningful.

It meant that he had to be at their disposal?

She turned sideways, avoiding Sean’s eyes, and said, “After Cindy falls asleep, I will sleep on the sofa and won’t affect you.”

Sean sneered. He didn’t believe Amber at all.

He would like to see what Amber was up to!

Passing by Amber, Sean walked straight to the bed, where Cindy had finished the drip and was lying on the bed reading a story book.

Sean was tall. He sat on the edge of the bed, putting his long legs flat on the bed in a lazy posture.

After Cindy saw Sean, her eyes lit up. She turned around and waved to Amber, “Mom, mom, come on, let’s sleep.”

Amber glanced at Sean’s face and whispered, “Mom is not sleepy. You and dad sleep first.”

Cindy was sick and her face was still visibly pale, “Mom, I’m sleepy. I want to hear stories. Come over and tell me stories, okay?”

Amber’s heart softened. She walked forward and sat on the other side of the large bed, took the book from Cindy and whispered, “Which one do you want to hear?”

Cindy lay in the thin blanket, holding Sean’s hand putting flat on the big bed, and grinningly said a story name.

“Lettuce Girl.”

Amber worried that what Cindy did would anger Sean, so she glanced at him carefully. She was relieved to see that his expression remained unchanged.

However, she just turned the storybook to the page Cindy said. Cindy suddenly patted the position beside her and said pitifully, “Mom, you lie here and tell me the story.”

After thinking about it, Cindy added, “Dad wants to hear it too! If you sit there, dad can’t hear you!”

Sean, “…”

Was he insane? How could he want to hear that kind of foolish story!

If Amber stood by the bed and read him the financial newspaper, he might be interested in it!


Cindy called her sweetly. Amber was still sitting on the edge of the bed and was about to start telling the story. Sean suddenly opened his mouth, “Didn’t you hear Cindy ask you to sit over?”

Amber stopped and looked at Sean in surprise.

The corner of his mouth curved mockingly.

Pretending to be innocent before him? Did she think he would be interested in her?

Seemingly realizing Sean’s mockery, Amber knitted her eyebrows, took off her high heels, and lay down beside Cindy. She held the storybook in one hand and read it to Cindy .

The story was too boring. Sean listened to it for a while and felt that the story didn’t make sense just like the recent stupid TV drama.

He was drowsy, and drowsiness also began to steal upon Amber’s eyelids. But Cindy who took the medicine was very energetic.

Amber closed the storybook, reached out, patted Cindy, and whispered, “It’s getting late. Cindy, time for sleep.”

Cindy got up from the bed.

“Mom, I’m going to the toilet.”

When Amber was about to help her with that, Cindy stopped her.

“I can go by myself. Mom, you and dad sleep first.”

With that, Cindy got out of bed. Her stomach should still hurt. She walked a little unsteadily and tottered.

As soon as she left, Amber and Sean realized how close they were to each other.

When Sean turned his head, his warm breath sprayed on her face.

Amber’s hair stood on end. Then she moved back, distancing herself and Sean.

Sean was a little irritated. It was Amber who threw herself into his arms. At this time, she was acting like she was avoiding him like a scorpion. What was the point of doing this?

If Cindy’s illness was not related to him, he would have left early. How could he be here and do those silly things with them?

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