Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 143: The Way Amber Threatened Him Was Too Skillful

Amber was sitting. Because they were too close just now, her heart raced a bit. She turned her back to him and concealed all her emotions.

Sean lifted his eyes, only to see her fair earlobes and almost perfect profile.

The lights in the ward poured down, which made her skin look more smooth and delicate.

The color of Sean’s eyes became deeper.

“Director White, you tried all your best to climb onto my bed. Today, you finally got what you wanted through your daughter’s hands!”

After Amber heard it, she glanced back at him.

Sean’s eyes narrowed slightly, and the smile at the corners of his lips were mocking.

“It’s not easy!”

When he spoke, his lips looked thinner.

Amber licked the corners of her lips, and talked back, “I can succeed. Isn’t it because of the opportunity Mr. Smith gave to me?!”

Sean’s face turned livid.

He had to stay here because of Manman’s watch.

Why did it sound differently when Amber said it?

The opportunity he gave?

If it weren’t for Manman, Amber wouldn’t even have been able to meet him!

He sneered and was about to speak when the sound of the toilet flushing came from the bathroom. Amber suddenly turned her head and bent down. Her whole body seemed to stick up to his.

“Sean, I know you’re dissatisfied, but for the sake of Cindy, please put up with it! Otherwise…”

Amber suddenly stopped before she finished speaking…

It was as if she suddenly realized that she was going too far?

Sean was a bit unprepared for Amber’s suddenly enlarged face. Once he heard her words, his eyes suddenly turned cold!

He knew what she was going to say even by thinking with his toes!

Otherwise, she would smash his watch? !

The way Amber threatened him was too skillful, and a heavy haze covered Sean’s heart.



Ha ha!

Amber seemed to be holding the lifeblood of everyone in the Smith family, and everyone had to listen to her!

Including him!

After Amber finished speaking, Cindy had walked out of the bathroom.

Cindy was sick, so her face lost a bit of redness of the skin. She looked exceptionally weak.

Climbing onto the bed, she glanced at Amber and then at Sean with big eyes, “Mom, dad, are you whispering?”

When Cindy spoke, Amber realized how ambiguous their positions were.

Her whole body was pressed on Sean’s, with her right hand resting on his hard chest. Her hair was scattered on the side of his pillow, like they were embroiling with each other.

She pushed her hair aside, and said uncomfortably, “No, it’s late. Cindy, you should go to bed.”

Saying that, Amber reached out to picked Cindy up. Cindy dodged flexibly and said, “Mom, I want to sleep by the side.”

Amber was taken aback. Cindy suddenly stretched out her arms to circle Amber’s neck. In her big eyes, there was a cunning look.

“Mom, I sleep by the side and can still see dad at night.”

Her voice was very small. If they weren’t close, Amber might not be able to hear her.

“In this case, dad will not leave quietly while Cindy is asleep.”

Amber trembled.

Ever since Cindy was in school, she started asking her where her father was. At that time, Amber was pestered by her and told her that Sean was too busy and would come back when she was asleep and leave before she woke up.

When she lied, Amber didn’t think it was not okay. She thought that Cindy was young and would never remember…

Amber’s eyes were sore, and the smile on her face was frozen.

Cindy shocked Amber too much when she was sick. She suffered a great deal of heartache.

Cindy didn’t notice it. Her eyes bent into small crescents. She stretched out her fleshy little hand and touched the corner Amber’s mouth.

“Can I, mom?”

Cindy didn’t whisper these two words. Hearing that, Sean put on a curious look.

He was about to ridicule Amber, but suddenly remembered what Amber threatened him. He opened his mouth, but said nothing.

Amber reached out her hand and touched her heart. Her voice was trembling imperceptibly.


Sean’s lips were pressed tightly. He didn’t hear what the two said. He only felt that Amber and Cindy were not up to something good.

Cindy sat down on the bed and pouted in Amber’s direction, “Mom, goodnight kiss.”

Amber leaned down to kiss Cindy on the face.

She came out of the thin blanket and glanced in Sean’s direction triumphantly.

Sean was staring at them firmly, trying to hear what they were talking about. Seeing Cindy glance at him, he subconsciously looked away.

In the next second, the warm soft touch spread over from the right side of his face. Sean stiffened and turned his head reflexively. Then he looked into Cindy’s beautiful eyes.

“Dad, goodnight kiss!”

Sean stiffened. There was a bit of coldness in his narrowed eyes.

Amber was really good at teaching children.

Did Cindy kiss all kinds of people?

She had no safety awareness at all!

Didn’t Amber care about her daughter the most? Wasn’t she afraid that Cindy would be taken advantage of in the future?

He snorted in his heart, and looked overcast.

Sean guessed that something must have been wrong with him. He actually began to care about the way Amber educated her daughter.

Amber stirred up so many troubles in the past two days, which had made him have a headache!

Seeing that Sean’s face was overcast, Cindy blinked and reached out to pull Amber’s clothes, “Mom, look, you only gave Cindy a goodnight kiss. Dad didn’t get one. He is angry!”

Amber and Sean both froze.

Sean was stiff, as if his body was a stone.

His thin lips were tightly pressed. His falcon-like eyes fell on Cindy.

How did Cindy tell that he wanted a goodnight kiss from Amber?

Did he look like he lusted for women?

Thinking about it, Sean couldn’t help moving his eyes to Amber’s lips.

They were pink, and delicate, like a budding rose with a touch of softness.

His eyes became deep in an instant.

Amber was also a little embarrassed. She stretched out her hand to grab Cindy’s small body and snapped in a low voice, “Nonsense, Dad is angry because you don’t sleep, though you are sick!”

Cindy tucked in the thin soft blanket, blinked and looked at Sean over Amber.

“But mom, didn’t you say that we have to treat everyone equally?”

“Dad, you want a goodnight kiss too, don’t you?”

Sean snorted coldly, and his eyes fell on Amber’s lips involuntarily.

“Who cares?!”

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