Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 144: Dream

Sean’s line of sight stuck to Amber’s skin. Each inch of it seemed to freeze. The coldness went straight to Amber’s heart.

He suddenly turned over and turned his back to Amber and Cindy.

“See, dad is just angry that you didn’t give him a goodnight kiss!”

Amber, “…”

She clasped Cindy’s small body tightly, pulled the blanket to cover her, and whispered, “Alright, sleep!”

Cindy smiled, closed her eyes nicely, and said, “Mom, being angry too often is not good for your health. Don’t forget to give dad a goodnight kiss!”

She was convinced of Amber’s words that mom and dad loved each other very much, and right now stubbornly believed that Sean was just waiting for Amber’s goodnight kiss.

Amber could only nod haphazardly and reached out to turn off the light.

The surrounding light suddenly became extraordinarily dim. As the visual effect weakened, people’s senses became extraordinarily keen.

Sean licked his lips. They lay on the same bed. Amber was at the place that was less than five centimeters behind his back.

The tip of his nose lingered with a delicate and shallow fragrance that he couldn’t ignore even if he wanted to.

Sean moved his body, and his heart was once again covered with an overcast haze. He only felt that he was full of Amber’s smell, lingering.

The position on his side sank, and Sean was instinctively on guard.

In front of Cindy, Amber was a very good person. She acted up to her promise and set herself an example to Cindy. So it was hard to guarantee that Amber would not take advantage of the opportunity to take advantage of him!

However, Amber just moved, and adjusted to a comfortable position. She patted Cindy softly again and again, humming an unnamed nursery rhyme, and coaxed Cindy to sleep.

Sean pressed his lips. There was wound on him and he was busy for a whole day. After dealing with Cindy’s school thing, he went back to the company to handle the documents.

Finally, when he got time to rest, he accompanied Cindy to Happy Valley, and then came to the hospital.

Sean had long been tired. The beat Amber patted Cindy was gentle and long. Then drowsiness began to steal upon his eyelids.

The sound of the child’s breathing in his ears was long and light. It sounded like she was asleep. There was movement behind him, as if she was worried about waking the child. So she patted her lightly.

The smell in his nose was clearer, and Sean was stiff.


Cindy murmured in a low voice. Amber who was going to get out of the bed stopped. Sean’s sight was engulfed in the dark night.

There were sparse lights flowing in from outside. It was not bright in the room, but it was enough for Sean to see Amber’s movements clearly.

She was trying to get out of bed.

Sean stroked his chin. His eye were dark. He suddenly remembered what Amber had just said, when Cindy fell asleep, she would sleep on the couch!

He raised his eyebrows, and he was thinking about Amber’s goodnight kiss, fearing that she would really kiss him, and also fearing that she would not. If he stopped her, Amber would taunt him that he was flattering himself.

Sean’s mood was getting worse. With something on his mind, he slowly fell asleep.

Mostly because he resisted Amber too much. After he fell asleep, he found that he was leaning against a woman in a daze, as if him was in an ocean.

The woman’s body was incredibly soft. Sean pulled off the woman’s clothes, and saw the woman’s face clearly.

Amber ? !

Sean opened his eyes abruptly in a panic. The fragrance of the woman still remained on his fingertips.

He shrank his fingers subconsciously, feeling something wrong. Then he glanced at the position of his hand.

The sporadic lights that seeped through the window were enough for Sean to see clearly where his big hand was placed.

He narrowed his eyes and immediately took back his hand that was touching Amber’s thigh.

Sean’s action was too fast. The strap was entangled with Amber’s dress’s hemline. The next second, the ringing sound of the dress tearing, was especially obvious in the ward.

Sean’s hand froze.

He closed his eyes, realizing that Amber was not waking up, then he stretched out his hand and rubbed his eyebrows.

The corners of his mouth moved, as if a big hole had been dug in his heart. All kinds of absurdities and weirdness emerged endlessly.

Sean gasped heavily. Thinking of that the object of his sex dream was Amber, he was still upset!

It seemed that he was too short of women!

Otherwise, he would not have intimate behavior with Amber in his dream!

It was not so uncomfortable in his heart. Sean looked back at Amber who was asleep, and the lying position pushed her dress up.

Because of what he did just now, the dress was once again torn and completely unable to cover Amber’s beautiful legs.

The pair of fair-complexioned slender legs overlapped each other. Her skin was like snow, which was especially eye-catching in the dim environment.

Sean’s throat was dry. He snorted coldly and was about to look away. But he stopped when he saw the scar on Amber’s stomach.

A scar ruined the beauty of her flat lower abdomen, which was extremely hideous.


Sean sneered. Amber was really his good wife!

Without letting him spend a little effort, he became a father!

Amber was really considerate of him!

He licked the corner of his lips. His vision seemed to be masked with a veil. His emotions couldn’t really be seen, and were tainted by the darkness of the night.

He glanced at Amber and saw her lying on her side, sleeping soundly.

Sean snorted coldly. Didn’t she say that she would sleep on the sofa?

Seeing him fall asleep, she pretended to be dumb. In order to climb onto his bed, Amber would do everything!

When she was awake, she made the promise!

It was only because she held his weakness in his hand that she dared to be so arrogant!

In a bad mood, Sean looked away and lifted the thin blanket to get out of the bed. He held the cigarette case and lighter and walked out of the ward.

The hallway was dimly lit, but much better than the ward with the lights off.

Sean sat down on the green plastic bench and lit himself a cigarette.

After a mouthful of smoke was puffed off, his depressed mood was somewhat relieved. He suddenly heard his name.

“Hey, I heard that Sean brought his wife and daughter to the hospital today. Really?”

Sean’s body froze. He sat next to the nurse’s station. The nurses on duty could not see him, but the content of their conversation fell into his ears verbatim.

“Yes, their daughter has a fever, and she’s in the next ward. I’m telling you, they love each other so much. When they brought the child here, Sean’s face turned pale in fear!”

“Come on, you think I don’t read the newspaper! Obviously, Amber threw herself into Sean’s arms. Sean is so famous. No women in Tong City doesn’t want to be his wife. It’s just that Amber married him by playing some kind of tricks!”

“Furthermore, when Amber married Sean, she was pregnant. Who knows if her child is Sean’s! Maybe her child is just a burden of Sean!”

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