Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 145: Mr. Smith, Aren’t You Going to Explain What’s Going on

“What burden? Miss Smith and Mr. Smith look alike. Especially their eyes, they looked the same. If you don’t believe, you can ask Qiqi about it!”

“Yes, they really look alike. At first glance, I know that girl is his biological daughter. if Sean really hates his wife, he doesn’t need to humble himself and stay here!”

“Mr. Smith really spoils his wife. When I passed by their ward last night, I saw him feeding medicine to Miss Smith!”

“What wrote on the newspaper was either he and his wife pretend to love each other or those female stars deliberately created gossip about Mr. Smith to be famous!”


Sean’s fingertips that were holding the cigarette stiffened.

His first reaction was that the nurses were talking nonsense.

When Cindy was sent to the hospital, his wound was dehiscent. Wasn’t it normal for him to look pale?

What did they say?

He looked pale because he was scared by Cindy’s illness?

Ha ha……

Besides, Cindy looked a lot like him?

He frowned and suddenly remembered the paternity test that Lu Xiangxiang delivered to his company.

Gu Jinyan and Lu Xiangxiang had a good relationship. He gave Sean’s underwear to Lu Xiangxiang and let her do the paternity test.


The process of the paternity test was complicated, and it would take almost ten days to complete it!

The paternity test that Lu Xiangxiang did for him was obviously completed in an underground organization!

It was not even standard!

Furthermore, Lu Xiangxiang and Amber had such a deep friendship. Who knew if she deliberately spent some money to forge a proof in order to help Amber secure Mrs. Smith’s position.

After one cigarette burned, Sean lit the second one. The smoke leaked from his mouth, and his eyebrows knitted deeper and deeper.

The little nurses hadn’t finished chatting, and one of them kept saying how much Cindy resembled him.

Saying that Cindy was so young and had his character on her, that she could grit her teeth and hold on even when her stomach was uncomfortable, and that she was so good-natured that she wasn’t like a three-year-old child!

Sean licked the corners of his lips. It was probably because the nurse described it vividly, Cindy’s face suddenly appeared in his mind.

He and Cindy looked at each other quite a few times, and many times he felt that Cindy’s eyes looked familiar.

Thinking about it, her eyes were indeed somewhat similar to his. Cindy was still young, and she was a beautiful girl.

Therefore, many people would only marvel at Cindy’s beauty and cuteness at a glance. No one would pay attention to whose eyes her eyes looked like.

The summer air was a bit stuffy. Even if there was enough air-conditioning on the SVIP floor, Sean didn’t feel the air was fresh.

He suddenly remembered three years ago, when Amber had just married into the Smith family.

Sean only loved Lin Man and couldn’t accept Amber at all, but Amber insisted Cindy was his child.

At that time, the Smith family intended to let Cindy and Sean do the paternity test!

It was just that the formal paternity test process adopted the real name system. If it was done, it would be exposed by the media immediately.

If Cindy was not his child, there would be a turbulence in the Smith Group.

Furthermore, doing a paternity test itself was not a glorious thing, as if publicly admitting that Sean married a woman with a dissolute private life.

For the Smith Group, Tomas and Sean’s mother didn’t agree, so Sean didn’t do the test.

Three years later, when Cindy’s appearance was talked about again. Sean curled his lip.

Even after thinking back countless times, he still didn’t remember that he slept with Amber!

Amber’s face and figure were the most amazing among the women he had ever seen. If he really had sex with Amber, he would definitely remember it!

Sean narrowed his eyes. There was no way that Cindy could be his daughter.

Why should he care about the report of the paternity test that Lu Xiangxiang faked.

The world was full of wonders. There were plenty of people who looked like each other!

The idea that people who looked alike were father and daughter was absurd!

The depression in Sean’s heart dissipated a bit. He stood up straight. His contour profile was stretched by the light, which made him more elegant and handsome.

Some of smoke smell dissipated. Sean stood straight up and entered the ward again.

Sean reached out and turned on the wall lamp in the outer room. The dim light was not dazzling. He took two steps inside, and his eyes stopped on the table at the door.

There were a pair of scissors and several collection bags.

These things were common in the hospital. They were probably brought here by the nurse who gave Cindy infusion and she forgot to take them away.

His eyebrows moved. He rubbed his fingers against his trousers for a moment, and then reached for the scissors and walked into the bedroom.

Cindy slept on the edge of the bed. Through the light seeping from outside, he saw that her eyes were closed and the corners of her lips slightly curved.

Sean’s eyes fell on Cindy’s. Although she was young, the outline of her eyes was clear.

With such a careful observation, Cindy did look a little like him, especially her eyes.

Sean’s hand that was holding the scissors froze. She carefully cut off a few strands of Cindy’s hair.

He was worried about waking up Amber and Cindy. Sean’s movements were very light, and he was extremely cautious even when he straightened up.

Suddenly, Cindy opened her eyes. Sean froze and looked into her eyes.


The tall black figure in front of her was too scary. She suddenly burst into a rage of tears. Sean stood straight abruptly and stuffed the collection bag into his pocket.

The next second, the lights in the room were turned on, and the lights were dazzling. Sean stretched out his hand and covered his eyes.

The scissors in his hand fell into Amber’s sight.

Amber reached out and hugged Cindy. Cindy was probably shocked, cried loudly and looked very pale.

The sleepiness in Amber’s eyes disappeared. She pulled her daughter into her arms, patted and soothed her, and stared at the scissors in Sean’s hand vigilantly.

“Mr. Smith, aren’t you going to explain what’s going on? What are you doing standing by Cindy’s pillow with a pair of scissors in your hand in the midnight?”

Sean’s eyebrows moved, and the hand holding the scissors became extremely stiff.

He was not happy with Amber’s questioning tone, and coldly placed the scissors on the table. His tone was not that good, “It’s none of your business.”

“None of my business? What you did has scared my daughter! She is young and not very courageous. Even an adult who wakes up in the middle of the night will be scared by you, let alone her!”

“I said, if you have a problem with me, take it out on me. Why did you have to scare Cindy like this?”

Sean gasped heavily. He was the president of the Smith Group. How could he scare a three-year-old child?

Didn’t Amber claim herself to be smart? Didn’t she think what she said didn’t make sense at all?

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