Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 147: Sean, Did I Mention My Sister-in-law’s Name?

Sean was chocked, “Don’t talk nonsense! I have a partner. He wants to do a paternity test with his daughter.”

“That person’s identity is not bad. If his daughter is really not his. it’s disgraceful to be known by others!”

Gu Jinyan sneered. Sean now thought that he Gu Jinyan was born yesterday and can be cheated easily, right?!

“What partner? Sean, it is you, right?”

Sean frowned. Gu Jinyan then said, “I grew up with you together. Don’t I know you? You are arrogant. You won’t explain anything. It is strange that you can explain today. I think you are trying to cover up! “

Sean was angry. Gu Jinyan’s criticism made him embarrassed. He licked the corner of his lip and said, “why should I do paternity testing with Cindy? I never had sex with Amber! You are stupid, aren’t you?”

“Oh, Mr. Smith, did I mention my sister-in-law’s name? Are you guilty?”

Sean’s face was dark and gloomy. He didn’t think Gu Jinyan was eloquent. He just woke up so that he was more smarter?

“If you don’t know, just tell me. Stop talking nonsense!”

Sean sneered and hung up.

He didn’t believe it. If Gu Jinyan didn’t say it, he couldn’t find a place to do paternity test!

The phone screen in his hand lit up. Sean took a look and answered.

“What else?”

“Sean, you can’t hang up before I finish. Even if you’re angry, you can’t.”

Gu Jinyan’s words were full of teasing and laughing, and Sean’s face turned black again.

He didn’t want to chat with Gu Jinyan. Subconsciously, he planed to hang up, and was stopped by Gu Jinyan.

“Wait, wait, wait!” Gu Jinyan said with a smile, “I just laugh. Don’t be angry! I really know several paternity testing institutions which can protect customers’ privacy. I will send you the address! “

Sean: “…Well.”

After Gu Jinyan finished, Sean’s bad mood was better.

“Don’t forget to inform me when the result come out. If Cindy is really your daughter, I will definitely give my nephew a big red envelope at that time!”

“Ha ha ha ha!”

Gu Jinyan was still laughing, and Sean has hung up the phone without expression.

He was upset by Gu Jinyan’s teasing, and Sean’s face was not good.

He still had injuries. Besides, he had to work during the day. Sean didn’t want to waste his time angry with Amber.

When the phone screen returned to the call log page, Sean finally saw more than 20 missed calls.

They all from the old house!

The wound on his back seemed to be painful, and Sean looked down. He suddenly remembered that he was going back to the old house tonight.

Sean remembered the angry face of Tomas.

Sean cursed!

Damn it!

For the sake of Cindy, he forgot his own business!

So what should he do now?

He has just been driven out of the ward by the old man’s good daughter-in-law. Then he went in and asked Amber to carry Cindy back to the old house?

Amber may not agree. The most important was that if he did so, he felt extreme embarrassed.

Sean stared at the mobile phone number of Tomas for a moment, moved his fingertip up, looked at Gu Jinyan’s phone number again and called him.

Gu Jinyan was about to fall asleep. The phone rang again. He picked up the mobile phone to have a look. He said impatiently.

“What happened?”

Sean’s voice seemed to be very cold, and his words were also indifferent. “come out for a drink. I am waiting for you at Ye Se!”

With that, there was a busy tone on the phone.

Gu Jinyan,”…”

The hospital was not too far away from Ye Se. Sean drove and waited for the traffic lights at the intersection downstairs of the hospital. After lighting a cigarette, Sean saw an acquaintance.

As he passed the intersection, the speed slowed down. Sean recognized the car that was driving in the opposite direction. It was Lu Yi’s!

Sean stepped on the brake and saw Lu Yi’s gentle face through the window.

Sean reached out his tongue to the corner of his lips, and his eyes were cool.

In the middle of the night, Lu Yi’s car has already stopped the downstairs of the hospital. Sean knew that Lu Yi was looking for Amber without thinking.

Sean was upset. He thought that Amber was really in love with her daughter and would drive him out of the ward. Now, it seemed that she was worried he would destroy their date!

Amber can really pretend in front of him!

The horns behind his car were shrill, and Sean resisted his desire to go back to the hospital. He stepped on the accelerator and drove to Ye Se.

As soon as Sean ordered some wine, the box door was pushed open. Gu Jinyan walked in, sat down opposite to Sean, lit a cigarette and asked:

“Sean, are you crazy? You don’t sleep in the middle of the night but come to drink? “

Sean’s face did not change. He took the red wine bottle, poured himself a glass of wine and drank it.

This kind of drinking way made Gu Jinyan frown..

He was stimulated!?

Gu Jinyan exhaled smoke and glanced at the wine in Sean’s hand, and was surprised.

Romani canti was nearly one million dollars. Sean drank more than 100000 just now!

Gu Jinyan narrowed his beautiful peach blossom eyes and said in a low voice: “you should not erase your worries with wine! Yesterday, you got all kinds of headlines. It’s the time for you to be proud. What’s the matter now? “

Sean ignored Gu Jinyan.

He was thinking about Lu Yi.

Sean took a look at the watch. It was nearly three o’clock in the morning. Lu Yi must have purpose to go to the hospital to see Amber now.

It was dark outside. What did Amber and Lu Yi did in the hospital?

In the afternoon, Amber didn’t even accompany her daughter. She chatted with Lu Yi in the car for half an hour!

The relationship between Amber and his good cousin was really good, they just like the conjoined babies!

And then Cindy, the little bad child was with him last time. She called Lu Yi Dad Lu happily!

Maybe as soon as Lu Yi went, Cindy would call her Dad Lu to bed!

The more Sean thought, the more uncomfortable he was. He felt he was cuckolded. Ye Se lights on his head confused all the emotions on his face.

But that pretty face looked inexplicably dark.

Gu Jinyan thought it was boring. He took the wine and poured himself a glass of wine. he said with a smile: “it is boring for we two big men to drink alone. There is a beauty over there who has been staring at you for a long time. Would you like to go and have a drink with her?”

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