Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 148: The Relationship Between Director Lu And director Qin Is Really Close Enough

    The boxes in the Ye Se were quite special. The boxes were facing the hall, which were enough for the VIP inside to enjoy the performance outside.  

    Gu Jinyan did not close the door when he came in. The two people were outstanding in appearance, and naturally many people looked at them.  

    If Gu Jinyan said that unusually, Sean either scolded him or made jokes with him.  

    However, Sean just rolled his eyes at him, pressed his lips and said, “if you like, you could go!”  

    With that, Sean took out his mobile phone, clicked on the screen and called Xu Lin.  

    “Get me the information of the marketing department. I’ll use it!”  

    Xu Lin,”…”  

    He was still sleepy. When he heard Sean’s words, he was in a daze and unconsciously asked a silly question: “now?”  

    “Now!” Sean’s eyes became sharp”five minutes for you!”  

    Xu Lin suddenly sobered up. If all the information of the marketing department needed to be transferred out, not to mention five minutes, Xu Lin estimated that he could not finish this task in five years!  

    But as soon as Xu Lin listened to Sean’s tone, he knew that Sean’s mind was not in the information of the marketing department.  

    He must be mad at Director White.  

    Unable to sleep, Xu Lin got up and passed the information to Sean’s mobile phone in less than five minutes.  

    Sitting in the bar under the lights, Sean did nothing but took out his mobile phone to work!  

    Gu Jinyan only thinks it was ridiculous. If Sean was not stimulated, he didn’t believe it!  

    He shook the red wine glass in his hand, and rolled his peach blossom eyes. He had a good relationship with Sean. He has been to Smith Group several times. If he remembered correctly, the director of marketing department was Amber, right?  

    Gu Jinyan took a look at Sean’s face and felt that he was close to the truth!  

    Sean didn’t know what Gu Jinyan was thinking. He held the mobile phone and frowned. He was obviously serious.  

    Since Amber manage the marketing department, there has been no big trouble. Sean has read through all the details and frowned tightly.  

    After about three or five minutes, Sean found out the phone book and called Amber.  

    When the phone was about to hang up automatically, Amber answered the phone slowly.  

    Sean snorted coldly and satirize, “director White is too busy enough to answer the phone until such a long time!”  

    They just had a quarrel, and Amber was still angry. She said coldly, “Mr. Smith, if you call to satirize me, I’m sorry I have no time to listen to you. I have to take care of my sick daughter!”  

    Taking care of your daughter?  

    Sean sneered. She took care of Lu Yi, that intimate lover!  

    “I just took a look at the information of the marketing department. There is something wrong with the opening ceremony of Yanchi mansion. Now you should hand in a complete report to me!”  

    Amber controlled her anger. Even she paid little attention to the Yanchi mason’s funding. When did Sean begin to take charge of such a small matter?  

    It was just a provocation!  

    She licked the corner of her lip and said, “OK, Mr. Smith, please wait a few minutes. Cindy’s condition is not good. After taking her temperature, I’ll get you a complete report!”  

    Amber said the last few words particularly heavily. After finishing, she hung up without waiting for Sean’s response!  

    Sean’s face was darker!  

    He didn’t know what happened recently. When he talked to Amber, he always had a sense of identity exchange between them.  

    It seemed that Amber was the president of Smith company!  

    Sean was so angry with Amber that he wanted to smash his mobile phone.  

    He looked down and stopped his hand.  

    He didn’t seem to hear Lu Yi’s voice on the phone just now. Lu Yi didn’t go?  

    Sean licked his lips. Lu Yi just went to visit Cindy and saw that Cindy didn’t have a big problem and left?  

    Gu Jinyan was fluttered when he saw Sean’s behaviors. Sean didn’t act after chatting with Amber. Instead, he was in a daze at his mobile phone. Gu Jinyan couldn’t help but laugh,  

    Sean looked at Gu Jinyan unpleasantly. Gu Jinyan joked subconsciously:  

    “When do you manage such a small estate as Yanchi mansion? Sean, the boss of Smith group, have been working hard! ”  

    Sean lifted his eyelids and glanced at Gu Jinyan.  

    Amber controlled the marketing department very well. She was meticulous and devoted to her work. Even if Sean tried to find fault, he found nothing!  

    Yan Chi mansion was just about to start these days. Amber didn’t take charge of it!  

    After being teased by Gu Jinyan, Sean was embarrassed and said angrily, “you, the president of Gu group, are very leisurely. You have the time to concern Smith group’s affairs!”  

    Gu Jinyan blinked his peach blossom eyes and saw Sean call Amber again!  

    Although Ye Se was a bar, the sound insulation in the box was good. He also heard the conversation between Sean and Amber.  

    Amber has already said that after a few minutes, she would give Sean the report. Sean called Amber urgently. It was not like dealing with the matter of the work but like catching traitors!  

    After drinking the red wine, Gu Jinyan kept silent and continued to watch the play.  

    It was not a long time before Amber answered the phone.  

    There was no sound on the phone. Sean glanced at the screen of his mobile phone, which showed that the phone was in call status. He frowned and said, “the opening ceremony report of Yanchi mansion…”  

    “Sean, I’m helping director White do it, but you know the process. No one can do it in three or five minutes. Could you please wait for half an hour and I’ll send it to you soon.”  

    Sean held the phone tightly at once.  

    From Gu Jinyan’s angle, he can even see Sean’s white bone which showed his anger!  

    Sean’s face sank slowly.  

    He took a sip of the wine. His lips were dyed with magnificent colors, and his voice was covered with a light magnetism because of alcohol.  

    “The relationship between director Lu and director White is really close enough. You stay together so late. You can even make decisions for director White and answer her phone!”  

    There was a silence on the phone. After a long time, Lu Yi began to say slowly: “Sean, Cindy has a fever again. Amber is too busy to answer the call! Don’t misunderstand.”  

    “I have a report to make. I’ll hang up first!”  

    The phone hung up and Sean’s face darkened.  

    They were really his good staffs who were good at hanging up his phone.  

    Sean took a deep breath. His eyes were deep due to the alcohol. He was furious.  

    As if he didn’t believe, Sean called again.  

    Until the phone was hung up automatically, the calmness on Sean’s face disappeared. He was in a rage!  

    How dare Amber not answer his phone?!  

    Good, good!  

    Director White was really capable!

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