Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 149: I Shouldn’t Be Whipped Again for the People like Amber!

Sean stood up and Gu Jinyan was shocked by his sudden action.

Seeing that he was going to leave, Gu Jinyan stopped him: “where are you going?”

“I’ll go to the hospital!”

He pushed Gu Jinyan, and almost can’t control his anger.

When Gu Jinyan heard that, he was a little angry with Sean. He swore and said, “Sean, are you kidding me? You called me when I was sleeping and now you’re leaving? “

Sean licked the corner of his lips and said, “Be yourself! Drink more and I treat!”

“I’m short of money?” Gu Jinyan sneered. He looked up and down at Sean and asked in a low voice, “Why? Are you jealous because Amber and Lu Yi stay together now?”

The expression on Sean’s face has changed. It was the first time for Gu Jinyan to see his straightforward emotion as if Sean was afraid people knew he was mad at Amber!

“Gu Jinyan, if you are drank, I would ask Xu Lin to pick you up!”

Gu Jinyan snorted coldly and said with a smile: “Stubborn! Since you entered, you keep calling sister-in-law! Sean, it’s not right to use such a way to attract woman’s attention… “

Sean’s blue tendons rolled on his forehead.

He was still thinking about going to the hospital. He didn’t have time to talk to Gu Jinyan about these things here!

“In the afternoon, the old man called and asked me to take Amber and her daughter back to the old house!”

Sean’s gloomy face was more darkened: “I was whipped by the old man because of the wife abuse scandal!”

“If I don’t do it, what if I get another whips?”

Gu Jinyan was speechless. After he knowing Sean for so many years, it was the first time that he knew Sean was so arrogant and stubborn!

“I shouldn’t be whipped again for the people like Amber!”

Sean licked the corner of his lips and his eyes became more firm.

With that, he pushed Gu Jinyan and strode out of the door.

After he left, Gu Jinyan reached out and touched his chin, smiling.

It was really interesting. Today, Sean has explained for the second time because of Amber!

Anyway, Gu Jinyan may not be able to sleep when he went back. He tidied up his suit and followed Sean out of Ye Se.

Gu Jinyan was ready to go to the hospital to see the play!

In the hospital.

Lu Yi hung up and took a look at Amber’s mobile phone. It was silent model.

After a moment’s hesitation, Lu Yi turned over her mobile phone screen and put it on the desktop.

When Amber came out of the bathroom with Cindy in her arms, Lu Yi was still sitting.

It may be because Cindy was frightened by Sean at night. The temperature of Cindy went up for several times and she kept sweating.

For fear that she might catch cold after blowing the air conditioner, Amber hung up the phone from Sean and took Cindy to the bathroom and gave her a bath.

The clothes on Cindy were still the white gauze skirt before.

Cindy’s personality like Sean’s, she particularly liked to be clean. After taking a bath, her eyes were red because she had no clothes to change.

Amber comforted her and reached for her mobile phone. Lu Yi stopped Amber and said in a low voice, “I heard a little about the conversation between you and Sean just now. I’m helping you with the opening ceremony report of Yanchi mansion. You should have a rest first.”

The director of marketing department and director of public relations department doing this kind of small property opening report together was a waste!

Amber agreed and did not refuse.

Amber was not comfortable. In addition, she took care of Sean last night and had a low fever!

But Lu Yi was still there. It was hard for her to lie on the bed and sleep!

“Why are you here at this time?”

Lu Yi glanced at his watch and whispered, “there’s something wrong with the public relations department. It was a bit late when I finished. I heard that Cindy was ill. I’m worried so I come to see her.”

Amber was deeply moved.

She wanted Sean to spend time with Cindy. As a result, there were a lot of troubles. Instead, it was Lu Yi who showed up when she needed to.

At the same time, Amber was a little embarrassed. She reached out and patted Cindy and said in a low voice, “Cindy, Father Lu has come to see you and you should greet him.”

Cindy was ill, and her little face was pale.

“Uncle Lu.”

As soon as Cindy opened her mouth, both Lu Yi and Amber were stunned. After all, Cindy has always called Lu Yi Father Lu. She suddenly changed now and both of them were somewhat surprised.

Lu Yi closed his eyes and moved his hand which was holding the mobile phone.

“Cindy, what did you call me?”

Cindy licked her dry lips. She glanced at Lu Yi and said in a low voice, “the teacher said that we can’t call dad at will. Uncle Lu, you…Are you angry? “

She blinked her big eyes. With the long eyelashes, she was more like a doll.

Lu Yi pinched his fingers and smiled.

There was no need to get angry with a three-year-old girl.


Lu Yi’s eyes moved away from Cindy and fixed on Amber for a moment.

When Amber woke up, her focus was on Cindy. She didn’t find that there was something wrong with her skirt.

Her skirt was snagged by Sean’s watch strap, barely able to cover her body. Her long white legs were bare and dazzling.

Lu Yi frowned, pointed to Amber’s skirt and said, “Amber, the skirt is broken.”

Amber subconsciously looked down.

As soon as Sean entered the ward, there was anger in his eyes.

From his angle, Lu Yi’s hand seemed to touch the leg of Amber.

Amber was standing next to the bed and Lu Yi was sitting on the stool. The distance was a little close, which can easily cause visual illusion.

“What are you doing?”

He sneered and walked steadily. His face was dark.

When Amber heard the voice of Sean, she turned her head sideways and was somewhat surprised.

“How did you come back?”

Sean has always been proud. Just now she drove him out of the ward. She never thought that Sean would come back again.

As soon as she said this, Sean’s face became dark.

So, did he interrupt them?

With anger in his heart, Sean glanced at Amber and sneered!

Amber realized she said something wrong. She pressed her lips and kept silence.

Sean licked the corner of his lips.

What a coincidence! As long as he saw Amber with a man, they would not only hug and pester with each other, but also would be close to each other!

Sean smiled sarcastically and took a meaningful look at Amber.

Seeing Sean come, Lu Yi stood up from his stool and greeted him: “Sean, you are here.”

Sean gave another sneer. Lu Yi said this as if he was the man in charge here.

Sean was a little uncomfortable.

“Why? My cousin can come but I can’t?”

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