Please Go Away, Mr. Smith! – Chapter 15 Is Amber White worth the price?

Xu Lin looked at Sean Smith, and when he saw he was not in a good mood, he explained for Amber White: “it has nothing to do with General Manager White. These things have always been determined by the Ministry of personnel, and this time is no exception.”

Sean Smith felt funny, the handsome face quickly seeped out a few layers of ridicule and displeasure: “personnel department?” Amber White is just a small marketing director, the monthly bonus is as high as six digits, the personnel department thinks it is reasonable? Or do you think Amber White is worth the price? “

He paused, his long, powerful hand bent up, knocked a few times on the table, banged a few times, so that Xu Lin could not help tighten his heart.

“What’s going on with the personnel department, don’t they want work?”

Xu Lin: “?”

Judging from the things that Director White handles every month and the projects he wins. She goes far beyond the price, but how to say it from the president, her bonus is not formal?

“General Smith, the marketing department’s bonus this month includes the prize money for the Luoshen Bay project. According to Smith’s usual incentive mode, Director White received a bonus of 300000, that is only a small amount!”

In Smith’s business model, management rules include incentives mode, Xu Lin thought he explained it and then Sean Smith would sign the document.

But after listening to Xu Lin, Sean Smith’s temple suddenly jumped, and he looked down at the other people’s project awards. Not everyone’s prize money was as scary as Amber White’s.

Sean Smith pinched eyebrows, his voice was deep: “I think it is too much, Amber White, as the leader of the marketing department, usually just sit in the office, only give a few instructions with her mouth, and then let the following people do?” What real thing can she do? “

As soon as the voice fell, Sean Smith reached out to pick up the pen on the table, waved his big hand, and erased a zero from the number after Amber White’s name.

Three hundred thousand, less than one second, became thirty thousand.

Sean Smith closed the folder, and threw it to the hands of Xu Lin, his tone restored to be as stable as the time Xu Lin’s coming in: the “According to my change, print a new one, let me sign.”

Xu Lin bowed his head and glanced at the contents of the document.

Everyone except Amber White, the amount of bonus has not changed, Xu Lin really has to suspect, Sean Smith is in trouble with Amber White.

The 300000, 90% bonus was erased by Sean Smith, and the rest of the money was not enough for Director White’s effort.

These words, Xu Lin just dare speak in the heart, he does not dare to speak out.

He did not leave the president according to Sean Smith’s words, but hesitated and wanted to say but stop.

Sean Smith’s eyebrows twisted out a gully, he lifted eyelids, eyes fierce: “there is something else?”

Xu Lin hesitated for a moment and said, “on the opening day of Luoshen Bay, there will be a celebration dinner tonight. Do you have time?”

“No time!”

Sean Smith answered without thinking, and he casually drew out a document that required his attention, and bowed his head to review it.

From Xu Lin’s point of view, he can only see the thick eyelashes that cover the deep pupil of Sean Smith.


Xu Lin answered, turned and walked outside. He pressed his lips and felt aggrieved for Amber White.

How much effort did Amber White pay for the project in Luoshen Bay, as well as the president’s lover, caused such a big scandal, if it were not for Director White, would it have been resolved so soon?

Xu Lin always felt that Sean Smith’s method was no different from kicking down the ladder.

As soon as Xu Lin went out, he asked the Secretariat to rearrange the application according to Sean Smith and send it in to Sean Smith for signature.

But it didn’t know which link was wrong. At the time of the afternoon, all the company’s people knew the prize of Amber White this month was only three thousand. Even the bonus application has not from the Secretariat been to the Personnel Department.

After Amber White knew, she was just be bleary for a moment, and did not react much. Compared with the injury that Sean Smith drove her out of her body yesterday, she felt that Sean Smith’s way of expressing dissatisfaction with her was already very mild.

When she learned that Sean Smith had been transferred back to Smith’s headquarters from HK, she was ready for it.

If she says she is not dissatisfied, it is not true. But when thought of Cindy , she had to restrain it down. Amber White did not want to against with Sean Smith if it’s possible.

However, there were still people who felt that Amber White was aggrieved, Xiao Shen bit his teeth and said, “Chief White, you worked hard for Luoshen Bay and stayed up late to work overtime. Take yesterday’s opening of the market as an example, the matter of Tang Tian happened so suddenly. If you hadn’t reacted quickly, how could Luoshen Bay be wound up that day?”

“the thirty thousand bonus is too less for you.”

“besides, you were hurt at the opening ceremony. The company doesn’t read your credit, even it doesn’t read your hard work?”

Amber White’s red lips picked out, replayed to Xiao Shen’s complaint a smile, this setback and grievance can not bend her waist!

“well, there’s no need for people to panic because of this. The company has a company system, and I accept it. You go out and control the spread of rumors, let the staff talk less and work normally!”

Xiao Shen skimmed his mouth and went out of the door according to her words.

There was no one in the office, and the Amber White rubbed her eyebrow, Sean Smith directly withheld a lot of money from her and let her lose face in the company..

She took a sip of the water on the table. The tea was poured in the morning and was cold.

Amber White stood up and was ready to go to the tea room to refill a glass of water.

There were be people on the road. Xiao Shen should have done something. The office was quiet for a while.

“Chief White.”

“Ms. White.”

Amber White nodded to the people who greeted her one by one. Although they greeted her as usual, Amber White was immersed in the workplace for many years and saw the real mood in the way they looked at her.

Pity, mockery, schadenfreude, disdain, ridicule and so on!

Amber White suddenly had a feeling of backtracking, and it seemed that three years ago, Sean Smith left her alone at the wedding.

At that time, she received far more sarcastic attention than today’s. She was regarded as a joke by all the people in Tongcheng. When they was unhappy, she talked about it and could become happy for a long time.

The shame of three years ago was given to her by Sean Smith, and the discussions and white eyes three years later were still given to her by him.

Over the past three years, Sean Smith deeply hated her for driving away Lin Man, causing her nothing but the damage of being devastated and skinned.

He ruined all her love and forced her to grow up, and her burning, painful age was over.

She thanked him to help her challenge all the impossibilities she had thought.

She smiled lightly and everything was over.

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