Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 150: Take Care! See You!

Lu Yi paused for a moment. Sean gave him a cold glance and said, “thank you, my cousin. You have to run to the hospital to take care of Mrs. Smith in the middle of the night.”

As Sean said, he thought of Lu Yi’s gesture of reaching out to Amber. The anger in his heart could not be suppressed, and his tone became more and more worse!

“Why? My cousin like Mrs. Smith?”

“If you really like her, I’ll give you Mrs. Smith!”

Lu Yi’s face changed. He subconsciously saw Amber. Her face turned pale when she heard the words of Sean.

“Sean, what are you talking about? We are innocent! Besides, she’s a person, and not something you can give to others at will! “


That was very funny!

The single man and woman stayed in a room in the middle of the night. Now, he told him they were innocent?

He saw Lu Yi’s hand clearly just now.

He sneered. Just Sean about to say, Amber said in a cold voice: “Mr. Smith, please pay attention to your words! Don’t say any more words that are against your cultivation and are groundless! “

As soon as Amber’s words were finished, the sneer on Sean’s face disappeared.

Amber dared to ask him for a proof. If he had, she thought she can still be called Mrs. Smith?

Sean’s face was bad. Amber was really his wife. She dared to openly defend other man in front of him!

Sean clenched and his knuckles made sounds.

Standing at the door, Gu Jinyan raised up her eyebrows. Sean must be jealous. Sean looked liked that he wanted to kill Lu Yi!

He was more nice than wise!

Sean kicked the garbage can at his feet, and his face was bad: “director Qin, do you think I am willing to care about you? If it wasn’t for the reputation of Smith family, I would be tired of looking at you! “

“Sean, you’ve gone too far! If my uncle knows, I’m afraid he won’t let you off easily! ” Lu Yi’s face sank.

Sean sneered.

Look! Both Amber and Lu Yi can use the old Mr. Smith to threaten him!

They were really birds of a feather. It didn’t seem that they didn’t have any special relationship!

Sean felt bored and sat down on the sofa. He glanced at Lu Yi and looked at Amber.

Taking a cigarette out of the cigarette case and a lighter, Sean saw Cindy lying on the bed, unable to sleep soundly.

He stopped lighting his cigarette. Sean held the lighter and looked at Amber and said, “pack up your things and go back to old house with me!”

Amber didn’t know the purpose of Sean’s coming here. As soon as he said, she remembered that when she got off work in the afternoon, they had agreed that they would go back to the old house together with Cindy.

Amber suddenly remembered more than 20 unanswered calls.

Just now Cindy had a fever. She didn’t have time to see. Maybe they were from the old house!

Amber subconsciously turned around and looked at Cindy, who had just fallen asleep and was tucked in a thin blanket and frowned.

“Cindy has not recovered yet. If we left, it has affected her recovery.”

Amber subconsciously refused.

Sean frowned.

Amber raised her hand and looked at the time,”besides, it’s so late that parents must have already gone to bed. Going back will disturb their rest!”

Hearing Cindy’s condition, Sean was a little guilty. After all, if he hadn’t given Cindy ice cream, they would have been in the old house.

He licked the corner of his lips and turned. He looked at Gu Jinyan’s teasing peach blossom eyes.

Sean reacted suddenly!


Amber’s words were right. But she refusing to go back to the old house was to want to stay with his good cousin?!

She knew that it was late, but she still let Lu Yi stay in the ward?!

The bright light of the hospital could not disperse the gloom on Sean’s face.

“It’s late. It is inconvenient for director Lu to stay!”

Sean gave Lu Yi a sinister look.

Sean was good-looking. He made such an expression which can even show his elegance. He was not like picking on Lu Yi.

Lu Yi can’t get angry even if he thought that Sean had a bad tone. After all, Sean was right!

If Lu Yi continued to stay in the ward, not to mention Sean, everyone would think it was strange!

Lu Yi pressed his lips. He was stunned and stopped sitting on the stool. Then he walked to Amber,

“Amber, about the opening report of Yanchi mansion, I have done…”

He took his mobile phone and walked to Amber. Before he gave it to Amber, Sean took the mobile phone with one hand.

Lu Yi’s eyes fell on Sean. Sean sneered and put the mobile phone into Lu Yi’s suit pocket and patted it

“You don’t have to worry about such a small property. Mrs. Smith will tell me his thoughts later! After all, the night is long! “

They stand closely, and Sean can feel Lu Yi’s stiff body!

The smile on his face became more and more brighter. He even pointed to the door of the ward “take care! See you!”

Lu Yi nodded, glanced at Amber and said, “it’s late. I am leaving now!”

Amber said, “drive carefully on the road.”

When Amber and Lu Yi got along, they had some obvious familiarity.

Sean was upset. Amber drove away his Man Man and occupied Mrs. Smith’s position. She even was in two minds!

She was capable!

He admired her!

As Lu Yi passed by, Sean gave him a meaningful look,

“Cousin, I don’t care your relationship. But if one day, the newspaper reported that cousin and your sister-in-law’s affairs, which hurt our Smith family’s fame, my temper would not be so good!”

Sean was outspoken. Lu Yi can’t pretend to be stupid. He clenched several times under his sleeves and he tried to be calm. Lu Yi smiled at Sean and left the ward directly.

Gu Jinyan, standing at the door of the ward, was amazed at the play!

Sean was really good!

When Sean went into the ward to be against Lu Yi, he was almost scolded by Amber and that third party!

Lu Jinyan didn’t expect such a big reversal!

Sean not only saved his face, but also drove Lu Yi away, who was an eyesore!

It was right that people shouldn’t judge a man by his past.

Gu Jinyan licked his lips and went into the ward. Looking at Amber, he said, “sister-in-law, I heard from Sean that my little niece is ill. I came in a hurry. Don’t mind that I didn’t bring any gift for my niece!”

“How’s the little niece?”

He had a smile on his face. He was tall and pretty especially a pair of peach blossom eyes, shining and eye-catching.

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